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  1. Lat Pulldown:

    Low Cable Row (in # of plates):

    DB Row:

    DB Incline Curl

    Grip strength craps out on me. Actually I'm not even sure it's entirely grip strength and simply just finger and hand pain. On DB Row especially the heavier weights make my hands sting like a mofo. Yeah I know, stop being such a baby. The pain is distracting though and I feel like I can't get a good grip as a result.

    In the past I used to use straps, but I really want my forearms to get huge, so I'm trying to avoid using them. I suppose it's like squatting without a pad; you get used to it after a while.

  2. Yay! Chest day!

    BB Flat Bench

    BB Incline

    DB Flat Bench

    Assisted Dips

    For the dips I rested only about 20 seconds between sets, hence the burnout.

    This week so far is going poorly. On Monday my wife had a migraine so when I came home from work I had to take care of her instead of going to the gym. Yeah I could have gone to the gym alone but that wouldn't have been very nice, and I'd do just about anything for her. Today I had jury duty which put me in a really foul mood since my employer doesn't reimburse me for time spent in jury duty. It's not necessarily money lost though because I'll hopefully have the opportunity to make up the day .... on the weekend

    I'm a little worried about tomorrow; leg day. For some bizarre reason, my right foot has started to hurt. It feels like the bottom of that foot, right by two of my toes feels really bruised except it isn't. That is to say it doesn't look bruised but it feels bruised. I notice it most when I'm not wearing shoes. I noticed it when I was wearing shoes at jury duty today, but not when I wore sneakers. That may change drastically though with 400+ pounds on my shoulders. Hopefully I won't feel any pain when squatting and if I do, I hope it doesn't distract me or sap any strength.

    I wonder if anyone is reading this log anymore.

    Anyway, if I remember, I'll see if I can convince my wife to bring the camera and take a video of me doing squats. I need to see if my form is good anyway, plus I'm sure folks here will appreciate it. One thing is for sure, I KNOW I don't have the endurance to do 12 at 405 and continue my workout. So past 315, I'm keeping the upper rep limit at 10. That way my lungs won't give out before I have a chance to push my strength limits.

    I'll try out 455 tomorrow. I'm not hoping for much, but if by some twist of fate I can get like 6, I might, MIGHT just see about trying 495. MAYBE. Seems like a pipedream at the moment though...

  3. video...i like video...

    don't worry, I'm following along.

  4. Keep it up Null, I'm still following along


  5. Well, if I remember the camera and its batteries aren't dead, soon you all will see me in all my bearded glory performing squats probably to hams-parallel. I'll have my wife take a video of 405 and if I have strength, anything above that as well.I'm hoping to get 2 videos (405 and 455). I may only wind up with one though.

    One thing I've noticed with squat depth is that in order to qualify as "parallel" the larger your quads get the deeper you must go. Seems rather silly. Shouldn't the standard be "femur parallel" since what really matters is joint angle? Meh.

  6. Ok, leg day done.


    ROM was ok on the 405. It was crappy IMO on the 455. Uploading videos now.

    Leg Press:

    Felt I had a good pump so I ended it there. Still don't have the endurance I want though. Getting there, but not there yet.

    EDIT: Wow it's been hours since I uploaded them now and the videos STILL aren't available yet on Youtube. Anyone know how long it takes usually before they show up?
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  7. Finally the videos appear on youtube!

    First video my wife didn't get such a great angle on.
    405 for 10:
    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

    Second video had a really good angle. My ROM was crap though.
    455 for 4:
    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

    EDIT: After watching the second video I noticed to my horror that my knees are drifting bigtime on the 455 set. That's probably a big contributing factor to 1) my lack of full range of motion 2) my feeling of instability and 3) my feeling like it was tougher than expected.
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  8. Good lifts bro.

  9. Felt really crappy today. Really stressful week so far. The tendonitis in my elbows started acting up today which really put a damper on my back workout. Started to lose strength due to it during the second exercise which is why I didn't increase the weight as much as I think I'm really capable of. Next week I'm going to start back off with deadlift. Ironically it would probably be easier on me to do so.

    Lat Pulldown:

    Hammerstrength Row:

    I was getting a feel for the hammerstrength row, I like it better than low cable row. It feels better on my hands and I like having the chest pad there.

    Anyway, at that point my elbows were starting to really ache. I stretched them out for a few minutes and that alleviated the pain but I've been there many times before and know that's only temporary. So I cut things short and finished up with incline bicep curl.

