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  1. Getting Busy Living . . . bradspencer74's Log

    Since I'm gonna need as much feedback as I can while I learn, hopefully, what I'm doing in the gym -- If you're still considered a newlywed at 18 months in then I'm still a noob at only 5 months in a real gym -- I decided to keep a log here parallel to one I kept on another site. Between the two of them , I hope you guys can help me improve my approach.

    I've been on my current workout cycle for a month. I'm still healing from a back injury so there are a few compounds I have to be very careful on. Anyway, any help/criticism I can get through this journey is appreciated.


    I decided to change up my workout order today and did a bit lighter weights for a 10-12 rep. I may also go back to a 6x a week thing for a couple of weeks. I got so bored yesterday during the rest day, I almost went out of my mind. My workout was pretty good. A solid two hours work.

    Also, one of the people who I met on my first day at Golds stopped me and told me that I was looking bigger. That made the day worth it.

    Workout 3A

    DB Shoulder Press - WM 1x18x40's, 3x8x55, 1x24x[55-45-35-25] (Giant Set)
    Bent Over BB Rows (Modified Stance)- 3x10x225
    Front DB Raises - 3x11x30's
    Close Grip Cable Row - 3x10x170
    Upright Rows - 3x12x130
    Wide Grip Machine Rows - 3x10x160
    DB Lateral Raises - 3x15x20's
    BB Biceps Curl - 3x10x90
    DB Skull Crushers - 3x10x30's
    Nautilus Preacher Curls - 3x15x110
    Precor Triceps Extension Machine - 3x10x115

    Cardio - Nautilus Elliptical HIIT- 25 min, Level 15, 429 cals burned

  2. is that the workout scheme u follow every time just changing the exercises?

    good luck bro...and looking good in the avatar

  3. Quote Originally Posted by mfbb View Post
    is that the workout scheme u follow every time just changing the exercises?

    good luck bro...and looking good in the avatar
    No, I'll post the entire current set here, but in the past year, I've done a 3x per week total body when I first started, then a 4x per week - 3 upper, 1 lower -, then a 6x per week, one part per day, my old trainer used to basically teach me new variations. WE never did the same workout twice in 3 months. I started this current one when I moved from Tennessee to Colorado jstu over a month ago. I try to shake it up as much as I can get away with.

    I've got a few of weeks left on the current set before I need to change, and I can't decide on a new approach.

    And thanks about my avi. I do like that pic.
  4. Current Workouts

    My current set of workout are a little different than most. I'm currently doing 2 on, 1 off cycle between the following upper/lower group. My body adapts to a workout sequence much faster than is typical and it takes quite a bit of working sets to get my muscles to exhaustion for a noob, according to my former trainer, who has an MS in Exercise Physiology. (He's a power lifter, so you'll see quite a few strength rep range exercises, even though my goal is hypertrophy.) We learned that I almost have to constantly rotate through new workouts. To simulate that while still being able to keep some consistency, we decided that I should try this as a starting point, and something to come back to every other mesocycle.

    I can swap out the three workout pairs, between upper/lower, push/pull. push/push, etc. (This doesn't include warm-up sets. Cardio is on off leg days, 20-30 minutes per session.) You'll also notice that I occasionally sub from one to the other, depending on what I feel like I need to work on.

    Set 1
    45-60 seconds rest between sets. 2 minutes between exercises.

    A- Chest/Tri's/Delts
    Flat Bench Press - 4 sets of 6-8
    Incline DB Press - 3 sets 10-12
    Parallel Dips- 2 sets 10 -12
    DB Shoulder Press - 3 sets 6 -8
    Standing Lateral DB Raises - 2 sets 10 -12
    Lying BB Triceps Extensions - 2 set 8 -10
    Cable Triceps Pushdowns - 2 sets 10-12
    Abs (200 total reps)

    B - Legs/Back/Bi's
    Squats - 4 sets 8-12
    Horizontal Leg Press - 2 sets 10-12
    Walking Lunges 2 sets 10-12
    Lying Leg Curls - 2 sets 6-8
    Seated Calves Raises - 2 sets 10-12
    Underhand Lat Pulldowns- 4 sets 6-8
    1 Arm DB Row - 4 sets 8-10
    BB Shoulder Shrug - 3 sets 6-8
    DB Curls - 3 sets 10-12

    Set 2
    60-90 seconds rest between sets. 2 minutes between exercises.

