I don't follow this routine exactly all the time, but these are the basic excersizes I do.

Workout 1, Chest
Flat Bench - 5 Working Sets
Incline Chest Press - 5 Working Sets
Incline or Flat DB Press - 3 Working Sets

Workout 2, Back

Deadlift - usually 6 working sets
T-Bar Rows - 4-5 working sets
Iso Lateral Rows - 4 working sets
One arm DB Rows - 5 working sets
Seated Cable Rows - 4 working sets
Good Mornings (sometimes)

Workout 3, Legs

Squat - 6 working sets
Leg Press - 6-8 working sets
Calf Raises - 5 working sets

Workout 4, Shoulders

Standing Milt. Press - 5 working sets
Iso Lateral Behind The Neck Press Machine - 5 working sets
DB Flies - 6 working sets
DB Shoulder Press - 4 working sets

Workout, 5 Bi' and Tri's
I usually mix my Bicep Workout up with alot of different movements but here are the basics. I train the Bi's and Tri's very high intensity with not a whole lot of rest in between sets. I like to do drop sets with the arms as well.

Alt. DB Curls
Strait Bar Curls (I feel these hit my forearms great)
EZ Bar Curls
Preacher Curl Machine

Rope Pushdown
Seated Dips
Weighted Dips
Close Grip Bench

What do you guys think?