Smolov program-westerner

  1. Smolov program-westerner

    I'm starting smolov for squat so i will write it in new log.

    If someone doesn't know what is smolov:
    Smolov Squat Cycle

    My Smolov Squat Experiment: A Strength Training and Powerlifting article from Dragon Door Publications

    And smolov jr. for bench at the same time,it is litlle easyer:
    mon 70%6x6
    wed 75%7x5
    fri 80%8x4
    sat 85%10x3

    Second week +10kg on all,3rd week +5kg more

    Squat smolov looks brutal,and as i test my self it was 375-365.But monday and wednesday for me are very difficult,especially because im doing pause squats so i will calculate for them from 365,for friday and saturday it will be from 375.

    Bench on testing was 265,and it looks easy.

  2. Started at monday 31.12.

    110pounds 2x8

    190pounds 6x6,rest btw sets was 2min.It was not very hard but also not so lightly.

    Instantly after was squat(This will be only today,otherwise i will do 2trainings)

    pause at bottom will be now about half to 1sec,for friday and saturday i will do 2-3sec.Atg squats of course.
    bar 2x10

    255pounds 4x9(rest btw sets 5min)

    This was f***ing crazy,dont know how to describe it,i almost throw up few times,last reps i feal dizy,my heart beat was 170-175 in minute.When i came in to house,i only change my clothes,drink pwm,and go into bed...i thougt that i will die....Even after 20min of lying in bed my heart was beating fast but what warried me that it was beating very hard,i think about Marunde.I was start to retrieving in my head why i even do this,all this trainings,can i be normal and modest and answer was NOT!

    I presuppose that it could be difficult first day,but this was like stroke,and it frights me out when i see that i must add 20pounds more next monday.Can i do it?I must!

  3. Wednesday,2.1.

    200pounds 7x5(rest 2min btw sets)

    Narrow 1/3 bench

    DB bench-
    25pounds in each hand 1x20

    Horizontal push 1x12

    Shoulder press

    One arm DB shoulder press
    5sets with 45 and 55 dumbbell(reps 3-10)

    Bar 2x6

    275pounds 5X7(rest btw sets 5min)

    DB squat(each hand 90pounds)1x6 each leg
    Lunge-110x6 each leg
    One arm DB deadlift-45x6,90x8 each hand
    Isometry squat for hold-1x1:30min

    Squat was much easyer then first day,lower reps goes better for me.But also it was very heavy,at moment after 2nd set i thougt that i will not make it.Heart beat was now about 160

    Last two days i sleep about 8hours in all,so i was lifeless,but i motivate myself sucesfully and finish outstandingly,but with low energy.

  4. Friday,4.1.


    300pounds 7x5 rest btw sets 5min
    This was no problem at all,first or last set,they were the same,only that i do half secunde pause at botom for 3.first reps and 2sec for 4 and 5rep and i could also reduce time of rest btw sets,but i didn't want to risk,important was to finish.Tommorow i will try to do all reps for 2sec pause at botom.
    No necessary to do anything else because there is also squats tommorow,otherwise i could burnout,only 1 set of isometry squat for strengthening tendons and ligaments 1x1:40min.


    210pounds 8x4 rest btw sets 2min

    Not bad.Here was litlle harder in last sets due to short rest btw them,but anyway i was able to do in every set last rep with 2sec pause.
    Bench was no real challenge for me this week,even next one will not be,that's way squat is disaster.

    Tommorow is 10x3 for both exercises

  5. Saturday,5.1.

    Squat-11:00-12:30(5min rest btw sets)
    320pounds 2x3
    325pounds 8x3

    I supposed to do 10x3 with 320,but after two sets with 320,I increse at 325 because it was easy(i never hold the rules),and I did more 8sets.
    After 4th set i feal very bad,pause at bottom kill my lower back,even belt would certainly help i didn't want to use him.
    Everything after 5th set was crazy,in some sets I couldn't concetrate well due to tiredness and almost fall down.
    I have been training squats on many ways,but after so heavy friday,I never think about doing something like this day after.

    I make my self to do this also:
    One leg DB squat(each hand 90pounds)2x6
    Isometry squat for hold-1x1:00min

    Bench-(17:30-18:30)-3min rest btw sets
    225pounds 10x3(i tape this one on cellphone,it was 7th set)
    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

    One arm DB shoulder press-3sets with 45-55dumbbells,each hand for about 8reps.
    Little plate wrist curling

    First week is over,but 2nd is the hardest in all smolov program,+20pounds in all,true torture.I just hope i will stay injury free.

