Finally back in the gym / I'm going to appreciate my progress thread :-)

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    Oh, maybe not 18.75, about 18.5, give or take a little. I didn't measure for a while before I stopped lifting, but the last time I measured they were a little under 18.5 flexed. Shoulders were about 57.75", chest 51", waist was 36.5". (Sounds bigger than it looked, trust me) My chest and shoulders looked big before, but b/c of my very long monkey arms my arms never actually looked that big. Plus, my triceps just naturally suck, so that made them look even smaller... oh, and my forearms sucked, too. So, that didn't help my weak arms, either

    SD "itself" isn't around, but the clones. And, the back pumps I'm getting just sitting in my chair doing homework remind me "exactly" of the original I took a few years ago.

    Yeah, very small dose of test so I've got a sex drive while I'm on SD. Took some Prop powder and dumped it into penetrate. I've got some tren ace that I wanna dump into a TD, but given my current situation with my "studies" I can't afford the head change.
    No worry of contact absorption with Gimpy? I have some Test E powder that I was considering saponifying and concocting a TD with; however, I was worried about contact absorption.

  2. Nah, I shower if we are going to be active. Either that or I just keep my shirt on, and use the "pouch" in the front of my pants/boxers/etc

    Plus, contact absorption would likely be a pretty tiny amount; and with test, all that will happen is she may get abnormally horny

  3. Update
    Okay, so I didn't make it to the gym since last time I posted, so its been about 8 days. Bad diet, no training. Blah. Whatever, **** happens. Stopped wasting SD b/c I figured its not worth using it unless I'm going to give it my all, which I just can't do right now.

    However, although my wonderful glycogen stores are somewhat diminished my workout today was pretty good.

    Hammer Incline: 225 x 17, 245 x 13, 265 x 10
    Hammer Military: 225 x 10,8,6
    Cable Pushdown: 3 sets, didn't count the weight

    I was in and out in about 20-30 mins.

  4. Running any type of P.C.T.?

  5. Still taking a very low dose T-transdermal. I personally would love to run low dose T for the rest of my life, weight training or not. I love the benefits. No need for PCT ATM

  6. Haha, sounds solid.

  7. Its about the only thing that's solid right now Waist is 37.5" in the morning, its official, I just checked. And, I actually look leaner than I was a couple weeks ago when I approximated I was at that size.

    Meh, w/e. I've got bigger things to worry about ATM (and I just got done eating brownies).

  8. 3rd session of back/bis
    Another good session today. I only kept track of the weight on the hammer high row, but I increased the weight 20lbs and it felt really good.

    Even better than that, though, my studies are going very well Woo hoo.

  9. I'll probably only hit the gym 1x this week, and pick things up again next week after I take some test-thingy.

    Although, I'm starting to get a little concerned about training. Since I"m getting married and need to fit a tux, my shoulders are presenting a problem and training them more will create a bigger problem. My shoulders barely squeeze into a 50R, but that leaves me looking like a lamp-shade and the tux guy says that a tailor will have to do major reconstructive surgery to make it fit me. So, I had to buy a jacket, its being shipped, and I need to have it "reconstructed" in a little under 2 weeks. This sucks


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