Nemesis' summer recomp log

  1. Nemesis' summer recomp log

    Well I finally got around to getting on here and starting my log(my first log lol) as I have been meaning to do it for the past week. Anyway,.. im two weeks into my 6 week cut cycle and things are looking pretty good.

    Supplements used currently and til the end of 4 weeks:
    -XS muscle supplements EQ-T 2 (2 caps a day)
    -Anabolic pump (2 caps a day)
    -Basic cuts ( 4 caps morning and night split)
    -lipoburn/ glycyrrhetinic acid
    -i pro~ protein
    -no shotgun for preworkout

    week 4 -6:
    It is a throw up between finishing off another 2 weeks of EQ-T or finishing of a bottle of ergo LMG. It really depends on the gains but now that I am seeing pretty good results at week 2 already I am leaning toward the EQ.

    - stimulant X will take over as far as a fat burner since i saw good result stacking it with basic cuts last summer
    - Also I should be throwing in some higher dosing of prozanstol after i read up a little more on higher dosing. I used it last summer with LMG with good results and have heard of good results from others on here at higher doses.

    More than anything I am looking to recomp/cut up and gain as much as possible while going down in bf comp,......every guys dream on here lol. Currently at 207lbs, 6' 2" .....started 2weeks ago at around 210/211 although ive been trying to cut weight since march (was at 228). BF Comp is around 16-17% in pics and ive come down a little since then although most of it unfortunately is in the dreaded lower abdominal/love handle area. As of now at week two, things are looking very good, as before starting the cycle, I had nearly a month off of working out due to my campus gym closing and me having to find an alternate means of working out. Now that ive had a membership at a nice gym since I started I can really take my workouts a lot more seriously as well as being able to workout with an old w/o buddy who's on the same page as me. Diet is very structured now as the basic cuts just started suppressing my appetite, and is comprised mostly of ckn/rice, protein bars and shakes. Cardio is usually twice a week at around 3.5 -4 mph, as well as one day of boxing/kick boxing(45min - hr). I should be doing weekly updates, and suggestions/ questions are welcome as always. I included pics of me I took at the beginning of the cycle and I'll try to upload as many as possible when ever I can. So wish me luck guys..:bb2:
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  2. Everything is looking good do far,..... start of the 3rd week and i am feeling great. haven't lost as much bf as i thought since my cardio isn't all there due to my schedule so i changed it to both Thursdays and Tuesday mornings. Did bi workout today along with split shoulder routine and my arms are tight and swole all day:

    arnold concentrations curls 1x10 with 45 DB
    1x10 with 50 DB
    * note these are strict reps with no momentem or sway and are push a few inches toward the opposite side to isolate bi.

    alt. curls standing 2x10, one set with 65lbs, other with 70lbs

    hammer concentrations(bent over with opp. hand on rack like
    arnold curls):
    2x10, one set with 65lbs, other with 75lbs
    2x8, one set with 80lb DB, other with 90lb
    * on these i use a lil momentum at the bottom since i
    like to stretch the bi all the way on the bottom, but
    the elbow stays in the same spot through the whole
    Finished off with 2 sets of standing cable curls, 2 sets of one arm cables, and 2 machine preacher curl sets to really hit the peak and lower bi at the end. More than anything the bent over hammers really hit my arm hard and are my new favorite exercise for building arm size.

    Also just started prostanzol as well, and since I have enough to last quite a while i should be running a steady 225mg for now, and may raise it up as time progresses as I have 3 more weeks.
    Anyhow I shoud be updating hopefully within the week or next week as far as pics are concerned to show progress,.... later all.

  3. actually should be steady 200mg for now instead of 225mg for the prostanzol

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