  6. 2nd week

    Squat(11:00-12:15)-rest btw sets 5min
    275pounds 4x9

    One leg DB squat(each hand 90pounds)1x8
    Floor gluteham raise-4x10
    Isometry squat for hold-1x1:50min

    Increasement of 20pounds from last monday was killer,i hope that future sunday night's i will not have nightmare's.
    1st monday was harder,but today i almost throw up my breakfast few times,i couldn't concetrate well and due to tirednes i couldn't motivate myself enough.I cheat today,my pause at bottom was very short or none,only last 2reps i force myself on 2sec pause.It is very rough workout,but after 1hour im ok,only i have problems with sleaping at night,and that is what is buging me.

    Bench(17:30-18:20)-2-3min rest btw sets
    210pounds 6x6,

    Narrow 1/3 bench-200x12
    Horizontal push 1x12
    One arm DB shoulder press-3sets with 45-55dumbbells,each hand for about 8reps
    plate wrist curl-4sets

    This was amazingly hard in last 2sets,first time that i thought I will not make it.First four sets i was going very slow,lift without explosivity,and after i need to pay,by barely lifting last reps in 5 and 6set.6th rep at 6th set i lift about 5sec.

    Tommorow is rest day,maybe i will train litlle elbows...

  7. How long you think you can go before you cns burns out lol?

    How much you weigh and are you competing? What fed?

  8. For me it is important to finish this week,which is the hardest,and then next.4th week is testing,at friday and saturday,and that's it.So i will have much time for rest in 4th week.
    After 4th week end,is comeing two weeks of speed training,which im planing to kickout and start imidiatly with 5week cycle on 90% of 1rm,which it doesn't look something specially difficult,but if i finish it my squat will be enormous.

    My cns is so far good,one hour after training i feal ok,weight is not on 90%,which is very important for not burning.I have problem with sleeping,and i never use pills to calm down.Im planing to buy ZMA.

    Currently bw is 182,i don't compete,and i don't think i will,but i was thinking about it..Im soccer player

  9. After i finish training at friday,i wrote everything,and when i wanted to post,image freeze,f**king s**t i was mad.

    Plate wrist curls,plate pinching,sledge leavering,barbell leavering,dumbbell swings,all about 40min.

    Squat-5x7 with 300pounds.This training so far was hardest,after 5th and 6th rep i saw stars in front of me.I felt that enough oxygen is not comeing to brain,but everything end fine...
    Gluteham raise-4x10,

    Bench-220pounds7x5,(it was cool)
    Narrow 1/3 bench-200pounds 2x10
    DB bench-2x10 with 45pound in each hand
    Horizontal push 2x10
    One arm DB shoulder press-55pound 3x6 each hand

    Same training like thuesday;elbows and wrist for 40min.

    Squat-320 7x5
    What can i say,i was screaming in my head

    Bench-230 8x4(cool)

    Squat-340pounds 9x3,350x3,Last set i increase just to see is it harder,but it was'nt.In this training i must increse rest btw pauses from 5min in first 5sets to 8-10min last 5sets.

    One leg DB squat(each hand 90pounds)2x8(this kill's me)
    Floor Gluteham raise-3x10
    sometry squat-1x2min

    Bench-248pounds 10x3(this time i realy thought i will not do it,especially last to reps,when "Rock me like a huricane" on highest at my cd player save my ass)Also rest btw pauses was 3-8min

    Analysis of 2nd week.:
    I'm deep in mud,ondoubtedly in overtraing phase.My strength is going up,but energy,motivation,tiredness are very low.Also I'm injured,lower back from wednesday are in pain(today is litlle beter).Because of that i can't do pause at botom and i bend when going up,especially when i try to do it fast,back can't submit speed,and if I go slow it hurts.
    Tendonitis in elbows returns,and also from wednesday is kicking me,especially when try to do explosive lift.Now when weight is higher i'm not able to do slow lift's.

    I just don't bellive that i will survive next week with 100% sucess,but never say never...