    Incline DB Curl:

    I'm going to start wearing some neoprene elbow sleeves on chest day. I'm still debating whether or not I should do shoulder day tomorrow, knowing how my elbows were today. I figure I'll probably go in and do a few sets to get a feel for things and if my elbows act up I'll end it the workout right there.

    I frackin hate tendonitis.

    Anyway, like I said, next week I'll start with deadlifts. I'll use straps on the deads so I can keep my grip for the rest of the workout. Then I'll move on to lat pulldown and then hammerstrength row. Finishing up with incline db curl as usual.

  10. You use the Hammer Strength High Row, or the Low Row?

  11. Quote Originally Posted by supersoldier View Post
    You use the Hammer Strength High Row, or the Low Row?
    It had 4 different grips on it. I took the neutral (the gripper is vertical) innermost grip (narrow), grabbed it low, and raised the seat so that it was a low row. At the same station if you wanted to you could lower the seat and take a higher grip for a high row.

    The station also has a handle to hold onto if you want to do one armed rows. I think the official name of the staiton was the "Iso Row"

    Anyway, so I suppose to answer the question, it was a low row. I did both arms at the same time.

    ROM was really good, I pulled it so that the handles went just past the chest pad.

  12. The tendonitis is in your forearm, right? Like tennis (outside) or golfer's (inside) elbow?

    I have it on both arms, golfer's elbow. Except it't way worse on the left. So I have two aircasts I use. I pretty much only wear the left arm on any workout that isn't exclusively legs.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by PumpingIron View Post
    The tendonitis is in your forearm, right? Like tennis (outside) or golfer's (inside) elbow?

    I have it on both arms, golfer's elbow. Except it't way worse on the left. So I have two aircasts I use. I pretty much only wear the left arm on any workout that isn't exclusively legs.

    Mostly golfer's but yesterday I started to get BOTH on my left and golfer's on my right. I found a way of stretching that relieves the pain for a set or two. If I don't do any sets the the pain is usually relieved for a few hours at which point it goes away on it own.

  14. Yea, I stretch my forearms intensely everyday, whether i workout or not. it sucks but it's better than getting a cortisone shot. I hate those f-ckers.

    look into aircasts and keep them relatively tight with the bubble whereever the pain is. It does help.

  15. Shoulder workout was aborted. Started off with some light dumbell presses at home to see how my elbows felt and right away they started to get a slight ache. So I said screwit and I'm giving my arms a rest. Monday is chest again.

  16. Alright, still at work right now, but workout coming up soon. Going to put those elastic cuffs on my elbows for this chest workout.

    Also, I'm going to change up my workout model. I was for the most part doing progressive loading throughout my entire workout. I'm going to change it around and do progressive loading for the first exercise followed by TUT for the proceeding exercises.

    So for chest I'll do BB flat bench progressive loading as usual. Then I'll do BB Incline with progressive loading with like a 2-0-4 tempo, and see how many reps I get and try to target 10 reps (60 seconds TUT). Then I'll do DB flat bench and once again try for a 2-0-4 tempo 10 reps. Finally dips 2-0-4 10 reps.

    I'm guessing I may lower the weight for some of the later sets. TUT kills my muscle endurance. Also because I'm not going to be stressing my nervous system as badly the way progressive loading does, I may be able to take shorter rests.

  17. Chest workout. I put on eleastic elbow cuffs, and that seemed to help immensely with y tendonitis. It sprang up briefly a couple times but the pain was minimal and went away usually only seconds later.

    BB Flat Bench, Progressive loading:

    That last set was pretty rough. Thought I had more in me. I didn't.

    BB Incline Bench, 2-0-4 tempo TUT:

    DB Flat Bench, 2-0-4 tempo TUT:
    50x10 (felt too easy)
    60x10 (again I thought I could go higher)
    65x8 (I was wrong, strength absolutely disappeared on the 8th rep)

    Assisted Dip, 2-0-4 tempo TUT:

    Rest period between sets was 30 seconds on the dips. Because of TUT, the sets themselves took longer than the rest period.

    Overal I'd say so far I think this is pretty good. By the very end my triceps actually were beginning to cramp up. I'm absolutely fine when it comes to electrolytes which means I probably completely ran out of energy there.

    Tomorrow is legs. I will NOT be doing TUT for my legs though. No friggin way. Not on your life.

  18. Today is leg day. This evening I'll be heading to a different gym to train there. They have better squat racks, newer bars, and those plates that have holes that make them easier to grab. It was also hot as balls in there last time I went.

