Looking to switch up the Routine in June

  1. Looking to switch up the Routine in June

    Currently I've been working with a 2/1 split. I'm getting good results, but it's been a while and I need to change things up a bit. Sometime next month I'm going to be starting a cycle, most likely Test E for 12 weeks, but it's still in the air.

    I am wanting to add a little extra volume when I start my first real cycle...

    Heres my current routine.
    I never do cardio.

    2 on - 1 off
    (Calves and Abs on all workout days)
    1) Legs:
    Leg Press OR Squat
    Stiff Leg Dead Lift
    Hack Squat OR Front Squat
    Good Mornings
    Leg Extension
    Leg Curl
    C/Raises on Leg Press
    A/Hanging Leg Raise

    2) Chest/Tri:
    Flat Bench
    Incline Bench
    Decline Fly
    Flat Fly
    Incline Fly
    Weighted Dips
    Cable Pressdown (1 pulley)
    C/Machine raises
    A/Swiss Ball

    3) OFF

    4) Back/Bi:
    Lat Pulldowns
    Cable Rows
    Iso. Lat Pulldowns (cable)
    DB Row
    Preacher Curls
    Concentration Curls
    Hammer Curls
    C/Seated Raises
    A/Decline Situps

    5) Delt/Trap/Forearm:
    DB OR BB Military Press
    Rear Lateral Raises
    Side Lateral Raises
    Front Lateral Raises
    BB Shrug
    Upright Row
    Wrist Curls on Preacher (Extension/Curl with no rest in between)
    C/Seated Raises (1 leg)
    A/Modified crunch on bench



    And this is what I am looking to change it to.
    Still no cardio.

    5 Days/ Week

    Sun: OFF

    Mon: Back
    Lat Pulldowns, Cable Rows, Iso Lat Pulldowns, Wide-grip Pull-ups, Bent Over DB Row
    C: Smith Machine A: Dec Sit-ups

    Tues: Chest
    DB OR BB Flat Bench, DB OR BB Incline Bench, BB Dec Bench, Flys (Flat, Inc, Dec)
    C: Seated Machine A: Leg Raises

    Wed: OFF

    Thurs: Arms
    Preacher Curls, Weighted Dips, Concentration Curls, Kick Backs, Rope Curls and Extensions, Wrist Curl/Extension on Preacher
    C: Seated Raises A: Swiss Ball

    Fri: Legs
    Squat OR Leg Press, SLDL, Front Squat OR Hack Squat, Good Mornings, Leg Extension and curl
    C: Leg Press Calf Raise A: Crunches/Modified sit-ups

    Sat: Delts
    DB OR BB Military Press, Lateral Raises (Rear, Side, Front), BB Shrugs, Upright Row
    C: Seated 1 Leg A: Modified crunch on bench

    Sun: OFF

    Just looking on some critiques. I think there is a good correlation of mass, isolation movements for each body part. HVT has always been my style and barring some crazy development, probably always will. I might throw in Dead Lift somewhere but I haven't done these in quite a while and am a little standoffish to start again.

  2. Bump for opinions.

  3. I like your proposed split.

    If you want something altogether different, and fun......You might want to look into Beelze's DC type split. It's what I did for a vast majority of my split that ended at beginning of this year, where I then switched off strength training and am back to more hypertrophy training.

    The DC-type program added some width and thickness in areas I was lacking in, not to mention I surged up in strength for a while. I think I may be deconditioned now, as I'm not as strong as I was in December since i switched.. I'm going back to it sometime this year for sure.

  4. Thanks Ubi...

    I'm not all about strength, but I'll go read some more of beelze's log and get some ideas...adding thickness is never a bad thing.

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