    A - Chest-Lats Intensive
    Incline BB Bench - 2 sets 6 reps
    Wide Grip Pullups - 3 sets 6 reps
    Flat DB Bench - 2 sets 8-10 reps
    Close Grip Chins - 3 sets 8-10 reps
    Flat BB Bench - 2 sets - 15-20 reps
    Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns - 3 sets - 15-20 reps
    Flat Bench DB Flies - 3 sets - 10-12 reps
    Incline DB Curls - 3 sets, 8 reps
    Dips - 2 sets - 8-10 reps
    Close Grip BB Preacher Curls - 15-20 reps
    One Arm Cable Tri Extensions - 15-20 reps

    B - Quads Intensive
    Squats - 6 sets (20,12,4x10 reps each)
    -- 2 sets Normal Two Leg Squats
    -- 4 sets One Leg Squats
    Leg Press or Hack Squat - 6 sets 12 reps
    Leg Extension - 6 sets, 12-15 reps
    Heavy Seated Calf Raises - 6 sets - 6 reps
    Abs (200 total reps)

    Set 3
    60-90 seconds rest between sets. 2 minutes between exercises.

    A - Delt/Mid-Back Intensive
    DB Shoulder Press - 3 sets, 6 reps
    Bent Over BB Rows - 3 sets, 6 reps
    Front DB Raises - 3 sets, 8-10 reps
    Close Grip Cable Row - 3 sets, 8-10 reps
    Upright Rows - 3 sets, 15-20 reps
    Wide Grip Cable Rows - 3 sets, 15-20 reps
    DB Lateral Raises - 3 sets, 15-20 reps
    BB Biceps Curl - 3 sets 8 reps
    Skull Crushers - 3 sets, 8-10 reps
    DB Shoulder Shrugs - 3 sets, 10 reps

    B - Hams Intensive
    Hyperextension on Lower Back Machine - 5 sets. 20-25 reps
    Straight Leg DB Deadlift (Variant) - 5 Sets, 10 reps
    Lying Leg Curls - 5 sets, 15 reps
    Standing Leg Curls on Extension Machine - 5 sets, 8-10 reps
    Normal Hyperextensions - 3 sets, 20 reps
    Standing Calves Raises - 5 sets, 8-10 reps
    Heavy Calf Press - 3 sets, 5 reps
    Abs (200 total reps)

    A lot of change up and a lot of work I know, but it seems to have worked so far. I've made some great strength gains, and some decent size gains on this.

    In addition, on every other rest day, I have a long lower back/abs rehab routine. It's 22 separate exercises, and takes a long time to do. But, it keeps me from going under the knife (a back injury), so I do it.

  5. looks like u have a good routine planned out...what are ur goals? (mass, lean ripped look, strength ect)

  6. Quote Originally Posted by mfbb View Post
    looks like u have a good routine planned out...what are ur goals? (mass, lean ripped look, strength ect)
    Long term - Overall mass and strength. I want to be about 220lbs @8-10% BF.

    Short term - I've been adding clean mass very slowly, to replace the lean mass I lost during my initial weight loss. I'm gaining something like 1-2 pounds per month (6 pounds in the last 4 months.) I'm a endo/meso with a desk job, so my diet is about 3400 cals a day, 40/40/20. I's like to reach 212-215and then slowly cutting again to about 195 to reach my body fat goal when I started losing weight last year.

    After that, I'll have about 2 years working out under my belt and I can concentrate on the long term.
  7. 9/20 Workout

    You know there are some days when you don't know exactly what you want to do in the gym. Today was one of those days. I decided to do a couple weeks of 3 on, 1 off -- just to change up and then come back to my current set up for October. That won't start until Sunday. So, the question is what do do today and tomorrow.

