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    Well right here is a bit about me, im not going to try and bore you too much lol. I have been training since February 2006, well if you call going into the gym randomly couple of times a week and hitting random body parts training, my training had no consistancy, basically i had no routine whatsoever and had no diet either. But i still managed to get bigger and bigger for somereason my bicep curls jumped from 6KG to 22KG which is a big jump my bench jumped from 40KG to 75KG thats a 35KG increase when i had no routine, no diet and no supplements, imagine what i could do now! I used to be around 110KG during the past couple of months i have managed to cut down to 96KG, im slowly gettin their my aim is to cut down to 90/85KG with low BF %. Then id like to slowly harden the muscles and add a bit of mass. To help me achive this i will be recording everything i consume and all the excercises which i do on here, all the supplements basically EVERYTHING. I used to smoke really heavily since i was 14-15 years old around 5-10 cigrates a day which aint good. So within the last past week i managed to cut down 1 a day! Hopefully as of tomorrow i wont be smoking at all. Just curious how much smoking effects the weights.

    AGE: 18
    Height: 5'8
    Weight: 96KG

    In 3 months time id like to be at 90/88 KG at around 14-15% BF!

    The Workout
    Day 1 - Off - 60 minutes cardio

    Day 2 - Back + Tricep

    One-Arm Dumbbell Rows
    V-Bar Pulldown

    Cable One Arm Tricep Extension
    Close-Grip Bench Press
    Triceps Pushdown - Rope Attachment

    Day 3 - Off - 60 minutes cardio

    Day 4 - Chest + Bicep

    Incline Bench Press
    Dumbbell Bench Press
    Dumbbell Flyes

    Alternate Incline Dumbbell Curl
    Barbell Curl
    One Arm Preacher Curl

    Day 5 - Off - 60 minutes cardio

    Day 6 - Shoulders + Traps

    Arnold Dumbbell Press
    Seated Dumbbell Press
    Side Lateral Raise
    Standing Low-Pulley Deltoid Raise

    Smith Machine Shrug
    Upright Cable Row

    Day 7 - Legs
    Seated Leg Curl
    Leg Extension
    Standing Calf Raises


    A mixture of the following AB excercises will be done everyday:
    Exercise Ball Crunch
    Rope Crunches
    Dumbbell Side Bend
    Cross Body Crunches

    The Supplements
    Vitamin B12
    Vitamin E
    Vitamin C
    Cod Liver Oil
    Soy Lecithin
    Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein (5lb tub)
    MyProtein Whey Concentrate 80 (10lb tub)
    MyProtein Liquid Egg Whites
    Designer Supplements Basic Cuts
    AX MassFX
    AX HyperdrolX2
    AX Retain2

    I will try and add pictures on a weekly basis, the first set of pictures will be added tomorrow!

    I will be altering my routine as i go along as i have recently joined a new gym, one of does gyms that you walk in and can smell the sweat! It has alot more/better equipment then my last gym!

    Any criticsm would be appereciated!

  2. lose the 60 min cardio, keep it short and intense. Maybe do 2 cardio sessions each week under 30 min. You are trying to put on mass, cardio and mass directly contradict eachother because it takes a caloric surplus to build muscle, doing cardio burns calories so the 2 don't equate real well. As well, I noticed you are taking a **** load of supplements. Since you are very new to working out, all those supplements are probably a waste of money because you haven't tweaked your diet/workout routine to duit you well. Remember they are not call SUPPLEMENTS for nothing, they supplement your effort, they do not define it. Just eat, sleep, and train smart. Do alot of research, a smart trainer is a successful one. Goodluck

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