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  1. legs today...didn't have a ton of time to workout...just blew thru it but good workout anyways

    leg extension- 60,90,120 x 15 150x12
    leg press- 10 per side x 11 , 10
    seated leg curl- 90,110 x 15 140x12
    leg press calve machine 4 sets 12-20

  2. chest and tris today...good workout, good pump

    incline bb- 225 x 8 , 225x 7 x2
    chest press machine(the one where u have to push the bar w ur feet to get started) 180x 12, 210x10 x 2
    incline bench cable flye- 37.5x12 32.5 x 12
    olympic bar skullcrusher - 3 sets of 8 w 115
    v bar cable pushdown- 2 sets of 12 w 80
    one arm reverse pushdown - 25x12

    i am liking this better than DC bc i feel it is safer. i think the chest and back stretches are dangerous. also i really don't like doing singles and doubles for my last rest-pause set on a machine or at all for that matter.

    i may do one more DC blast in a month or so if i don't get much strength out of this routine.

  3. cool keep us updated.

    DC really is a great thing if 2 peeps are doing it together. otherwise it really stinks to always find a spotter on your 15th breath haha


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