10 week 20 rep squat workout

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  1. 10 week 20 rep squat workout

    So I've decided to do my first log on this workout. Today was my first day, and let me say one thing: IT KICKED MY ASS!!!!

    Warm-Up: 10 Min on bike

    Squats: 135x20 (warm up) 135x20 (warm up), 185x20 ( I felt like I was gonna pass out afterwards, totally destroyed me)

    Pull-Overs: 30x20 - This was very easy, but I wanted to see how it felt because of previous shoulder problems.

    Dead Lifts: 275x20 - This was pretty hard, the squats definitely taxed me pretty hard

    Bench Press: 115x10 (warm up), 205x10, 205x10 - by the time I got to bench I was so freaking tired!!! I can usually rep out 255x10, but I have recently changed from elbows out to elbows in which I'm still getting used to.

    Seated T-Bar Rows: 80x15, 100x15, 130x15

    Shoulder Press: 35x12, 55x12, 55x12

    - I also threw in some straight bar curls and got 125x5x5x5
    - Also did some Tricep rope extensions and calf raises

    Overall, This workout kicked my ass....I am looking forward to very high test levels from this :bb:

  2. Good job man, I've been doing 20 rep squats for about 2 weeks now and they're killer.
    "I am legally blind and if I can Squat,deadlift and over all get myself to the gym then anyone can get their a$$ in gear and get strong!!" - malleus25

  3. Thanks man, How much are you moving up the poundage a week on your squat?

  4. 3/28: Squats: 95x20, 115x20, 135x15, 135x10
    4/6: Squats: 95x20, 135x20, 155x15, 185x15, 205x10, 135x15
    super-setted with
    One Legged Calf Raises*: 75x10, 75x10, 90x10, 90x10, 60x10, 60x10
    *2x per listed set (6 sets per leg)

    I'm getting up there, but will take some time. I'm hitting them again Wednesday so we'll see how hard I can push myself. I won't super set them with anything so that I can gauge my progress.
    "I am legally blind and if I can Squat,deadlift and over all get myself to the gym then anyone can get their a$$ in gear and get strong!!" - malleus25

  5. For sure, I think that this workout will drastically make squat strength go up..I have never squatted 3x in a week, I'm pretty pumped about it.....on another note...I just stood up and my quads and hammies both cramped!!!! 20 rep squats beat the piss out of me!!!!

  6. You guys are going to love the results of this program. Make sure you are taking in plenty of calories because you will burn them up in the gym. Have you come close to blacking out or puking yet?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by nightshift View Post
    You guys are going to love the results of this program. Make sure you are taking in plenty of calories because you will burn them up in the gym. Have you come close to blacking out or puking yet?
    Not yesterday, but today I did begin to feel light headed at work. After-effects of the lift yesterday perhaps? I think I'd go home embarassed if I were to actually blackout or puke at the gym.
    "I am legally blind and if I can Squat,deadlift and over all get myself to the gym then anyone can get their a$$ in gear and get strong!!" - malleus25

  8. Good luck on the log.. I love 20 rep squats. Been doing them for a year or so now. Just did them today actually..lol

    Did you have to pause at all and take a few breathes before continuing to the full 20?

  9. I didn't throw up or puke, but can easily see how I may once I start challenging myself more.

  10. AND YES, I had to pause at rep 15....There is definitely a strong mental game to this workout!

  11. My legs are tremendously sore...I think I'm gonna go walk on the beach for a while and get some blood flowing.....what days if any are you guys doing cardio doing this workout?

  12. I started 20 rep squats recently and they are killer. However I don't have the beach next to me haha

    I want the beach too!

  13. As someone who has done this workout a few times....it's gonna be damn hard to impossible to stay on the program for 10 weeks.

    By week 5-6 my cns has been absolutely fried. Especially if you push yourself on the deads. It is an amazing workout though that I advise people to run at least once a year.

    My personal record is 225x20 and it damn near killed me.

  14. So today went well, I added weights to all of the lifts this week so thats a plus. My legs were still a bit sore so I was worried about lifting at first but I think after a week my legs will get used to squatting/deading 3x a week. Another thing about this workout is I get so tired from doing the squats and deads, I'm so tired for all my other lifts!

