I am have some good results with 3 on 1 off HIT work out but I think I need more down time. I switched up about six weeks ago and have been getting stronger but I am getting to a plateau that I've been to before and want to push past it this time.I am prone to over train (I think) I will normally do 12-15sets on chest.15-18 on back.same on legs. 9-12 on bi's and tri's. 15 on shoulders.8-10 traps. Calves to death two or three times a week.30 min. on abs. 2hrs of cardio over 4 days. I sleep well but I'm sore in a bad way some times just run down kinda. I also want to hear the opinions on cardio in the morning and afternoon training. I prefer to train in the morning. Also I turned 38 in Sept. and want to know what to expect from that?