Iron's "work in progress" Log...

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  1. Iron's "work in progress" Log...

    This is like what...? 3rd attempt at a workout log...?...

    I want to use this to help keep my on track. Help educate others. Give me ideas. Help shape my routine, diet, etc.

    Today will be my 4th straight day out of the gym, as I just had some minor surgery on my hand this past Friday and I am going to get back into the swing of things tomorrow...

    I am training in a high volume style at the moment, 2 on 1 off, but I like to change things up with both exercises rep schemes, routines and training styles pretty often.

    As of last week, I was doing something like this:

    My diet breakdown is currently somewhere around 3500cals, 45P/35C/20F.

    I am supplementing with AP, P-Slin, SuperCissus, Glucosamine, a Multi, Fish Oil, some type of stim in the morning (RPM or StimX2.0, currently at half doses).

    I am sitting around 210lbs, 5'11"...

    And I should have full use of my hand again a week from today, but I will be doing as much as I can this week...mostly in the form of machines...

  2. maybe this one will last lol...

    what did you have surgery for?

    AP and Pslin? hows that going? ive never tried any of these insulin mimickers yet.

  3. I'll be watching it for as long as it lasts.

  4. I'm not committing it to a certain type of routine or a certain 'supplement' so it should last a while...

  5. ive been messing with different training styles for as long as i can remember but I started DC then i kind of made my own style with alot of the DC principles. Its still in its beginning stages until i get what i want.

  6. i'm starting to think that DC is a bit dangerous...i really don't like the idea of doing 1-3 reps 15 seconds after my last set on a hammer strength machine.
    anyways good luck PI, im doing the same split right now just not 2 on 1 off (cuz i've been partying too fcking much on weekends to hit the gym)

  7. mfbb, I def. feel ya...did up the iggles game last night. even though it was a loss, it was a great time.

    ...hurting a little today, but i'll shake it and i'm back in the gym this afternoon!!!

    4 days feels like an eternity!

  8. if this log makes it past 2 pgs...congrats!

    i wanna see some sick #'s....tear sh!t up son.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by PumpingIron View Post

    ...hurting a little today, but i'll shake it and i'm back in the gym this afternoon!!!

    4 days feels like an eternity!
    Back in the gym this afternoon? I wonder if I should try and do the same...

  10. 9/18

    Incline BB Bench
    185x12, 225x8, 255x6, 275x2, 225x6, 185x7 rest between last 3 sets

    Bodyweight dips
    20, 18, 15, 12

    Single Leg Seated Calf Raises (Plate Loaded)
    2x18, 18, 18, 18 each

    Smith CG Bench
    185x 8, 225x8, 6, 4, 4, 2

    Swiss Ball Crunches

    Pec Deck
    160x12, 200x12, 225x10

    ...felt good.

  11. 9/19

    BW: 212.4

    Single Leg Press: (Plates,each)
    6x8, 8x8, 10x8

    Single leg calf raises (set up from above, each):
    10x18, 18, 18, 18

    Seated Single Leg Curls:
    150x12, 180x10, 210x 8

    Swiss Ball Crunches:
    50, 50, 50

    Single Leg Extensions:
    150x8, 180x8, 210x8

    Abductor work
    Adductor work

    For some reason or another I wanted to do some Isolation work on my legs...

    But I felt good today..but we shall see how i end up using my hand for shoulders, bis and back in the next few days...

  12. Looking good.

  13. 9/20

    BW: 213.4

    Elliptical 45mins

  14. Iron has ANOTHER log?

    I'm in!

  15. Quote Originally Posted by macedaddy View Post
    Iron has ANOTHER log?

    I'm in!

    This is it bud...if this one doesn't last, that's it for me...

  16. Quote Originally Posted by PumpingIron View Post
    This is it bud...if this one doesn't last, that's it for me...
    Better make it last then..dedication man! Besides you have alot of good advice to pass on.

  17. interested to see how your progress/ which directions you decide to go in your training. Subscribed, and good luck bro

  18. Another day, another dollar...


    BW: 213.6

    Seated BB Military:
    135x12, 205x8, 225x4, 255x2, 225x1, 205x1, 185x5 rest between last 4 sets

    DB Shrugs:
    100x20, 20, 20

    Seated Iso Calf Raises: (Leg Press Machine)
    225x18, 255x14, 285x14

    Reverse Pec Deck:
    150x12, 180x10, 220x8

    Swiss Ball Crunches:
    50, 50, 50

    Seated Military Press (Machine):
    225x8, 270x8, 330x6

    - I felt decent with the grip on the DB shrugs, no ill effects with the stitches in my hand.

  19. 9/22

    BW: 213.6

    D-Bar Lat Pulldowns:
    180x8, 220x8, 260x 8

    Standing Preacher Curls:
    75x12, 95x8, 115x6

    Bent Over Rows:
    135x12, 225x8, 6, 4

    Standing Calf Raises:
    500x12, 580x12, 625x12
    ...the stack only goes to 580 so I had to rig it up with an extra 45 for the final set.

    Single Arm Cable Rows: (each)
    80x8, 120x 8, 8

    Iso Cable Lat Pulldowns:
    150x8, 180x8, 210x8

    Concentration curls: (each)
    30x8, 35x8, 40x8, 35x6, 30x6 rest between last 3 sets

    Hanging Leg Raises:
    12, 12, 12

    10 minute elliptical cool down.

    - Grip felts okay, a little blood in my bandage, but nothing bad. They come out on Monday!

  20. I might start a 5 day split next week...anyone wanna talk me into or out of this?

    Something like tue-sat: Chest, Back, Arms, Legs, Delts/Traps...

  21. Quote Originally Posted by PumpingIron View Post

    - Grip felts okay, a little blood in my bandage, but nothing bad. They come out on Monday!
    Ouch! I like the 5 day split that is the one we train on.

  22. are you still travelling alot for your job? might not be so great as far as time and energy levels........

  23. mace, just a 45min~1hr commute each way...not bad.

  24. This week I'm going to jump over to a 5/2 routine, hitting every muscle group on an individual day. High volume, starting with heavy compound movements and finishing with isolation work.

    Abs/Calves will be worked everyday. Short (10-20 minutes) cardio post workout...Sat/Sun will be up off or maybe some longer cardio if I feel like it.

    I want to up my caloric intake as soon as I workout the new diet, to about 4000cals.

    And I've been thinking about doing a 3/2 routine, working all muscle groups in those three days...thoughts?

  25. i would stick with the 5/2 classic split like bodybuilders have been doing for years. i'm thinking about going back to that...or giving dc another shot with a push/pull/legs split.


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