Earlier this year i decided to take up weight lifting and to get that great physique i always wanted... when i started i weighed in at 125 - 128.. im 5'7" btw... over the last couple months i worked out a lot and at the time was taking Mass XXX by GNC.. now im up to about a steady 135.. My Goal ultimately at 5'7" is to be up to 155 - 160lbs of muscle!

Now im moving on to the next step.. i recently purchased NxLabs' Mass System.. a 21 day mass building program.. today i officially started.. and im going to keep a log through my 21 day adventure..

Mass-system com pretty much explains what im doing... but on top of that.. ill be doubling up my normal diet and really hitting it hard at the gym...

My projected Routine..

Mon - chest/back
Wed - Legs
Fri - Soulders/Traps
Sun - Arms/Abs

Tues - Chest/Back
Thurs - Legs
Sat - Soulders/Traps
Mon - Arms/Abs

- Chest/Back
Fri - Legs
Sun - Soulders/Traps

My biggest flaw.. my Achilles Heal.. EATING!!! Im not a very big person, so eating like one is going to be a hard thing for me.. i think this will be the hardest part of my journey..

Calories:3000 - 3500
Protien: 315g
Carbs: 400-500
Fat: 125-150g

Ill be posting up pictures every few days or so as i progress as well.. WISH ME LUCK!!!! :squat:

Quick question... I HATE EGGS!.. what's the best way to down them with less taste...?