  10. 3rd WEEK

    Squat-285pounds 4x9
    One leg DB squat-90's 1x5,110's 2x4
    Floor Gluteham raise-4x10
    Isometry squat-1x1:30min
    It is geting worse and worse.Even i dont do pause at all now,it destroy my leg's,and dumbbell squat finish the job.I was beging my self for mercy.

    Bench-220pounds 6x6(easy)
    DB bench-2x20 with 45pound in each hand
    Narrow 1/3 bench-200pounds 2x10
    Horizontal push 2x10
    One arm DB shoulder press-60pound DB,3sets 3-6reps

    I was stretching fascia also,pectorals and triceps,it seems that im starting to like pain


    Elbows and wrist training:Training exist about 1h20 min because i was stretching fascia again,now for wrists,gimme pain baby
    Plate wrist curls,sledge leavering,plate pinching,barbell leavering,lot of sets.

    But first i tryed how much can i lift in db shoulder press,with stric form without using legs.
    Right hand-70pounds
    left hand-65pounds
    It is not so bad,i never practice shoulders so much.I expect till March,maybe 100-110...

    At the end of training i tryed one arm deadlift,and lift 200pounds.I thought i could lift 260-280pounds,i guess my grip is not so splendid,I know that back can handle it.

  11. Wednesday,16.1.

    Squat-310pounds 5x7
    One leg DB squat-90's 1x5,110's 3x4
    Floor Gluteham raise-3x10
    Isometry squat-1x1:00min

    First time that smolov start easy,only 5th rep was harder,BUT IT ENDS WITH COMPLETE DRAINAGE.
    I dont know is it reason tirednes,my sore back or dumbbell squat,anyway another unpleasant experience.Althogh my strength is riseing,i'm not able to concetrate well,and in every set im entering like groggy....


    Bench-230pounds 6x5,240x5,
    DB bench-2x15 with 55pound in each hand
    Narrow 1/3 bench-200pounds 2x15
    Horizontal push 2x10
    Fascia pectorals and triceps stretching

    Bench goes well,so i wanted to try last rep can i do 10pounds more and i did.But bench will be at big test at friday(240 8x4) and saturday(260 10x3),can't wait..Yeah wright...

  12. Last two trainigs didn't goes well,here is all

    One arm DB shoulder press-3sets with 55-65dumbbells
    Plate w.curls,sledge leavering,plate pinching and barbell leavering.

    330pounds 1x5,1x3
    I should do 7x5 with 330,but i manage only one,it start to hurt me that part under lower back and i couldn't do anything else.Pain was hard all day,but i thought i will be able for low reps training tommorow.So i didn't worry so much.

    240 7x4,250x3
    It goes very easy so i try in last set 10pounds more.I espect that i will not be able to do four.

    Squat- Fail...I should do 10x3 with 350,but pain was that which stop me,although my leg's were not in good shape also...And that is something that is buging me


    260 5X3,1X2
    I was very disappointment because of squat and my only goal for bench was to do 1-2 sets.I decide that i will stop immidiatlly after first set in which i will not success to do three reps.
    After when i saw that it goes easy,i reduce time of rest and fail to do all ten.Although this was my strongest triple bench lift ever,and i did 5sets.Also incresse in 3rd week should be 5pounds not ten,what i did.
    I tryed at the end to brake record,but 280 was to hard this time.

    Anyhow im very satisfated with bench,and i bellive i will brake that record...

    Squat is not good.
    I don't know where did i do mistake,maybe lifting without belt with this volume was to hard,or too big weight with single leg dumbbell squat can be also reason,it has it's influence on lower back,doing pause squats with high volume....

    Expectations for testings are:

    Test is at wednesday and 280 is something that i bellive i have,anything above is bonus.I must say that smolov Junior for bench is great program and I will certainly start it again next week.And it was heavy in only 1-2days from 12.

    Almost every day was big torment..i injure myself,maybe it was my guilty,but i'm sure that i will not need so much time to get at 350x3 with my program,and i dont think i will do it again,not because it is hard,but because i think i could do much better with my way,if i stay without injuries offcourse...
    Testing is at thursday and friday,1st will be with belt and explosive,at friday will be with pause and without belt.
    If i don't manage 400 i imidiatlly stoping smolov for squat,but i think it will be much worste then 400.

    Suplementation through program

    Isobolic protein(nutrabolic)
    Vitamin C
    Fish oil(scitec)
    Jointment flex(universal)

  13. nice benching!

