The quest to return to 215 (naturally)

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  1. Talking The quest to return to 215 (naturally)

    Hey, so let me start here i was lifting hard and heavy for 4 years im 6'1" and was 125 when i first started i naturally worked my way up to 175 by year 3 but like a idiot i found instant gratification in steroids (BAD MOVE) boosted my body up to 215 i LOVED it but, as much as i thought i did enough research i did up until the post cycle therapy i thought i had it all worked out but boy was i wrong!! I was also usuing igf1-lr3 loved it probably saved my life helped me eat during post cycle therapy and helped me keep some size anyways post cycle therapy was horrid i ****ed up big time went into this depressed state for weeks didnt wanna look at weights for months almost 7 months finally it picked it back up but started back up from a weight lower than i was when i originally started. ANyways im back up and fiercer than ever this time its gonna get done (naturally) i have plenty of knowledge on supps and vitamins and lifting techniques. so im gonna start a log to give myself the little extra boost of motivation. i will be posting my stats supps and workout.

    height 6'1"
    weight 174
    bf% 9
    still need to measure everything will post that up later

    green bulge
    axis-ht test booster
    nitrix (<---- all those supps^^^ ive had for a couple years so i figured id just use them and get them outta the way)
    N.O. xplode
    fish oils
    multi animal pak
    vit c
    chromium picolinate
    milk thistle
    creatine mono
    muscle milk (if anyone knows of better protein let me know!!)
    basic whey
    bulk bcaa's and eaa's from nutra planet (highly reccomend)
    maybe a couple others i forgot to name


    day 1 chest/shoulders
    day 2 rest
    day 3 legs
    day 4 rest
    day 5 full back
    day 6 arms
    day 7 rest

    Does anyone think that should be in a different order???

    anyways as of now ive been doing this for about a week and a half and already see size gain im guessing muscle memory from the 215 ill post a pic from when i was 170 and 215, i might use steroids in the future but not in the new future hey i may not even use them at all i wouldnt even consider usuing them to i see 220 which i dont think will happen, lol i dont even wanna think about that no point in bringing that uplol i got a lot of work to do but anyways strength is good motivation aggresion good and im ready to start gaining weight

    my diet consists of probably 2500 clean cals so far the more i train my stomach to handle more the cals WILL jump up i promised myself that. the food is 100% clean not junk food.

    anyways anyone with suggestiong anything im down to learn

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  2. so today was arms and it was a hell of a workout the pump in my arms felt insane it was so great i could barly adjust my headphones when they would fall out it hurt to go to my ears i also did abs for the day all in all a great workout, time to go cook some pork loins with some palif and hot spices and herbs!

  3. Why don't you list your workout numbers?

  4. Congratulations, I'm glad you've decided to go back to the basics.
    Regarding your protein powder, I have a horrible time digesting protein and I get very gassy - not good! However, I switched to Oryx Goat Whey and wow, what a difference! There is more protein per serving and I get no gas. If you have lactose problems like me try Oryx Goat Whey and see if it works for you.

  5. im not quite sure what you mean on workout numbers??? r u reguarding to my lift stats like how much i can bench etc etc etc,
    also all in all i had a good workout week this week my arms increased in size my diet has been off the chain, i ate soo much food yesterday i weighed 180 before i went to sleep so i had a good 5 lbs of food/water in me (i know the 180 is my real qeight so no need to flame on that lol) everything is extremly sore beyond belief i know i didnt over train i did about 8-9 sets in totoal for each muscle group not even it was mostly moderate drop sets with very little rest 90 seconds top but it consisted of many different exercises for instance i just wanna know if this is ok......
    biceps for example
    i did a warm up set of 20lbs for 25 reps

    then right away picked up 15s and reps them 25 to get the blood flowing rested 2 minutes

    then i went to preacher curls 75lbs 10 times got up rested for 60 seconds

    picked up 25s repped 15 times DB curls rested 1 minute

    picked up the 75lb ez curl bar repped it 8 times (at this time my arms were feeling nice in good pain i knew i was kicking the **** outta the muscle well it felt like it)

    at this point i wanted to get my triceps warmed up so my last sets of biceps i could give a little extra effort with pumped tris,

