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  1. well today was a really good workout, when i picked up the db to do shrugs, my arms exploded into a maze of veins and striations. got me pumped. trying to focus on my shoulder strength for next couple of weeks to help with my bench. was havin trouble a while back keeping my shoulder blades pulled together. also after stopping dips, my tricep strength has gone way down.

    seat press:95X5, 95X5, 115X5, 115X5, 115X5(have gotten very weak on these)
    dec situps:4X50
    seated cable row:100X5, 120X5, 140X6, 140X6, 140X6(slow reps w/hold at chest, no body movement)
    db shrugs:90X8 5X(10sec rest b/w sets)
    dec situps:3X50
    static rev hyper:3x1.5 min hod w/ 10lb hedstraight out)
    dec situps:3X50
    bent db raise:20X5 5X

  2. i think ive known all along, but i still think im over-training. i need to shorten my max days and go heavier and on my dynamic days cut out a lot of repeat movements.

    dec bench:135X5,135X5, 155X5, 185X3, 205X3, 225X3,245X3 275X1, 295X1(no wt. increase, but pushewd wt. alot eaiser.), 305X0(stuck 2in off chest)
    dec situps:50X4
    dips:10, 10, 7(4xtra reps on last set)
    bb row:135X5, 155X5, 185X5(could ahve gottin at least 225X5, but i just didnt push myself)
    pullover:70X5, 70X5, 70X5(felt my lats working a lot more and wt. was easy)

    i am still making progress and i feel alot stronger. if i can improve my grip strength in the next 3wks, i will be able to pull 400lb+. im still dissapointed with my declining tricep strength, but i know what i have to do to fix that. and my inc/dec bench form is not what i will use for flat bench. i have been keeping my elbows flared instead of tucked close to body, so im sure my max bench will hit 350-375lbs.

  3. i went in today with anew routine to help my pulling strength from the bottom, but i didnt have a set workout plan and today sucked. ill be sure to have it readt for next workout.

    front squat:135X5, 5X(wt. was very light and spped was constant thru all 5sets)
    dec situps:3X60
    static rev hyper:10LB HELD FOR 1MIN 3X
    seat calf:45X5, 3X(very explosive with long negative)LEFT LEG ONLY:45X5, 45X4, 45X3(very slow and controlled)
    db step up:70x5, 70x5, 70x5

    as you can see today was pure ****. i have 3more wks for this routine then i will deload. as of now, i expect a 400lb dead, 375lb bench, and squat i honestly dont know.

  4. ran out of my fish oil yesterday and wont be able to get some till tomorrow. todays workout went fairly well and i started a new ab exercise.

    2board pause bench:warmup, 185X2, 185X2, 185X2, 205X2, 205X2, 205X2, 225X1, 225X1, 225X1(1st rep w/225 was easy, but 2nd slowed so i didnt push it)
    skull crush:70X8, 70X8, 70X6(10sec rest b/w sets)
    dec situps:5x60
    db shrugs:100X12, 100X12, 100X6(fcking grip strength screws me)
    straight leg raises:20, 20, 20, 20

    takin a break from the bent db raise and cable pull, too give my shoulders a break

  5. yesterdays workout was very good and i also got on my fish oil after missing two days. for the next two weeks im gonna work on my hams alot, and tryin to improve my power from the bottom of the squat and dead.

    db step up(will switch to bb lunges next time)70X3, 80X3, 90X3, 95X1, 95X1, 100X1(1DB/HAND AND REPS ARE PER LEG)
    wt. rev hyper:90X2, 90X2, 90X2, 90X2, 90X2(2nd rep was always very slow, pause halfway down and up)
    stiff leg raise:10-10-10
    stiff dead(1 box):135X5, 185X3, 185X3, 235X2(im burnt out on these, weight is still easy, no drive to do them though)
    stiff leg raise:10-10-10
    seat calf:90X5, 90X5, 100X5, 115X5, 125X3, 135X3, 145X3///left leg only:45X5, 45X5, 45X5
    leg raise:10-10-10

    i love the progress im making and feel stronger. losing alot of body fat and looking lean. in two weeks i will deload and and get ready for the next one.

  6. today was really disappointing. i still have not made any progress on the decline bench. the reps are getting alot easier but i cannot get past 295. i always get stuck right at the bottom.

    dec bench:135X8, 185X3, 205X3, 225X3, 245X3, 275X1, skipped 295, 305X0(really getting me down)
    stiff leg raise:15-12-10
    iron pushdown:50X5, 70X5, 70X5, 70X5, 70X5, 70X5
    stiff leg raise:10-5-5
    overhead tri ext db:80X4, 80X3, 80X2
    bb row:135X5, 155X5, 185X5, 185X3
    stiff leg raise:10-10
    db pullover:70X5, 70X5, 80X3

    i am trying to improve my tricep strength, thats why i did the iron pushdown, since ive dropped alot of weight, dips dont help that much and i also was giving my shoulder blades a rest. any suggestions on how to push past my bench plateau??

  7. i was supposed to have a workout saturday but missed it, and didnt get go today because family was in town. the gym is one of the things i do to keep sane, and when i miss it, i get pissed. only good thing i found this weekend was that i love crown royal. i dont drink hard liquor anymore, but while at a friends house i sipped on about a shot full. best liquor ive ever had. anyways, this week will be my last full week then i will max out the next. i will then do a deload week follwed by a week of mild-high cardio with alot of ab work.

  8. sorry for the lack of updates, i started school monday and have also been out of my sleeping pills. here is mondays workout:

    squat: (light wt., with a pause at parallel)135X3, 135X3, 135X3(pause was about 10-20sec)
    stiff leg raise:15-10-10
    side bends:5X10/side, 5X
    seat leg curl:70x8 3x
    stiff leg raise:15-10

    iron pushdown:50X10, 60X10, 60X10, 50X10, 60X6
    stiff leg raise:15-10-10
    rev hyper:just full stretching
    dec situps:15-10-5
    single db ext:20X10, 25X10, 20X10
    stiff leg raise:10-10
    rev 1 arm cable pushdown:30X10, 40X8, 40X6, 40X6
    bent rev db fly:20X8, 20X6, 20X6

    all my main lifts include warmups and these last two weeks i have been working a bit more on my tris. i have been staying sore alot this week, which may be because i havent been getting quality sleep. i will do a very light day friday and will do my max lifts on wednesday. after my maxes i will post progress and my thoughts on how i did.


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