  14. Thanks Variocam

    It's not good quality though,but here is video of 260x3
    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

    I will try to tape testings also,especially squat...

  15. Thursday,23.1.
    Bench testing
    110 2x6
    265x1(weight i lift before 3weeks smolov)

    285x1 personal record!

    Tryed 290 but it was so cold in garage(i'm not anymore in basement),that i cut time of rest and fail to lift it.
    I didn't tape it due to i had only one spoter.
    Bodyweight yesterday evening 188,5(also record)

  16. Thursday,24.1

    Squat testing(i didnt tape it)
    bar 2x8

    395 X

    I knew i can't do it,under my back,left side hurts,and after it was even worste,Next three days i will not do anything,i need to rest them for next week.
    I will not continue with smolov for squat,it is ok but it's not for me.
    I couldn't say it was waste of time,it is great experience to go through something like this,all this pain and mental fighting was killer,but i stayed at same level in squat,even i get injury again im not sorry.
    Smolov is all about base mesocycle,if you make this,other things are much easyer.Especially for me as I always train above 90%.

  17. what are you doing now that smolov is done?

    looks like you got good bench gains.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by Variocam View Post
    what are you doing now that smolov is done?

    looks like you got good bench gains.
    I'm doing fast doubles for squat,every training is 10pounds up in first week.2nd week hipertrophy,3rd week same like first,4th week only testings.And I'm bringing belt in squat workout again.

    Squat(2-3min rest btw sets)

    330pounds 15x2

    I will try to isolate my back with new technichque,it's only important not to arch my back,legs must do all work.

    Tommorow I'm starting again smolov junior for bench,now it will show is it really good like it sounds.

  19. Monday,28.1.
    1.Bench-starting smolov junior
    200pounds 6x6 -2min rest btw sets

    2.Close grip 1/3 bench-200x10,220-3x10
    3.DB bench-2X45pounds 1X20,2X65pounds 1X12
    4.Horizontal push-2x10
    5.Standing triceps-65 3x12
    6.One arm DB shoulder press-45x5,55pounds2x5
    7.Front Shoulder press(sh.wide grip)-110x6,130x3(my shoulders burn out when till came here)
    (I feal chinups and pullups,i think I'm ready for breaking that record of BW+100pounds 8reps,in next two months)


    Squat-340pounds 11x2(3min rest btw sets),220x20
    This training was very hard for me


    1.Bench-215pounds 7x5 -2min rest btw sets

    2.Close grip 1/3 bench-220-3x10
    3.DB bench-2X65pounds DB 1X14
    4.Horizontal push-3x10(i was changing grip stance from wide to narrow)
    5.Standing triceps-65x10,90pounds 2x10
    6.Skullcrush triceps-65pounds 3x10
    7.One arm DB shoulder press-Left arm55pounds4x5,right arm55x5,60-2x5,65x5
    8.Front Shoulder press(shoulder stance grip)-110x8,130x4
    9.Pullups-BW+20pounds 1x12
    10.Chinups-BW+20pounds 1x12

    Another crazy volume workout

    1.Squat-350pounds 7x2(3min rest btw sets)
    2.Front squat(cross arm)-200pounds 1x4,1x6,1x8,
    3.Floor gluteham raise-3x10

    I'm starting to stretch my arms so i could do again front squats with weightlifting style.
    4.Plate wrist curls-4-5sets
    5.Power forearm curls-few sets with 20-45pound Dumbbells
    6.Hammer&barbell leavering-2+1set

  20. Nice progress Westerner. Keep up the good work.

  21. smolov??? sheiko???

    stick with it man :squat: .

  22. Thanks guys!

    Now i'm really drained,my soccer trainings start,so with smolov is kicking my ass.Today we run about 5-6 miles,it will destroy my***

  23. I will write only how Smolov progress,i was litlle busy this week.

    bench-230 8x4

    bench-240 10x3

    220 6x6

    235 7x5

    I should do 252.5 8x4,but that would be to heavy,so...
    247.5pounds 5x4,1x3

    I should do 265 10x3,but i couldn't..

    I have lot of problems,only reason why is this happening is because i decrease my hand stance in bench at begining of this program,and these numbers were calculated from testing of larger stance expert advices me that before my grip stance was to big for ma size,i decrease it about 4-5inches,so now i have problems with it,but it is not so bad I'm still making progress.


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