    40lb skull crushers 20 times waited 15 seconds then another 20 times,

    immediately i went over to the 20 lbs DB and sat in a incline bench and did incline alternating curls 15 times each arm, rested 30 seconds

    picked up 30lbs 12 times each arm (the way i would do it was right left both left right both right left both etc etc) i picked that up from some bodybuilder tip video thing on youtube so i thought id give it a try what the hell it worked i felt,

    then went back to skull crushers drop set from 60 repped 10 times, 50 10 times, 40 8 times

    at this point my arms would blown up it was crazy it hurt adjusting my headphones but i loved it. i finished with three sets of weighted ab crunches 75 lbs 20 reps each set 60 second rest inbetween sets,

    now all i wanna know if my all over the place super setting etc whatever you wanna call it was a bad idea??? it felt like a great idea cause my arms are very sore today but a good sore like i worked them hard. my arm days is the only workout day thats "all over the place" but i like it but if im doing somthing wrong id rather change it you know. also i wanted to know if the order im
    doing things in is incorrect

    day 1 chest/shoulders
    day 2 rest
    day 3 legs
    day 4 rest
    day 5 full back
    day 6 arms
    day 7 rest

    should that be switched around a bit should i not be doing arms 2 days before chest/shoulder etc any pointers guys id appreciate it, i know my weight since i started has increased 2 lbs and im looking a little fuller than i did when i started my gf even noticed my arms getting bigger (its probably just because i got a all day pump going from the supps and finally working out again) but all i can say is we will see where this goes hopfully ill see the days of being a beast again!!

    thanks SS for the protein reccomendation im gonna check it out


  6. also im looking to add DRIVE and RPM to my supps any opinions?? should i take somthing onto that stack? and perhaps x-factor

  7. So this week at the gym was alllright, it was a chest shoulder day i seemed to bench less than what i did the week prior i figured it was because i was still a bit sore. so i stopped taking green bulge i cant take CEE so im sticking with MONO, I also placed a order for DRIVE, RPM, IGF2 so im pretty siked for that to come in. other than that im getting aggrivated feeling weak as hell getting fed up etc so i keep eating and eating just waiting for that next lb to come

  8. yesterday was swuats i wasnt feeling it that much that day i rested almost 5 minutes between sets but gave it my all when it came time to lift

    ham curls

    calfs raises


    then i ended my work out cause my legs felt dead i feel the workout in my legs today but is it bad a waited so long inbetween sets i think so no?? also my weight has been going up nicly almost at 180 gotta love muscle memory

  9. today i hit back and i hit it hard i had a great pump today was a good back day
    weight 182
    wide grip pull ups body weight
    couldnt even push one more

    lat pulldowns

    dumbell rows
    55x10 each arm
    85x10 right arm
    85x6 left arm

    lower back barbell bends

  10. There we go! The last two updates are more what I was meaning...more fun to follow when we can see your numbers fluctuate

  11. Quote Originally Posted by bLacKjAck. View Post
    There we go! The last two updates are more what I was meaning...more fun to follow when we can see your numbers fluctuate
    thanks man i was confused before plus to be honest i was embarrassed cause its hard for me coming from a lot higher numbers to this i think its pathetic but i still give it my all and just know the next time will be better etc etc, plus ive been gaining very nicly i also pumped my fish oil intake to 25gr daily (started today) and this workout i noticed insane strength and pump and my weight has went up 8 LBS!!!! in 2 weeks so i know my body is trying to get back where it was, also my drive rpm igf2 and xfactor is on its way!! so im really stoked im sure that will definatly speed things up hopfully, my diet is off the chain i couldnt ask for anything more right now.