    I decided to do a chest day, and even after working delts heavy yesterday and not expecting a lot of gains, I set a new record for myself in both Hammer Curls and Incline Bench. I feel really good, but I can tell I'm gonna be very sore tomorrow and Saturday. BUt, that means I'm growing, right.

    Workout 2A
    Incline BB Bench - WM - 1x15x55's, 1x75x7, 1x80x6
    Wide Grip Pullups - 3x7
    Flat DB Bench - 2x65x10
    Close Grip Chins - 3x8
    Incline Bench Machine- 2x15x150
    Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns - 3x15-120
    Fly Machine - 3 sets - 1x12x170, 2x10x190
    Hammer Curls - 3x8x55
    Dips - 3x7
    Cable Bi Curl on High Pulley - 3x12x40
    Triceps Reverse Curls- 3x12x100

    Abs -
    Weighted Crunch Machine - 3x30x95
    Roller Machine - 3x40

    Cardio - Bike - 30 min, Level 10, 9.7 miles
  8. 9/21 Workout

    Over the last few days, I've felt kind of frustrated in "real life" and when that happens, I tend to over work in the gym. But, it seems like everyday for the last few days as well, someone has complemented me on my recent progress. Today, a perfect stranger -- older than me but a damn jacked guy -- came up toward me rather slowly while I was going cardio. I pulled out my earphones, and he said, "Are you the guy in the picture?" (My Golds has me up on their inspiration board.) I said, "Yes, that's me." He congratulated me and told me great I looked. From somebody who has put in the years he obviously has adn looks as good has he does to take a moment to stop and talk . . . Just those little things really help me when I'm feeling down.

    Did a straight forward total leg today. First time I tried single leg leg press. Although I probably did a little too much cardio, it felt great to sweat a little. It's been a few days since I soaked my shirt. And tomorrow is an off day before I hit the new 3 on, 1 off break up.

    --Warmup - 1x20x240
    --Split Stance - 2x12x300
    -- Single Leg - 2x12x220
    Leg Press
    -- Standard -2x12x540
    -- Single Leg - 1x15x180, 2x12x270
    Leg Extensions - 3x12x170
    Lying Leg Curls - 2x12x115, 1x12x110
    Calf Press - 3x12x450, 2x12x400
    Seated Calf Raise - 3x12xBW+160
    Weighted Abs - 250 total reps @90-110 lbs

    Cardio -- Incline Ellptical - 30 min, 12-20 deg incline, Level 12, 450 cals
  9. 9/23 Workout

    Started today on my two week change up. This is much more of a high rep hypertrophy/low rep endurance set up than my posted workout. Most everything will be in the 12 rep range. I'm also using this as a chance to experiment with new machines and variants. After 3 cycles, I'll go back to the posted workout and see if I can get some more gains.

    DB Bench - WM - 20x55's, 1x65x10, 2x9x70's
    Precor Incline Bench - 2x6x140
    Precor Decline Bench -2x10x60
    Precor Flys - 2x15x150
    Precor Cable Crossovers - 3x12x27.5
    Precor Shoulder Press - 3x12x140
    DB Lat Raises - 2x12x25's
    DB Front Raises - 2x10x30's
    BB Shrugs - 3x10x225
    Parallel Dips - 2x12
    Tri Kickbacks - 3x12x30's

    Cardio - Incline Elliptical - 20 mins, 270 cals

  10. Good luck and nice log
    After seeing your transform results I cant wait to see what else you can accomplish.
  11. 9/24 Workout

    Not the best day today. Sort of felt drained all the way through my workout. I had to back off weights on most everything. Guess everybody has off days every once in a while. I even skipped cardio, just to see if I need to recharge my batteries.

    Then again, I rarely do all my back in one day intermediately after chest. I much prefer to break it up into two focused areas on different days, which is why I like the posted workout so much. Tomorrow is a straight bi's/tri's day. Haven't done a just arms day in two months. I'm curious to see how it goes. I sure hope I feel better.

