I have a problem can anybody help me?

  1. Unhappy I have a problem can anybody help me?

    My description:
    154 pounds or 70kg
    Age 16

    Pro anabol
    Fish oil

    Workout Split:
    Day 1 - Chest/Tris
    Day 2 - Biceps/Legs
    Day 3 - Shoulders/Back
    Day 4 - Abs
    Day 5 - Rest

    Bicep curl 3x8 - 10kg(dumbell)
    Flat Bench 3x8 - 48kg(bar)
    Incline Bench 3x8 - 40kg(bar)
    Deadlift 3x8 - 50 kg

    Hi guys i was wondering if someone could help me. I'm training to be in top fighting shape for my hapkido(martial arts):bruce3: My aim is to bulk up and build strength. I have a bench press, free weights and a power tower only as i have no access to a gym which makes training a little more limited. And am currently on day 8 of pro anabol I'm turning 17 in April. I have alot of will power so what ever you say i will use to the best of my ability. Help or feedback about what you think i should do would be greatly appreciated .

  2. Whenever your on contact sports, it is also recommended that you exercise your neck. There is head harness available in sports store. Also, shoulder and squat are the basic exercise to gain strength. At some point every part of your body is important to exercise as they gain endurance and support to each muscle. At your age pro anabol is just too much. Protein and proper use of carbs will do. If you are looking for exercise with your limited gym you can go bodybuildingdotcom as they have illustrative instruction

    Keep it up man

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