All i can do is legs and abbs until my effing shoulder heals

  1. All i can do is legs and abbs until my effing shoulder heals

    Ok boys all i can do is abbs and legs. I have an injury to my left shoulder and doc said no weights for 4-6 weeks.

    Go figure.....I had just finished up 4 weeks of my pulse, added a solid 7lbs added alomst a 1/4-1/2" on all major muscles with only about an 1/8" gain to my waist. Just got a bottle of RPM, made my transdermal Formestane, and got 2 bottles of Cissus-Drol from Generic Labz to test

    Im guna run a 2 week mini P.C.T. w/ left over nolva/trib/retain. Other than that im sticking to just Creatine/BCAA/Glutamine and Cissus (hopefully speed things along)

    I have about 2 weeks in samples of Venom and another 30 pills left from a bottle . I'll probably take them 1 in the am for a kick and help my appetite.

    Im going to eat right around maintanence. Which for me is about 3,000 cals. They'll breakdown 50%protein....20% carbs.....30%fats.

    Heres my split
    Mon: Lite legs
    Tue: Abbs/calfs
    Wed: Heavy Legs
    Thur: Abbs/calf
    Fri: Lite legs
    Sat: Abbs/calf
    Sun: OFF

    Hows this look? I'll more than likely lean out the mid-section and add a little size to my legs. They respond real well and are extremley lean. Just take a look at my pulse log. Im currentley about 188~190 and would like to stay there if I can. I know i'll lose some size on the rest of my body parts
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  2. You should be able to do heavy extensions, and lighter hammy curls.

    You should be able to maintain what you have, improve some weaker (?) points, and lean out your abs.

    Sorry to hear about your shoulder.
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by dsade View Post
    You should be able to do heavy extensions, and lighter hammy curls.

    You should be able to maintain what you have, improve some weaker (?) points, and lean out your abs.

    Sorry to hear about your shoulder.
    Thanks dsade

    Yea my abbs are lagging due to never doing anything for them......ever. My legs are actually a stronger point. I have real good sweeps and good seperation in my quads almost year round. I would like to add a few inches on my legs & calfs (who wouldnt)

    Im also going to do alot of body squats and walking lunges. I may get the ok after a week or so for leg press also
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  4. Day 1

    First day of new training. It goes a little something like this

    Upper Abbs
    *3 sets total w/ min betwenn sets
    decline bench sit-ups @ 10reps
    Feet up crunches @ 15reps
    Plyo-Ball(?) sit ups @ 20reps

    Seated Calf Raise (toes in)
    2 plates @ 20
    3 plates @ 18
    4 plates @ 15

    Lower Abbs
    *3 sets total w/ min betwenn sets
    Scissor Kicks @ 10 reps
    Thurst-Ups @ 15
    Reverse Crunches @ 20

    Seated Calf Raise (toes out)
    2 plates @ 20
    3 plates @ 18
    4 plates @ 15

    Side Crunches
    -3sets of 25

    Seated Calf Raise (regular)
    3 plates @ 20
    4 plates @ 18
    5 plates @ 15

    Tredmil: Walked 25minutes @ 10incline & 3speed

    I think my waist is 32 1/8"? I'll check 2maro and post all measurements on the body parts I used for my final measurements of my pulse cycle.

    Diet is spot on 2day ......fell a little hungry. I went from about 3,750 to 3,200
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  5. For my light legs my workout went like this......

    DAY 2

    Walking deep lunges
    -3 sets @ ~ 50yards

    Single Leg Ext.
    3 @ 20reps
    4 @ 15reps
    5 @ 12reps
    5 @ 12reps
    4 @ 15 reps
    3 @ 18reps

    Seated Single leg curl
    4 @ 20reps
    5 @ 16reps
    6 @ 12 reps
    6 @ 12reps
    5 @ 14reps
    4 @ 16reps

    Tredmill: 20 mintues on 10incline 3 speed

    DAY 3:

    Same Abb Routine

    Tredmil: 30 mintues @ 10inline & 3speed

    *Diet has been good for the most part. Only slip up was I had a few beers on saturday during the Tigers game.

    I didnt train legs 2day because I had 2games yesterday (sunday) in the middle of the 100 degree heat wave, 1pm~5pm. Yea I played Catcher BOTH GAMES!!!!! O yea I also went 2-4 in the 1st game with a triple and 4 SB, and 3-4 in the 2nd game with a triple and 3 SB. So as you can see my legs had it pretty hard yesterday.

    I drank 2.5 gallons of water. Mixed in were my gatorade/posiedon cocktail. No cramps and not nearly the sorness 2day I expected to have. Stil decided to take it off. I'll be back at it 2maro with abbs.

    Weight as of saturday morning is 188.5lbs and I've been off creatine a week now so im doing pretty good.
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  6. Another week down. Shoulder was feeling alot better until the weather changed. I woke up this morning and its real sore again.

    Right Thigh: 24 1/2"
    Left Thigh: 24 1/4"

    4" above knee
    Right: 21 1/2"
    Left: 21 1/4"

    Waist: ? didn't measure in the morning.

    My legs are growing but my waist seems the same. The wife said its looking leaner though

    Diet is 100% in check. Getting about 325~350gr protein, 150~200gr carbs, and about 60gr fat. From flax oil (15gr) peanut butter (16gr) CLA (6gr) egg yolks (8gr) tuna (3~6gr) the rest os just whatevers in the carbs or protein powder
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  7. K its been abuot 3 weeks on this god do I miss regular training. Im so Pumped to get back in the gym, I'm hopeing monday. I think my right leg is growing a little more than my left is because i have been pictching this summer and I havent in about 2 years. I also noticed my left calf is higher than my right

    Im going to measure on sunday for the final measurements. I found my org. measurements for my waist around my belly button and it was.....drum roll...... 32 1/8"
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