    Pullups -
    --Medium Grip - 1x15, 2x10
    --Wide Grip - 2x9
    One Arms DB Rows - 3x10x75's
    Wide Grip Lat Pulls - 3x10x140
    BB Rows (Variant) - 2x8x225
    Wide Grip Machine Rows - 2x10x150
    Cable Close Grip Rows - 2x10x160
    Cable Crosses for Back-
    -- High Pulley - 2x12x22.5 (per side)
    -- Low Pulley - 2x12x15 (per side)
    Hyperextension/Regular Crunch Superset - 4x15 / 4x40
    Resisted Crunch Machine - 3x25x110

  12. Been thinking about my next cycle of workouts.

    I've been reading a lot about GVT / OVT after one of the trainers at Golds recommended it to me. Just wondered if any of you guys had experience with it and if you think I should try it for 10 weeks before I go back to the posted workout?
  13. 9/25 Workout

    Decent day with the old bi's and tri's. It took a while, but I got a solid pump and some soreness out of it. I pulled one of the old superset routines out of the dust bin and tried it. Even with hiting the bi's with the back workout yesterday, my weights were up 20% or so from the last time I did this.

    BB Curls (Med Grip on Oly Bar) - 3x8x105
    Precor Tri Machine - 3x10x80

    DB Hammer Curls - 1x8x50's, 1x8x55's
    DB Skull Crushers - 2x10x30's

    Alt DB Bi Curls - 1x10x40's, 1x8x45's
    Cross Chest DB Tri Curl - 2x10x35's

    Preacher Curls - 3x12x80
    Tri Reverse Cable Curl - 3x12x110

    Hi Pulley Cable Bi Curls - 3x12x45 (each hand)
    Parallel Dips - 3x10

    6 sets various forearm exercises
    Cardio - Incline Elliptical. 25 min. 320 cals
  14. 9/26 Workout

    I got one of the best complements I've ever gotten from anyone today. One of the membership sales persons at Gold's stopped me, told me how mych bigger I looked just over the last 6 weeks, and asked me what my current workout looked like. I pulled out my results pad and flipped through the workout. Turns out he liked the chest/lats intensive one so much, he asked if we could do it together, to see/feel how it works. On Friday, were doing it.

    WM - 5 mins elliptical
    Squats --
    -- Single Leg (each leg)- 1x8x220, 1x8x240
    -- Split Stance - 2x12x320

    Single Leg Leg Press (each leg) - 3x10x270
    Walking Lunges - 2 circuits of Bball court w/ 2-35 lb plates
    Plyo Lunges w/ 10 lb medicine ball - 32 reps
    Plate Leg Extensions - 4x8x160
    Lying Leg Curls
    --Single Leg (each Leg) - 1x8x70, 1x8x80
    --Two Legs - 1x12x140
    Seated Leg Curls - 3x140x12
    DB Calf Raises - 3x15x80's (each hand)
    Calf Press - 3x12x360
    Seated Calf Raises - 3x8xBW+180

    Abs - 400 Total Reps
  15. Possible New Workout

    Started feeling out a possible new workout today in the gym for the next 8 weeks. Just went through the pairings, recommended start weights, etc. I would go back to the other workout for strength gains December 1 and it would carry me through until I plan to start cutting again February 1.

    It's an OVT /superset variation. I may play with a couple of the exercises as noted. Thought I'd post it and see what you guys think.

    Also, should I do HIIT cardio on rest days or light/mod on weight days? Haven't done rest day cardio in a long time.

    All have 60 seconds rest between supersets, 120 between pairings.

    Day 1 - Chest/Back

    A.1. - Flat Bench Press - 5 sets, 5 reps, 2-0-1 tempo
    A.2 - Flat DB Flyes - 5 sets, 5 reps, 6-0-2 tempo
    B.1. - Incline Bench - 5 sets, 5 reps, 2-0-1 tempo
    B.2. - Incline DB Flyes - 5 sets, 5 reps, 6-0-2 tempo
    C.1. - Cable Lat Pulls * - 5 sets, 5 reps, 6-0-2 tempo
    C.2. - DB Rows - 5 sets, 5 reps, 6-0-2 tempo
    D.1. - BB Rows** - 5 sets, 5 reps, 2-0-1 tempo
    D.2. - BB Pullover - 5 sets, 5 reps, 6-0-2 tempo