    Squat: 190x20 (felt pretty easy though!)


    Pull-overs: 40x20

    Bench: 145x10, 210x10, 210x10

    Seated Row: 85x15, 120x15, 140x15

    Shoulder Press: 55x12x12x12

    Threw in some straight bar curls and got 130x5 and then by 4

    I am pretty pumped about this workout, I think that your right batman that would be extremely taxing on the CNS after so long...We'll see I'll run it for maybe 6-8 instead of 10

  15. I visited home to Ia this weekend (thurs-today) and was still pretty sore from M, W so F I just did some odds n ends at the gym back home. My diet was **** this weekend, lots of fried chicken and mashed potatoes, and I rarely drink but this weekend indulged quite a bit lol. I am lifting in a little bit here, and will post how it went afterwords.

  16. Todays lift was f**king awesome!! I decided to really push past my limits today on the squats and deads. After I got done doing the squats and deads I felt pretty sick for about 10 minutes, but was fine after that.

    Todays Lift:

    Squats: 200x20

    Deadlifts: 315x15 I was super pumped about this!!! I couldn't lock out the last rep though.

    Pull-overs: 50x20

    Bench: 135x10, 210x10, 210x10

    Seated Rows: 100x15, 120x15, 160x10

    Shoulder Press: 60x12, 60x12, 50x12

    Lifts seem to be going up, I am really looking forward to the next couple weeks of this program!

  17. Well today sucked. I was sick, but decided to give it a go anyway.

    Squats: 205x20 - This was the only exercise that I moved up on, I felt terrible on everything else.

    Deadlifts: 320x11 I was pretty pissed about this I could have gotten a few more but I wouldn't have been able to lock em out.

    Bench: 135x15, 155x15, 185x15 Felt very weak on this today

    Pull-overs: 55x16

    Seated Rows: 120x15, 160x12, 140x15

    Shoulder Press: Didn't even do felt like **** by this time.

    - Overall a ****ty day, squat still went up though so thats one positive thing. I think if I wasn't sick I would have been up on everything. I am also changing from 3x10 on bench to 3x15, and am also considering cutting out pull-overs but will see.

  18. You are going to have good and bad days on this routine. I think the mental aspect of it is tougher than the physical part. Keeping focused is critical. For me, plowing thru the crappy w/o was my way of getting to the next good one. Good luck.

  19. Thanks for the encouragement bro. I decided to miss todays workout (well yesterday Fridays) because I am still sick. Starting to feel better, but want to let me body heal up by Monday so I can HIT IT HARD next week.

  20. Finally feeling better! Going to the gym in about an hour!!!

  21. Wow...well that workout pretty much sucked....

    Still being kinda sick, after doing the squats and deads I felt like I was going to throw up the rest of the time I was there, it was no good. Here were my lifts:

    Squats: 205x20

    Deads: 315x15

    Bench: 135x10, 185x10, 185x10

    Seated Rows: 130x15, 140x15, 130x15

    Pull-overs: 35x20, 50x20, 35x20

    I left out shoulder press and all the extras I usually do like calves and a few sets of arms....I am tempted to stop doing this workout after this week, but think I am gonna try to stick it out for another 2 weeks.....

  22. keep it going man. i'm subbed. thinking about this for myself.

  23. Don't stop now man.The farther you get into this, the more focused you will need to be. Lapses in concentration and fatigue can be overpowering, but it is to your credit to push thru. The sense of accomplishment you get after this routine is really a rush. Plus you are going to be bigger and stronger and more motivated when you finish this routine. Keep that in mind and you will succeed.

  24. Thanks for the encouragement all, nightshift your completely right I'm totally sticking with it for another 3 maybe 4 weeks...time to man up and take my focus and effort on this workout to the next level!
  25. You bet not quit!!!

    Bigkrabbe you got to stick with it. I can't be the only one around here suffering

    But seriously, you know maybe your cns is hit hard and that's what keeping you sick.
    Also If you're doing the squats and deads with the intensity you should. Then the extra sets of arms and calves are taking you over. I think you should deload for a week get your cals way up and get as much rest as possible, you shouldn't lose too much progress and extend your program a week for the one you missed.



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