brokenchair's conditioning log

  1. brokenchair's conditioning log

    Hey all. Been reading this forum for quite awhile finally decided to become active. Going to start logging my conditioning/fatloss efforts. A little about myself, Im 20years old. Back in highschool I got down to around 6-7% bodyfat at around 175-185lbs. I went to college, training more for powerlifting, lifts went up to 495, 335, 545 raw at around 200lbs bodyweight. Then **** hit the fan in my life. Long story short, had 5 people very close to me all die in a matter of weeks. Major depression, abused large quantities of drugs and alcohol. Didnt train, didnt go to class, just got f***ed up almost constantly. Also decided it would be a great idea to become bulemic. This all started around september/october last year and lasted until around around Christmas. Since then Ive been completely clean and no longer make myself puke. Obviously this left me a fraction of my former self physically. Much less muscle and suprisingly (as much as I threw up) much more bodyfat.

    Ive recovered since all that, but it's time to get serious with my training again. First I'm going to focus on greatly increasing my conditioning and drop the fat I gained. Ive been doing lots of cardio on the treadmill and lifting sporadically, its been a great start, but its time to take it to the next level. Heres the plan:

    -Incline treadmill walking everymorning
    -Afternoons I will start off with abdominal work, then pullups (outline program in another post). Then a weighted conditioning circuit of Barbell Rows, Dips, Box Squats, KB Snatches, and Sandbag GM's. Each movement will get one minute where I do as many reps as possible, then move to the next. Will run through the the circuit 3-5 times.

    Starting this tonight. Will post diet details later. Hope you all follow along and support me, this should be interesting.

  2. Only did steady state cardio today. About as great and exciting as walking on a treadmill can be..

    Decided to set up my afternoon lifting and conditioning a bit differently then originally planned. This will be done everyday Monday through Friday.

    1. Abdominals (5 sets)
    2. Pullups (as per Armostrong Pullup Program)
    3. Military Press (3 sets)
    4. Barbell Rows/Dips (5 sets)
    5. Box Squats (3 sets of 5, m/f only)
    6. Sandbag Goodmornings (5 minute round)
    7. Kettlebell Snatches (5 minute round)
    8. Burpees (5 minute round)

    If youre interested the Armstrong Pullup program was designed by a Marine who I believe set the record for pullups at one point. A quick google search and youll be able to find it. If not youll get the gist of it following my log.

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