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Justin's log

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    Justin's log

    Hey guys, brand new on here, I think this board saved my life (bodybuilding-wise).
    I'll start this one off with my very brief history. I started lifting (seriously anyway) coming in to my senior year(06) and I looked like thisDoesn't let me post links yet)
    I was outright scrawny and I hated it. So I got on a plan getting protein every 2 hours (usually sentha-6) along with multi-vitamins. I also went through a stack of M-1 bol and 17-bol, ( I know, I know). So I grew a lot and people even thought I was on steroids. Anyways I graduated looking like this:
    (I'll post after 20 posts)
    Don't believe it was me? Look at the necklace.
    So I went through a cardio phase and on-off training and now I look like this and am looking to bulk again:
    (Pictures are attached in order)
    So I'll be starting classes the 8th of January and I'll also be starting a high-calorie and protein diet and training. I'll post more when I get to that.
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    damn good gains thats pretty impressive i guess you got a decent set of good genetics lol

    whats your routine
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    Well it wasn't full of surprises, just 5-6 days a week, leg days (skipped them a lot), Chest days, back days, arm days. If I was still sore for the day it was I would just work abbs really hard.
    Here's what each day consisted of (bear with me, I never learned the proper name for alot of exercisesLeg days: Not much extensions on both sides, leg press, and calf raises. 3 sets of all.
    Chest days: Always started with:
    Bench: 12-reps, 8-10 reps, then whatever I could muster, usually no more than 5
    Incline: Same
    Decline: Same
    Any type of Tricep exercise
    Cable X-over: Same reps and sets
    Then I'd usually do a per-isolating exercise, 3 sets and on the last one I'd do it until I couldn't anymore
    Back:3 sets of everything 12, 8-10,6
    I'd warm up on a machine where you pull a small handle with both hands and pull it toward your chest
    Then I'd go do 3 sets of curls
    Then I'd go to the pull down machine and do sets of 3 different grips of pull downs: body with, wide grip, wide grip behind the head
    After that I'd wrap up with a random back exercise.

    Thats just from memory though, it varied a little bit

    I'll be setting up my new workout plan soon, and thanks

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    Ok, got lazy and never ended up logging but I'm starting now.
    On a 6 week program I read about and It's been challenging so thats awesome. Just on protein, creatine, B-alanine, glutamine, and RPM as far as supps go. I don't know about the RPM yet, some days I feel it, some days I don't well just have to see what happens in time. But here's what I've been doing.

    Chest day
    Incline Bench: 8x155 (too easy), 8x175 (almost), 6x195 (perfect), 12x135 (goal was 25 on last set so too hard)
    Smith Machine Bench: 6x225, 6x225, 6x225, 20x135
    Weighted Dip:7x25, 7x45, 6x45, 12xbody weight,
    Body Weight Dip: 6,6,6,12
    Close-Grip Bench:105x10, 125x6, 125x6, 55x25
    Cable Press-Down: 55x6, 60x6, 65x6, 25x25
    Lying Tri-Extension: 70x5, 70x5, 70x6, 25x25

    Leg Day
    Squats: 6x225, 6x275, 6x275, 25x135
    Leg Press: 6x270, 6x360, 5x410, 25x175
    Leg Extension: 6x170, 6x210, 6x230, 25x90
    Romanian Dead Lift:5x225, 6x175, 6x195, 25x90
    Lying Leg Curl: 6x150, 6x190, 6x205, 25x90
    Sitting Calve Raise:25x90, 20x115, 20x90, 19x90

    Overhead Barbell Raise: 80x8, 100x6, 110x6, 50x15
    Upright Row: 6x105, 6x115, 6x120, 25x45
    Seated Lateral Raise:6x30s, 6x27.5s, 6x27.5s, 25x12.5s
    Seated Bent over Lateral Raise: 6x25, 6x22.5s, 6x22.5s, 20x12.5s
    Barbell Shrug:6x85s, 6x95s, 10x95s, 25x60s
    Kneeling Cable Crunch:20x150, 20x150
    Hanging Knee Raise: 20, 20

    Deadlift: 6x225, 6x225, 6x225, 25x135
    bent Over Barbell Row: 6x135, 6x155, 6x155, 25x55
    Tbar Row 6x100, 5x145, 6x125, 25x55
    Lat Pulldown: 6x175, 6x175, 5x175, 25x100
    Barbell Curl: 6x80, 6x80, 6x90, 25x50
    Incline Dumbell Curl: 4x45, 5x40, 5x40, 14x20
    Preacher Curl:4x70, 6x60, 5x70, 25x30

    Bench: 12x185, 12x185, 11x185, 12x175
    Incline Dumbell: 12x55s, 11x55s, 12x55s, 12x55s
    Decline Dumbell: 65-70X10(no labels on dumbells), 11x60s, 8x60s, 10x55s
    Peck-Deck Flyes(machine) 12x90, 12x100, 10x100, 11x100
    Cable Pressdown: 12x130, 11x132.5, 11x130
    Bench dip (weights leaned against chest): 12x45, 12x55, 12x90
    Cable Kickback: 8x40, 12x30, 12x25

    Leg Extensions: 12x190, 12x190, 12x190
    Leg Press: 12x270, 12x320, 12x320, 12x320
    HAck Squat: 12x140, 12x275, 12x275, 12x275
    got lazy and went home after that, girls don't care too much about legs anyways.
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    Bro, you definitely made a drastic improvement. Good work!
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    Preciate it man, just looking to do it again this year.


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