The Lion's Den - Workout Log

  1. The Lion's Den - Workout Log

    First, as my first post I would like to say hello to everyone and wish everyone a happy Veterans Day...from myself (US Navy) to any other vets on the forum.

    Alright the nitty gritty.

    I have been keeping a log of my progress and I'll give an overview of myself and my routine as briefly as I can.

    I'm 26 and I have only been weight lifting since September 1st 2007. I'm 6'1" and I weigh 230.

    After considering sups I went to GNC and picked up some Muscletech Cell-Tech and Nitro-Tech and also have been keen of the Hydroxycut Hardcore. I have changed my diet and I'm working on my b/f % together with getting some cardio in addition to my weights.

    My current routine (please forgive my exercise names LOL)

    I lift daily in 3 day cycles...


  2. Day 1
    1. Bar Curls (20lb bar w/ plates) 100lb x 35
    2. Mod Bar Curls (8lb bar w/ plates) 84lb x 45
    3. Hammers (20lb dumbell) x 60
    4. Sitting Lifts (45lb bar w/ plates) 80lb x 30 / 95lb x 10
    5. Mod Bar Overheads (behind back) 48lb x 30
    6. Bench Crank Curls 125lb x 30
    7. Bench Crank Pulls 150lb x 40

  3. Day 2
    1. Bench Press (45lb bar) 135lb x 30 / 170lb x 15 / 185lb x 10
    2. Shoulder Rows (20lb bar w/ plates) 120lb x 45
    3. Cross Chest Hammers (20lb dumbell) x 40
    4. Wings (20lb dumbell) x 40
    5. Center Back Pumps (20lb dumbell) x 60
    6. Bench Dips (using bench w/ feet on floor) x 50
    7. Shrugs (20 lb bar w/ plates) 120lb x 25

    Day 3
    1. Squats (45lb bar w/ plates) 150lb x 30 / 160lb x 10
    2. Deadlifts (20lb bar w/ plates) 174lb x 35
    3. Sit-ups (reclined bench fully) x 90
    4. Bench Crank Leg Lifts (sitting) 135lb x 40 / 170lb x 30
    5. Bench Press (45lb bar w/ plates) 135lb x 30 (for reps)

    note: tonight I'm hooking up the cable system on the bench so I can utilize that in my routine.

  4. Alright guys: critique my routine...should I move something or adjust something?

    help is needed and appreciated.


    my supliment intake is like this:

    1x Halodrol Liquigel
    6x Full Dose of Hydroxycut Hardcore
    1x MuscleMilk Protein Drink

    1x Full Dose of NaNO Vapor Orange

    should I up the protein intake or take on more creatine? I'm already 230 at 6'1" and my metabolism is not overly quick.

    I also have tried Gakic (still have 1 1/2 bottles left) should I continue that?


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