    * May change to a pullup variation
    ** May change to BB Supine Rows

    Day 2 - Legs/Abs
    A.1. - Squats - 5 sets, 5 reps, 2-0-1 tempo
    A.2 - Static Lunges - 5 sets, 5 reps, 6-0-2 tempo
    B.1. - Leg Extensions - 5 sets, 5 reps, 2-0-1 tempo
    B.2. - Leg Curls - 5 sets, 5 reps, 6-0-2 tempo
    C.1. - SLDL's * - 5 sets, 5 reps, 6-0-2 tempo
    C.2. - Hamstring Extensions* - 5 sets, 5 reps, 6-0-2 tempo
    D.1. - Calf Raise - 5 sets, 5 reps, 2-0-1 tempo
    D.2. - Calf Press - 5 sets, 5 reps, 6-0-2 tempo

    Abs - 200-300 reps

    * Don't know if I should do SLDL's with my back still healing. If not, need a hamstring set

    Day 3 - Off

    Day 4 - Arms
    A.1. - BB Curl - 5 sets, 5 reps, 2-0-1 tempo
    A.2 - DB Curl* - 5 sets, 5 reps, 6-0-2 tempo
    B.1. - Preacher Curl - 5 sets, 5 reps, 2-0-1 tempo
    B.2. - Reverse Curl - 5 sets, 5 reps, 6-0-2 tempo
    C.1. - Cable Pressdowns - 5 sets, 5 reps, 6-0-2 tempo
    C.2. - Skullcrushers - 5 sets, 5 reps, 6-0-2 tempo
    D.1. - CGBP's - 5 sets, 5 reps, 2-0-1 tempo
    D.2. - Overhead Cable Extensions - 5 sets, 5 reps, 6-0-2 tempo

    * May replace with a standing cable isolation I really like of late.

    Day 5 - Delts / Abs
    A.1. - DB Shoulder Press - 5 sets, 5 reps, 2-0-1 tempo
    A.2 - Side Lat Raises - 5 sets, 5 reps, 6-0-2 tempo
    B.1. - BB Military Press * - 5 sets, 5 reps, 2-0-1 tempo
    B.2. - Bent-Over Lat Raises- 5 sets, 5 reps, 6-0-2 tempo

    Abs - 200-300 reps

    * Must do seated. Maybe with Smith Machine?

    Day 6 - Off

    Day 7 - Repeat Day 1
  16. Just one of those fun things . . .

    that happens when you get in shape.

    I was walking over to the CSU library Saturday morning to pick up some books I needed for my research. I was dressed rather comfortably for me now (sleeveless t and shorts), but something I'd never dreamed of wearing last year.

    Anyway, this group of girls comes walking by and they stop me. We talk for just a moment, and then one of them says, "Where do you workout? You're so buff!" I smiled and told her where I work out, and then all of them started asking me to flex for them. I did a quick double bi. From their gasps and "wows" you would have thought I was on the Olympia stage last night. We talked for a few seconds more before they had to go, but they all told me again as we were leaving how great my muscles were. It was really fun, and nothing like that would have ever happened before.

    Too bad they were all born when I was in high school. I don't think they ever guessed.

    I took the weekend off to rest up a bit and get ready to start the new workout Monday. Hopefully, it will go well.
  17. OVT Day 1 Workout

    A good day at the gym today, but Christ, am I tired. The first few sets of this with light weights are easy, but by the end of my incline super sets, I was barely making it up. Hopefully, I'll get some good out of this, though, and be able to push the weights up shortly. If I get this tired with chest and back, legs tomorrow kind of scares me. I hope I can walk to the car.

    Day 1 - Chest/Back

    A.1. - Flat Bench Press - 5x5x65's 2-0-1 tempo
    A.2 - Flat DB Flyes - 5x5x45's, 6-0-2 tempo

    B.1. - Incline Bench - 5x5x60's, 2-0-1 tempo
    B.2. - Incline DB Flyes - 5x5x45's, 5 reps, 6-0-2 tempo

    C.1. - Cable Lat Pulls - 5x5x140, 2-0-2 tempo
    C.2. - Cable Rows - 5x5x150, 6-0-2 tempo

    D.1. - BB Rows - 5x5x155, 2-0-1 tempo
    D.2. - BB Pullover - 5x5x70, 6-0-2 tempo

    Abs - 250 total reps
    Cardio - Incline Elliptical - 25 min, 400 cals burned
  18. Sorry for not Posting and update for a while . . .

