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  1. Ok guys I FIANNNNLLY hit the gym at work today for abot 45 min when I had some spare...

    Flat BB:

    Incline DB ~~~ SuperSet ~~~with Incline DB Curl:
    80x12 ~~ 40x12
    90x12 ~~ 40x12
    90x12 ~~ 40x12
    90x12 ~~ 40x12

    BW Dips:

    Everything felt real good. My new gym is SICK! So nice. I dunno if you guys knew, but I just got moved this weekend and started my new job on Monday, which I am really enjoying. All I do all day is relate to people which is the job custom fit for me. The first couple days have been pretty hectic, but I am kinda getting into the swing and will be starting up a new routine here in about a week. I am trying to find a hardcore partner to rock wit me. I have a couple prospects

    Hope you all are doing good!

  2. congrats on the new job brotha! just got a new one this last week myself

    Good luck on finding someone in the "know"



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