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    Sup..this is gonna be the coolest log ever so subscribe...well its time for my bulk and I'm goin all out...heres the plan along with some other info...I'll be enterin somthin basically everyday to bull sh*t and keep track of any sides and more detail on my routine..this is the basic idea lemme kno what you guys think and any advice is welcome...thanx is advance

    Goal- long term is recomp..short term is lose fat in mid section and gain muscle with concentration on shoulders,biceps,chest...
    Height- 5'10.5" Weight-171lbs BF-15%-18% estimated (95% of fat is in midsection)
    Biceps-13.75 in. Chest-42in. Waist-37 in

    Stack- basically the gaspari stack but dosed out for a longer period
    wk 1- hdlg 1 cap daily
    wk 2- hdlg 1 cap daily
    wk 3- hdlg...x-factor half dosage
    wk 4-hdlg...x-factor reg dosage
    wk 5 -xfactor, ebol, activate
    wk 6- xfactor, ebol activate
    wk 7- xfactor, ebol activate
    wk 8 ebol activate
    I will also be taking creatine mono (low dose), super pump pre-workout, sizeon, whey and cassein protien
    Diet and Exercise Routine

    930- light cardio (usually bike or jog on treadmill), push-ups/sit-ups/pull-ups
    whey protien or myoplex shake (banana, strawberries, oats)
    eggs ( 3-4 eggs, mixed with lowfat cheese, onion, pepper
    multi-v, BCAA's, creatine mono, main supp. (halo or xfactor ect.)

    1100-meal supp bar
    small whey shake

    100- antipasta or chicken ceasar salad, or tuna
    water, creatine mono, other dosages of supp

    400- whey sake
    BCAA's, super pump

    4-6- 3 sets ea. exercise, 10-12 reps (70%,80%,90%), at least 3 exercises per muscle
    workout (warm-up basketball or soccer)
    M-Back, Bi's then 30-40mins treadmill
    T-Abs, shoulders 30-40mins treadmill
    W-Chest, Tri's 30-40 treadmill
    TH-Legs, Abs, Shoulders
    F-Back, Chest, Bi's 30-40 treadmill
    S-30-40 bike or long run or core muscles
    S-Tri's, Shoulders

    600-Whey shake ( peanut butter, bananas, oats ), sizeon

    700-grilled chicken breast or salmon when i have $
    asparagus or some veg

    900-chicken quesadilla ( onion,cheese,peppers ), tuna

    1030-light cassein shake, sizeon
    peanuts, dried fruit

    Bed-gutamine, arginine novedex xt

    **some days and times the food might vary but this is the basic schedule...saturday will probably be a less intense day with more carbs

  2. DAY 1 - 4

    everythings goin as planned...i'm not expecting to see any differences for a couple of weeks but I have noticed my energy level has been greater and my recovery between workouts is a breeze...i started doing extra little exercises before i go to bed...the sleep thing is getting to be a pain but i did have a stressful week of seein my team get the sh*t beaten outa them..

    I've also been surprised about how good the super pump tastes...i got the fruit punch flavor and its not bad at all !!...i'm still havin trouble downin the protien cause sometimes i'm in a rush and cant use milk and using water is nastyyyyy...

    I'm hoping all the cardio will also help me get ready for soccer tryouts welll see

  3. Well this weel hasnt gone so well...I had alot of family issues this week more specifically a stalking ex bf of my sisters issue..lots of restraining orders and cops...its been a hectic week and I've missed my schedule 3 days...hopefully this bull will be solved in a couple of days by the cops..

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