My 8 week HST routine on the CKD/AD diet

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    damn dude you've been getting bigger from hst on CKD??? that's incredible considering the amount of cals you're taking in!! i love hst. i think i am actually gonna hit a hst/ckd diet starting this sunday and run it for 6-8 weeks before my spring/summer cycle as sort of a 'prime' for it. log looks great brotha!
    Im an endo and really need very minimal calories to make gains, when I was eating 3600cals a day I was gaining muscle and making gains like crazy but not losing the bf that I wanted to.

    I guess being an endo has its +/-

    We'll really tell if I am making size gains when I take the pics after week 4 and post the new measurements, it really seems like I am getting bigger I just dont want to measure prematurally and sike myself out

  2. Quote Originally Posted by JDF View Post
    Stole this from the AD and Fiber thread since I didnt want to hijack his thread....I actually ordered UD2.0 like a week ago and its on backorder - haha were on the same page here.

    HST is freaking awesome, ppl at the gym keep coming up to me and asking me what supps im on and I tell them; Fish Oil, Multi, and Protein - they dont believe me. Just been gaining size like mad and its only been 3 weeks!!

    Stamina has been pretty good but for some reason wednesday seem to be tough days for me when you would think that friday would be more difficult because I am fully in ketosis and carb depleted.

    I've actually moved more towards the CKD side of things and cant wait to read the book once it comes in so that I can hopefully pick up a few more tips!
    awesome, let me know what you think of UD2.0. Every time I think to order it, I've already blown my budget on something else (probably steaks )

    keep it up man, things are looking good.

  3. Took a couple days off from logging but not my workouts, I'll start fresh again right here.


    grams cals %total
    Total: 2236
    Fat: 167 1503 69%
    Sat: 50 453 21%
    Poly: 33 301 14%
    Mono: 73 657 30%
    Carbs: 22 60 3%
    Fiber: 7 0 0%
    Protein: 157 627 29%

    Going to need to up my protein intake by probably another 20-30g daily ( note to self )

    Workout: 1 set of 10 reps for all + WU sets

    Squats - 255
    SLDL - 125
    Incline - 185
    Dips - BW+25
    Pullups - BW ( only 8 reps )
    Rows - 225
    Military press - 145
    Upright row - 65
    Shrugs - 80
    Curls - 30
    Skull crushers - 80
    Calf raises - 140

    Felt good only going 1 set of everything with atleast 1 WU set for every exercise. Ended up doing 30 minutes of LISS cardio at the end of my WO - did 30 minutes LISS and 20 min of HIIT on sunday afternoon to try and get myself into ketosis faster.

    I think I might be in ketosis because my mouth is very dry and I feel like I have bad breath but I'll check the ketostix today to see if I made it in yet

    Overall Feelings:

    Started taking the Tri-Lean system on Sunday so we'll see what kind of results we can manage here. The Lean Dreams has yet to help me sleep in fact the last 2 night I probably got 7-8 hours of total sleep! Lots on my mind though so not going to attribute my no sleep to this.

    I've been feeling VERY lethargic which I am attributing to a number of factors; poor sleep, difficult times with g/f, and 2100kcals a day from 3800kcals a day about a month ago and 2600 about 2 weeks ago.

    I dont think my lifts have suffered to much from the low kcals but not sure if I want to crash so hard at night anymore and still not be able to sleep. I think im going to finish out this week at around 2100kcals/day but next week im going to look to bump it up to 2300-2400/day to see how I fare.

    Libido is still sky high which amazes me since i've been dieting for about 18 weeks now.

    This is my last week of the 2nd Meso-Cycle so i'll be posting some pics probably this weekend, hopefully the pics will display the change that I can see in my body.

    Oh, and I've been drinking like im in college because i've been stressed ( note for self ). Yes I know its counter-productive but Im working on it.

  4. i'm on day 2 of ckd and hst. this no carbs thing sucks already btw

  5. It really blows at first and its hard to watch your strength drop like that but you'll really pick up strength again once your body becomes more fat adapted.

    Are you logging it? If so can you post a link? Whats your macro breakdown look like? It would be nice to be able to compare logs

  6. Quote Originally Posted by JDF View Post
    It really blows at first and its hard to watch your strength drop like that but you'll really pick up strength again once your body becomes more fat adapted.

