Looking for workout plan

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    Looking for workout plan

    Ok, well im new to this website a friend at my school workout room told me about it. And basicaly i wanted an actualy good workout so if any one could give me one thanks. So let me give you some info.

    I'm about 5 foot 4-5 inches. I weigh about 105 LBS im 14. I have been lifting for about two months. i do mainly upper body workouts. My bench max is 120 i usualy do three sets of 8-10 reps with 95 LBS. I have about 8% body fat. For sports i do wrestling.

    When i first started i couldn't max 95 bench . My usualy workout consist of Dips, Bech, pullups alternating behind head and infront, military press, pushups with extra weight on my back, ab workouts, and curls. I divide these workouts evenly between days.

    PS: curently i don't take supplements, but i do take some special vitamin s*it from my doctor. I dont have any health problems.
    Edit: the vitamins are called central-vite i picked them up in the store.
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    Get yourself this book.
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    Ah, to be 14 again...

    Food, weights, and sleep will be your best friends for many years. Definitely get the book Polynomial recommended.

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