  12. ok so today was arms a incredible day for sure!! let me showw you what my workout looked like then ill talk about how it was

    db curls
    25lbs 15 times each arm warmup
    35lbs 15 times each arm warmup
    45lbs 10 times each arm
    45lbs 8 times

    staight bar cable curls
    70lbs 10 times

    ez curl bar
    75lbs 10 times
    75lbs 8 times

    at this point my pump is insane and i cant stop lifting weight i feel like im on crack

    tricep machine
    100lbs 20 times
    145lbs 15 times
    170lbs 10 times
    195lbs i would say 9 the 10th was half there

    skull crushers
    70lbs 10 times
    80lbs 10 times

    at this point im incredibly pumped and my arms hurt so i decide to start shrugs when i pick up 65's to warm up on shrugs i get about 10 in i raise and hold for 2 seconds then come back down after the 10th i had to drop the weights back my head was rushing and my vision was blurring because i was on the brink of fainting, i drank plenty of water during the workout probably 50-60oz plus i bring a 32 oz gatorade bottle filled with water 5gr of creatine 7gr glutamine and 8 grams on glycergrow from controlled labs this was the first time usuing 2 scoops of glycer grow i dont know if thats what made me want to faint but i rushed over to the huge 45inch fan the gym has and stood in front of it if it wasnt for that fan id be knocked out on the floor. but up until that little mishap my workout was awesome i went up stairs and flexed my arms in the mirror i measured them they were 16.5inch pumped i was guessing they were that big cause of the extra skin i have from my ASS cycle 6 months ago i looked awesome in the mirror the only thing im really disappointed about was my poka dot scars all over my body from the horrid acne the ass gave me cause of my overboard pct oh well scars fade but it takes a long time other then that i looked good. workout was insane nice and veiny everywhere. if anyone knows of some creme for scars etc id appreciate it. also my current supps are
    trib 3 caps a day
    axis ht 6 caps a day (figure i use til til i get real supps)
    no xplode 1 scoop 45 min pre
    MM 4 scoops a day
    FOOD lol
    milk thistle
    hawthorne berry
    multi vit
    multi enzyme to help with digesting
    goji berry extract
    mega dosing fish oil 20gr daily

    thanks for the few people that actually follow my thread i appreciate all the input helping me get back into real shape
  13. Today Was Ill

    ok so today was a awesome chest shoulder day i loved it great pump etc etc etc. i am finally timing all my supps perfectly to get an amazing workout
    so today my meals and everything wet as follows

    9am wakeup
    930am 7 eggs some oatmeal
    1100am 5gr arginine 5gr glutamine
    1130am 20gr whey 40gr slow carbs 5gr creatine
    1200pm workout while sipping on glycer grow 1 scoop
    1245pm finish workout take 5-10gr bcaa's and 5gr glutamine
    115pm 5gr creatine 20gr whey 40-80gr quick carbs
    200pm ham swiss and salami on rye bread
    230pm lb of yogurt
    430pm 10oz chicken 2 slices cheese 2 slices salami on texas toast
    600pm 2 scoops muscle milk and 2 scoops bcaa's
    800pm whatever i feel like snacking on
    1000pm shake casien
    1100pm bed

    workout today was as follows i had to workout in the gym at my job i work security in a corporate building and they have a ok gym nothing really free weights except dumbells

    flat smith machine bench

    185x8 (strength is coming back to me now) (muscle memory!)

    flat bench dumbell press


    militry dumbell press

    incline bench smith machine



    dumbell front raises
    25x10 each shoulder
    35x9 each shoulder

    i think there is somthing i forgot to mention but that was the majority of it, so in conclusion my bench has climber 50 lbs in 3 weeks meaning my muscles are remembering QUICK which i like to see plus my timing of my supps im definatly benefiting from, my supp supps havent even arrived yet (drive,rpm,igf-2,x-factor,) (WTF pumped <-- got that to get the free shipping from nutraplanet haha))
    so everyweek keeps getting better and better and my body keeps changing here are some recent pics kinda outta wake cause it was a camera phone but you can still see things are looking good:bb2:
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  14. you got some big numbers for someone weight 175

    gluck on ur goals

  15. Quote Originally Posted by nycste View Post
    you got some big numbers for someone weight 175

    gluck on ur goals
    really you think so?? does it show in the pics or no im just curious i have really bad self image, thanks tho for the support

  16. Goodluck! To get big in general, lift heavy AMJUNE50 50 % off

    Great Physique fitness, facebook, online consultations

  17. thanks bro ill get there soon enough
  18. Lightbulb

    The fact that you were 40 pounds more muscular means you stretched out the muscle fascia. It will be easier to gain muscle (starting from 175) now that there is already room for the muscle to grow.