    Are you logging it? If so can you post a link? Whats your macro breakdown look like? It would be nice to be able to compare logs
    i was thinking about starting one. i might get one going here a little later today i'll link you up if i do.

  7. Diet:

    grams cals %total
    Total: 2202
    Fat: 162 1458 68%
    Sat: 51 456 21%
    Poly: 25 229 11%
    Mono: 73 660 31%
    Carbs: 17 47 2%
    Fiber: 5 0 0%
    Protein: 163 650 30%

    Still need to get my protein intake up a little bit, i'd rather have it closer to .09g/lb of BW. Right now im closer to .77g/lb of BW - but strength isnt dropping like i'd expect it to


    Just a cardio day today, 22 minutes on the elliptical all HIIT. Had a crazy sweat today while hammering out the HIIT, did 45 seconds at a steady pace and 15 second bursts.

    Then I did a couple of different ab exercises in a circut fashion, did 2 different exercises for my lower back as I just cant seem to lose weight there and im hoping to be able to pull the muscles tighter for a slimmer look.

    Overall Feelings:

    Depressed, things are going better with my girl but I'm still down in the dumps. She'll be coming home for 9 days on Friday so hopefully it'll pull me out of this slump.

    Only got about 3-4hours of sleep again last night ( im guessing because of stress ) but I didnt crash all day, I think the Tri-Lean kit may have something to do with that.

    Right now im taking 1x Venom 3.0 with breakfast and Special Tactics 2x2 pills, 1 serving with breakfast and then 1 again with lunch.

    I'll weigh myself tomorrow to see where the weight stands and this weekend i'll take more pics and measurements to how I have progressed so far with my HST/CKD combination. Im thinking that my weight loss as of so far has been alright but i've only really done cardio since last week, OH and I am already in ketosis - verified with ketostix earlier today.
  8. 2nd Meso-cycle; 5th Workout


    grams cals %total
    Total: 2352
    Fat: 176 1580 68%
    Sat: 51 457 20%
    Poly: 38 338 15%
    Mono: 75 679 29%
    Carbs: 21 57 2%
    Fiber: 7 0 0%
    Protein: 169 676 29%
    Alcohol: 0 0 0%

    Workout: 1 working set for all exercises + however many WUs I felt necessary
    Squats - 265
    SLDL - 135
    Incline - 195
    Dips - BW + 25lbs
    Pullups - BW ( 9 reps - very slow reps )
    Rows - 235
    MP - 150
    Rows - 70
    Shrugs - 85
    Curls - 30
    Skull crushers - 85
    Calf raises - 145

    My usual partner wasnt with me tonight so I really ripped through this workout and I did a few extra WU sets tonight to really get the blood flowing, felt amazing.

    I felt pretty carb depleted and I can tell the difference between mondays and wednesday workouts but for some reason I seem to be pretty strong on fridays but we'll see for sure tomorrow as its my first max out ( missed my last one )

    Overall Feelings:

    Slept good on tuesday night to wednesday morning which is the first time in a long time =)

    I weighed myself last night at the gym and im down to 209 from about 212 last week. I can notice in my mid-section that I am leaning out as well as my side profile my stomach is much more flat. I think I might have lost a little bit of muscle but not much as I am still strong and look big, I've upped my cardio which is what I attribute to losing 3lbs ( + my very low caloric intake )

    Lethargy has started to subside so I may keep on with the 2100 or so calories a day.

    Tri-Lean System:

    Helped to curb hunger cravings first couple of days but not yesterday, at about 330 I felt sooo freaking hungry but with just a small meal of mainly fat I really felt better almost immediately after. Not a big fan of the lean dreams so far as I've actually suffered from a decrease in sleep quality ( probably just my stress though )

    I can feel my body warming up after about 30 minutes of taking the Venom 3.0 and when I take the special tactics with food I really get full pretty quickly.

    Hasn't yet been a week on the system but overall I am liking it so far, as the weeks progress I'll decide on whether I would recommend it to others.

  9. Diet:

    Dont have the macro/micro breakdown because I went out for lunch but adjusted my calories from breakfast as well as dinner so that I would still hit ~2100-2300calories for the day.


