Time management

  1. Time management

    How does a business person that works til 5 in the afternoon, fit in 2 hours of working out daily and still have time for sleep and family?

  2. Manage your time not only outside of the gym but inside. You dont need to go to the gym for a solid two hours. Build a routine you can handle and that can achieve your goals with 30 min in a gym a day (theres numerous workout routines that actually require this, but this depends what your going for in the gym)

    This is an awkward question to answer because its pretty open ended but like your title says its all about time management.

  3. i do 35 mins of cardio then i go work my body part. its not like i stand there for 3 minutes between each set or rep. I try to go as fast without sacrificing a good workout. its around 2 hours. for me to get to the gym, work out, get home from the gym.

    it's frustrating to not have anytime for myself at times.

  4. try and fit your workout in the morning. im guessin you get to work at 9. so wake up at like 6:30 eat a big breakfast and hit the gym. maybe cut back on the cardio by making it more intense. i get my cardio done in 7-20 minutes on average, so now we're at like 7:20 AM when you start weight lifting. you shouldn't be lifting heavy for more than an hour. anymore than that and you might be entering catabolism (you want anabolism). at the latest you should get out at 8:20, enough time to take a refreshing shower and head to work.

    if that doesn't work try fitting it in right after work and again just raise the intensity to cut down the time. you would be getting home around 7, plenty of time to spend with the family etc.

    to get a nice physique your gona have to work hard and make some sacrifices. question is, are you prepared?

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