    That is one reason the pros use synthol...

    You might consider doing DC style extreme stretches to keep that muscle fascia pliable.

  19. Quote Originally Posted by datBtrue View Post
    The fact that you were 40 pounds more muscular means you stretched out the muscle fascia. It will be easier to gain muscle (starting from 175) now that there is already room for the muscle to grow.

    That is one reason the pros use synthol...

    You might consider doing DC style extreme stretches to keep that muscle fascia pliable.
    interesting thats great to know (ill be big again one day lol) i must say im a lot stronger than the last time i was 175
    should i google dc style extreme stretches??

  21. Arrow

    Quote Originally Posted by king1033 View Post
    should i google dc style extreme stretches??
    See post number 9 for pictures:

  22. Quote Originally Posted by datBtrue View Post
    thanks a lot man im going to incorporate that into my leg workout tomorrow,

    aside from that i have been noticing more and more muscle definition as days go by i slacked on eating these past 2 days cause i was sooo busy to make my meals but i kick started my body back on hyperdrive again, no more ****ing around i keep telling myself you can eat or you can be small no more excuses the road to hugeness is easy all i need is a fork a plate and food on that plate. so cals are back up and debating whether i should take that next bite isnt a issue, stay tuned for tomorrows leg update,
    my workout is going to be 10 minutes dc stretchs
    front squats hams and leg extensions as well as calf raises,
    also there is one leg workout i wanna try i dunno if someone can help me out with this you perform a regular squat but with your heels on somthing 2 inchs off the ground i saw someone use 45's to place their heels on it looked very interesting plus i saw a old school arnold photo of him oding the same can someone tell me more about that

  23. got drive, rpm, x factor (bulk), igf-2 in the mail today!! will let you know how tonights workout goes
  24. amazing!!

    so today was an amazing workout i got rpm drive igf2 and x-factor today i took drive and rpm hr pre and let me tell you un ****ing believable!! this stuff is legit it was a leg day today and a great one at that, although i found i had to chill at some points cause i couldnt stop working out and my pump was soo intense i felt liike i was gonna faint, i took a scoop of the wtf pumped with it maybe next time ill leave that out cause the longer the workout went the better i was feeling, anyways heres what it looked like

    135x15 (slow)
    275x9 (i never thought id climb this high so fast with no resting!! well 30 seconds or so )

    front squats (warm up for leg press)
    135x10 (alllll the way down nice and slow on the way up nice and painful)

    leg press
    360x10 (slow)

    (extremly huge pump going at this point)

    ham curls
    75x10 (nice and slow feel the burn!)
    150x7 (couldnt finish a huge cramp in the calf lol i was dancing around the machine for a bit)

    calf raises

    too cracked out to go any further i felt i was gonna fall to the floor and faint cause i worked so hard

    so today i felt i had a great workout!!!

    also anyone i need to know how to dose my xfactor (bulk) and when to take!
    ill update with end of the week pics this weekend stay tuned!!

    (rpm and drive are amazing!)

  25. How's it going you have not posted in a while. just a tip, imo you probably need closer to 4000 calories if you really want to get over 200. plus salami , swiss cheese, texas toast probably are not the best choices for "clean calories." I can totally relate to your mentality with all the supplements you take, ( i sometimes do the same thing) but trust me when i tell you its silly to take all that stuff if your diet is not 100% in check. your sample diet looks like you are barley getting 1 gram per pound for your body weight .


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