    It's been a wild week. I learned that I still can't do an OVT workout. For some reason, i just totally lose power and energy about half way through. So, until I can get something I'm happy with (and I'm researching hard) I'm gonna stay with my old routine. I did chest last intensive it today (start with day 1) and it felt great. I know I was fresh doing incline BB bench, but I've never gotten 225 on incline ever and I got 3 sets of 6 reps. And rather stable. I was afraid to go higher without a spot, though.

    Another thing, I had wandered into some old very low saturated fat habits, and was developing some health problems. We were provided with the free, quick blood prick Cholesterol screenings at work. I have genetically low cholesterol anyway, but when I didn't register on the machine, we knew there was a problem. I went to the doc for a full serum workup, and my total cholesterol (78) and particularly my triglycerides (37) were at levels low enough to cause my doc concern (those were unfasted levels.) And of the cholesterol I had, my HDL/LDL ratio was like 5:1. I have also been having some symptoms of too low serum fat and cholesterol, bruising that doesn't heal, abnormal liver function, and depression. You never think of too low serum cholesterol can be harmful, but I've learned pretty quickly that it can be.

    So, I'm modifying my macro ratios to more of a 40/30/30 diet for a while to up my fat intake to 115 g per day. I'm still getting about 250g of protein per day, which should be enough to grow on. Yesterday was the first day and I am already feeling a bit better. Maybe more fat in my system will help me gain more muscle.

    Workout 2A
    Incline BB Bench - WM - 1x20x135, 3x6x225
    Wide Grip Pullups - 3x8
    Flat DB Bench - 2x8x75's
    Close Grip Chins - 3x9
    Decline Bench Flyes- 3x10x50's
    Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns - 3x15x120
    Fly Machine - 3 sets - 3x12x190
    Cable Rope Curls - 3x10x130
    Dips - 3x8
    Preacher Curl Machine - 3x12x125
    Seated Tri Pressdowns- 3x10x265 (max of the machine)

    Abs -
    Weighted Crunch Machine - 3x30x95
    Roller Machine - 3x40

    Cardio - Recumbent Bike - 20 min, 6.2 miles

  19. Thats pretty wild I never even thought about having to low of cholesterol and it having that much of a negative impact on your body. Good luck with that and keep us updated.
  20. 10/8 Workout

    2B - Quads Intensive

    Leg Press-
    -- Two Leg - 2x12x585, 1x8x770
    -- One Leg Squat - 2x12x270 (2 sets each leg)

    Walking Lunges - 2x30 w/35 lbs plates

    Squats -
    -- Normal Stance Squats - 2x15x260
    -- Split Stance Squats - 2x12x300
    -- Single Leg Squats - 1x10x200 (1 set each leg)

    Leg Extension - 6 sets
    -- Two Leg - 3x15x150
    --Single Leg - 3x12x100

    Heavy Seated Calf Raises - 3x6x(BW+230)
    Machine Calf Press - 3x15x(BW+400) (max Machine)
    Abs (300 total reps)
    Cardio - 20 minutes Low Intensity Elliptical
  21. 10/10 Workout

    After total exhaustion, and having another serum fat dip by the feeling I had Monday after my workout and yesterday, I felt a lot better today. Skipped cardio, and going to tomorrow was well. I've done quite a bit this week, (45 minutes, 850 cals on Saturday, and what's in the log Sunday and Monday).

