anabolic diet and westside4skinny bastards with johnyq

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  1. My levels look way better and i just got off a 20 week cycle, and I'm on AD.....


  2. I should know mine soon. I have to get blood work done ASAP. I'll post my results here also.
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by CryingEmo View Post
    My levels look way better and i just got off a 20 week cycle, and I'm on AD.....

    its all individual, since I wasn't losing weight, I wasn't surprised my cholesterol went up.

    If you are following the Atkins plan and are not dropping weight, pay close attention to lipid levels. Numerous studies have shown that in absence of weight loss, ketogenic diets may be detrimental to blood lipids levels while ketogenic diets that result in weight loss are good for blood lipid levels

    DW, definitely post here, I'm curious to know how it goes!

  4. good progress so far johnyq. your workout schedual is exactly like mine. im starting the anabolic diet on monday and will probobly add DCP in april. i had planned my carb load for monday and tuesday, since those are my ME Days. diet will be simple with lots of meat. only supps will be fish oil, CLA, R-ALA, pslin and possibly DCP. good luck with the rest of your diet.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by johnyq View Post
    got my blood results back, and it wasn't great.

    around november of last year:
    total: 173
    HDL: 38
    LDL: 120
    tris: 77

    total: 210
    HDL: 45
    LDL: 147
    tris: 88

    So at least my ratio of LDL: HDL improved, and I feel like my CVD risk might be lower (things that can't be seen by the test, like LDL particle size "likely" improved from what I have read).

    When I get home with the results in front of me, I'll add my glucose levels.

    At any rate, it was a good run, but no more steak and eggs every day. I'll probably just go with precision nutrition now, although I would consider doing a high vegetable fat CKD, instead of all of the eggs/steak/cheese.
    From looking at an old sample diet you posted, I agree that if you were to stick with the diet and lower your red meat and cheese intake and up your vegetable fats you would probably see improvements. Maybe steak only once a week is something that would work best for you. At any rate, its good to have these tests done to see if you have any peculiarities. Thanks for posting the blood results!

  6. Just got back from the doctor's and I have to wait until after April 1 for my insurance to cover it.
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