Lottos Journey To Lean And Mean Log

  1. Lottos Journey To Lean And Mean Log

    Hey AM im going to be keeping a log on here just so you guys get to know my training style and so i can keep track of my progress.

    Ive been lifting for about 3 years off and on but i got serious about a year and a half ago.

    Im 6'3 220-225 lbs

    For now my training will be as follows

    7th day Off

    I may be taking the 4th day off depends on my recovery levels, since i am trying to cut fat right now i wont be eating as much so i may need that extra day

    Cardio will be either morning runs , HIIT intervals done on the indoor track, or low intensity bike. I like to switch it up because i get bored.

    Day 1

    Incline Smith Press - 135(WU),185x10,225x7,205x6
    Flat Dumbbell Press - 85x12,85x12,100x6(weird pyramiding i know)
    Dips - 12,12,12
    Cable Crossovers - 50x12,60x12,60x10 dropset to 40x12
    Lying Extensions - 60x12,65x10,65x10
    Reverse Grip Smith Bench - 135x12,185x12,185x12 dropset 135 till failure
    Kickbacks - 20x12,20x12,25x10
    Cable Crunches superset Decline situps - 3 sets

  2. My supps im takin right now are Whey,Fishoil,Creatine Mono,Multi

    im waiting on some Recreate and Anabolic Pump as well as some more whey and Xtend

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