    I didn't do badly at all today I think. I tried out shoulder presses on the Smith machine. It is a bit of a new feeling, so I went lighter than I could have, but not a bad start for an unfamiliar exercise (after 10 sets of chest)

    1A- Chest/Tri's/Delts
    Flat Bench Press - WM - 1x20x135, 1x225x8, 1x230x7, 2x240x5
    Incline Press on Smith- 1x12x180, 2x10x200
    Parallel Dips- 2x10
    Shoulder Press on Smith- 3x6x120
    Standing Lateral DB Raises - 2x10x27.5's
    Lying BB Triceps Extensions - 2x10x70
    Cable Triceps Pushdowns - 2x12x130
    Abs (200 total reps)

    --DB Standing Front/Side/Rear Wrist Curls Tri-Set - 2x30x30's
    --BB Palmup/Palm Down Wrist Curls Superset- 2x10 each x 40
    --Farmer's Walk - 60 seconds w/ 90lbs DB's
  22. 10/11 Workout

    Not a bad day at all.

    I tried almost real out and out deadlifts today. It was still on the deadlift frame, rather than a bar, but other than that it was really nice. I did a sumo stance, just to make sure my back didn't round, but it was a good comfortable weight at over 300 pounds for solid reps. No pain at all, just a good stretch in the hams and low back. I also had more shoulder shrug weight that I've ever had before. I couldn't be happier.

    1B - Legs/Back/Bi's
    Sumo Deadlifts on Frame Machine (not counting frame weight)--
    -- WM - 1x20x135
    -- 1x225x12, 2x270x10, 1x320x7
    Horizontal Leg Press - 2x630x10
    Walking Lunges - 2 x 15 each leg x 35 plates
    Machine Lying Leg Curls - 2x8x170
    Calf Press - 2x15x540
    Underhand Lat Pulls on Plate Machine- 4x6x115 (each arm)
    1 Arm DB Row - 4x10x70's
    BB Shoulder Shrug - 3x6x275
    Standing Lateral Cable Bi Curls - 3x10x50 each arm

    Core -
    Ab Roller Crunches - 2x75
    HyperExtensions w/25 lbs plate -3x20

  23. after seeing your transormation pics figured i'd drop by your log.

    EDIT: i'll try to add some advice when i get time. IF your looking at putting muscle and strength i have a lot of info in my log including spreadsheets showing my planned training cycles and video's of lots of different lifts. Definetly not something you would want to follow yourself but can give a little perspective from a totaly different training methodolgy.
    880 Squat w/Wraps @ 220
    Sponsored by USPLabs

  24. Quote Originally Posted by kabuki View Post
    after seeing your transormation pics figured i'd drop by your log.

    EDIT: i'll try to add some advice when i get time. IF your looking at putting muscle and strength i have a lot of info in my log including spreadsheets showing my planned training cycles and video's of lots of different lifts. Definetly not something you would want to follow yourself but can give a little perspective from a totaly different training methodolgy.
    Stopped by your log, and I've got a lot of reading/watching to do. Any advice from someone who obviously knows what they are doing from what I've watched so far, I'd appreciate very much. I've really only been exposed to one training style, and staying wit one can only take you so far, as I'm learning.
  25. 10/13 Workout

    Today, I mostly felt out a couple of exercises I haven't done in a long while. Someone sent me a 12 week periodization workout that I'm gonna try no matter what it feels like at first (which is way slow by comparison to what I have been doing). I know I need something new, so I'm gonna stick with this one. Anyway, I needed to feel out where I was with BB standing calfs, which I haven't done because of the back injury since March, and CGBP's for about a month while my pulled forearm tendon recovered.

    For not being sure of weights and playing around to find the proper ones, I'm really surprised by the progress over time. Doesn't seem like I should be that much stronger in the calves, especially with the nerve damage, but really rather easy.

    BB Curl - WM - 1x20x45, 1x10x80, 1x8x90, 1x6x100

    CGBP - 1x10x135, 1x10x155, 1x8x175

    BB Skullcrusher - 3x10x80 (I could do more but I need a partner to hand me the bar. Don't wanna pout more pressure on the back.)

    Alt Incline DB Curls - 3x8x45's

    Standing Calf Raises on Smith Machine - 1x135x10, 1x225x10, 2x315x10

    Seated Calf - 3x8x(BW+180)

    Cardio - Stat. Bike - 20 min, 6.16 mi, Avg HR 131


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