    However it being a newer gym, the equipment is more reliable and the floors are more even.

    Also, I'm going to bring some knee wraps for when I try 455 again. Definitely going to focus on getting a better ROM for them at that weight. Crossing my fingers hoping it all works out ok. Hopefully I'll be able to get another 4 reps at 455.

  19. Oh yeah, I'm back.

    315x10 (belt)
    405x10 (belt)
    455x6 (belt + wraps)
    495x2 (belt + wraps)

    Frock yeah. After the 6th rep on 455 I felt like I had at least another 2 in me, but I stopped there because I wanted to try for 5 plates and doing those 2 more reps would have floored me. I made sure I went real deep on the 455 squats, I didn't want a repeat of those wussy squats I did last time.

    And then I loaded up 495. I had forgotten how dang heavy that crap feels on your shoulders. I managed 1 for a clear parallel with too much trouble, and then grunted all the way through the second rep. Maybe I had a third in me, maybe I didn't but I stopped there anyway. So 2 it was. Felt really darn good managing that weight. Oh and I had also forgotten what a frackin kneesaver those wraps are. My knees didn't feel a bloody thing in any of those sets. It was all quads, hams, glutes all the way on the 455 and 495.

    Anyway after that I took a deently long break, and went to the leg press.

    45 degree Leg Press:

    Ended it there. Felt pretty good, let me tell you. Yes I did have energy for more, but I know how leg workouts can destroy me for many days later. I'm doing deadlifts on Thursday and I want energy for them.

  20. Muscle memory is a beautiful thing!

  21. Quote Originally Posted by PumpingIron View Post
    Muscle memory is a beautiful thing!
    Hell yeah it is!

    Personally I don't think I really lost much muscle at all, just CNS efficiency. So each week my CNS get's its efficiency back pretty quickly. That's why so far I've been adding 2 or more reps each week to most weights.

    The one that shocked me though was the 405 where I went from 2 reps to 12 the following week. I still haven't figured out how the heck that happened.

  22. Ugh, this morning my right arm has tendonitis like a mofo. Pain has been shooting down my forearm from my elbow nonstop. Feels like tennis elbow (outside). Been trying to stretch my tricep but that's one muscle I have a beeznoatch of a time stretching. I'm thinking that's probably the reason in the first place this tendonitis is acting up so bad.

    I'm still going to the gym today no matter how bad it is. It's deadlift day and nothing is going to keep me from that.

  23. YAY! Bad news!

    I figured deadlifts would be good because they wouldn't aggravate my tendonitis. WRONG. I'm now worried that it might be something different. Perhaps I pulled my brachioradialis or something. All I know is the massive gripping effort put my right arm in pain the likes of which I haven't known in a while.

    I continued with the deadlifts anyway.

    Deadlift on raised platform:

    And ... voila hernia. Not too serious, the hernia is way up top of my abs, just below the solar plexus. Yippy.

    Anyway, I tried to conitnue with the workout with wide grip lat pulldown. I figured the really wide grip would limit bicep involvement. Grip however was another issue. After the third set the pain in my right arm went all the way up to my shoulder and all the way down to my fingertips. Stretching wasn't helping at all at that point.

    So long story short, I'm double forked.

    Oh, Lat pulldown ultra wide grip:

  24. Maybe you pushed too hard just getting back into things?

  25. Quote Originally Posted by PumpingIron View Post
    Maybe you pushed too hard just getting back into things?

    Perhaps if I were on some GH and Deca I wouldn't have gotten the tendonitis, or whatever it really is.

    hernias though are unpredictable.

  26. I had one at like 15...from lifting.

    Oh well, we live and learn.

    I wish I had the balls and money to mess with HGH....

  27. Quote Originally Posted by PumpingIron View Post
    I had one at like 15...from lifting.

    Oh well, we live and learn.

    I wish I had the balls and money to mess with HGH....
    Doesn't take balls, just money. GH is some pretty safe stuff unless you plan on dosing it too high.

  28. Well 1+0 still doesn't equal 2...

  29. Quote Originally Posted by PumpingIron View Post
    Well 1+0 still doesn't equal 2...


    Taking thsi week off from training to recover and hopefully give my tendons a rest. Might do legs though either tonight or tomorrow.

  30. Quote Originally Posted by Nullifidian View Post


    Taking thsi week off from training to recover and hopefully give my tendons a rest. Might do legs though either tonight or tomorrow.
    I was just saying that I still don't have the money for it.


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