    Needed a day off as I've done cardio sunday-wednesday and if I am going to try for my 10rep max on friday i'll surely need my legs.

    Overall Feelings:

    Fought w/ the girlfriend a little bit again tonight and deicided I needed to have a couple of beers so I went out with the guys for a couple of hours and just had 3 beers to relax and enjoy myself.

    The girlfriend comes home from school on friday so hopefully i'll be feeling less stressed and be able to 'relieve' myself a little.

  10. sorry i haven't been able to get a log up yet bro

    sh1ts been a little hectic for me lately. i've managed to make it through my first week on this diet which is an accomplishment for me because i lovvvve carbs. i'll try to get a log up this weekend.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by sfearl1 View Post
    sorry i haven't been able to get a log up yet bro

    sh1ts been a little hectic for me lately. i've managed to make it through my first week on this diet which is an accomplishment for me because i lovvvve carbs. i'll try to get a log up this weekend.
    Get it done bro and congrats on getting through the first week! No lie it honestly gets easier, im to the point where only once in awhile do I actually want carbs. I even feel guilty refeeding on the weekends because it feels like im cheating - when its actually an important part of the diet!

    I have a couple of pics I forgot to post, unflexed and i'll try to get up the measurements this weekend.

    I go to the doctors on tuesday so im going to have him do a hormone panel so i can see what were looking at after about 8 weeks on the diet.
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  12. Alright now I havent updated in a little bit so here goes:

    Friday 3/21:
    I had my 10rep max day and boy was it intense. I felt like puking about 3/4 of the way through because of how much it drained my body, I ended up hitting all my maxes and then some. Couldnt even go to the movies w/ the girlfriend because of how drained I was from being carb depleted and maxing out on basically every body part

    Sat-Sun 3/22-2/23:
    Started my refeed on Friday night w/ dinner with the girl and continued right on through sunday night. This was the longest refeed i've done yet but it was easter weekend so i thought i'd just enjoy myself. Only drank on saturday night but I ended up getting hammered while bowling - oh well

    Monday 3/24:
    Solid 5 rep workout, felt pretty good and moved right on through

    Tuesday 3/25:
    Skipped cardio because the girlfriend is home on spring break

    Wednesday 3/25:
    Got 3 hours of sleep the night before and ended up pounding out with the g/f about 30 minutes before the gym ( I never do this - always after or well before ). Even so I ened up having a really good workout until I got to hammer curls, while picking up the DBs I felt a real tightness in my chest. I took a second after doing my first set and walked over to get water and I felt like my heart skipped a beat :-(

    I then got real light headed, did my next set of hammer curls and then decided that I wouldnt be finishing skull crushers or calf raises today.

    Not sure why this happened as the day before I had a physical and the doctor told me my BP was 122/70, that I had a very strong sounding heart, and that I have excellent circulation. I did take RPM/Drive samples that were sent to me before working out ( I believe I took 3/3 ), this is honestly the only thing that had changed since I started this routine 5 weeks before.

    Been pretty solid and I've stayed right on track still taking in ~2200calories a day.

    This week I've decided to up my calories and took in 2500 on monday/tuesday and 2700 on wednesday.

    Im going to work on keeping my totals around 2500 to see if I can make gains while still dropping the fat ( which I believe i've been doing but its hard to recover while doing full body - Im 209lbs and taking in 2200 calories, its taking a toll on me )

    Overall thoughts:
    Super impressed with the change in my body, my girlfriend is constantly telling me how I look like im getting bigger ( muscle wise ) and losing my fat.

    My chest is more solid than I can ever remember and my back seems to be getting freaky big freaky fast!

    Guess the pics I posted really dont do my justice but Im happy and I am the one that is really important to me

  13. Sorry I havent updated in awhile but the diets stayed right on ~2200calories a day and I've been crushing the HST routine.

    Took my weight yesterday and it was 205 which means im down 10lbs since starting my CKD/HST and I've actually kept almost all my strength ( even went up on my incline bench )

    I know I must have lost some muscle but I really think it was minimal, 10lbs in ~6weeks

    The tri-lean system is amazing, i've really started dropping the weight after I started using it. I noticed the biggiest difference when I added the T-X.

    I'll post pics again in 2 weeks


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