thesinner takes up too many characters: A log of my contest preparation & summer bulk

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  1. Cardio today:

    15 minutes of HIIT on the treadmills
    20 minutes of HIIT on the ellipticals (30sec easy - 30 sec hard for the first ten minutes, then 1 minute easy - 1 minute hard for the second ten) followed by a 5 minute cool-down

    Then I dug up some dead bodies and..........

  2. a bit late to the party, but i'm in!

  3. Recent log:

  4. i heard cake, i'm in!

    good luck bro

  5. BP that was crazy and cant belive i watched it all..... but was the point? LOL

  6. Quote Originally Posted by thesinner View Post
    This is a continuation of my other log which I have moved to free up some of the other threads in that forum.

    I've just recently moved, and begin my summer job on Monday. I've joined a new gym (Health and Strength Gym), and am pretty stoked about it all because they have much nicer facilities (and Hammer Strength's) than my college's gym.

    Here is (tentatively) what my diet will look like for the next couple of weeks:
    4am: 5 g BCAA's and my Pre-workout "homebrew" (see supplements) 5mg Yohimbine, 12.5mg Ephedrine HCl, 1000mg Vit. C, (Possibly some chocamine if I'm needing an extra boost)
    4:30-5:30ish: 10g BCAA's mixed in green tea with RK
    5:30: Post workout shake (1-2 scoops of ATW whey protein Blend).
    7:00 Breakfast: 6 whites, 1 yolk, greens, and some lean ham, roast beef, or turkey. B-complex Milk thistle and Sesamin.
    10:00: 2nd Breakfast: 1 & 1/2 cans of chunk lite tuna mixed with some sort of condiments (hot sauce, mustard, salsa, or a combination)
    1:00pm: Lunch: Same or similar tuna concoction
    4:00pm: Dinner#1 : 2 Grilled Tilapia filets with greens
    6:00pm: Dinner #2: Grilled Chicken breast or lean steak with some more greens
    8:00pm: Dinner #3: Cottage cheese with some cashews
    9:00pm: Bedtime: 10mg Zinc, 3 mg Melatonin, 500mg TTA, 1000mg Vit. C.
    *This is a little high in the sodium content, but it's all good. With enough water, I'll get my sodium pumps upregulated like crazy (we're talking Tom Cruise kinda crazy) for when it comes time to cut water and Na+.

    -Homebrew Pre-workout: 1 TBS contains 1g Tyrosine, 2g Dicreatine Malate, 2g Creatine Monohydrate, 2 g Beta Alanine.
    -Yohimbine HCl: Taken in 5-10mg incriments 2-3x daily.
    -Chocamine: Taken 500mg bi-daily (or as I feel the need for a little extra 'oomph')
    -Ephedrine HCl: 12.5mg taken 2-3x daily
    -Zinc: 10mg every night
    Milk Thistle: 500mg every day, usually taken with breakfast #1
    TTA: 500mg 2-3x daily. (500mg is ALWAYS taken prior to cardio and prior to bed)
    Sesamin: 1-2 tsp daily, split into 2-3 doses

    **My diet and supplementation scheme will change dramatically over these next few weeks, but I will be sure to keep everybody updated.

    My Training Schedule is as follows (I am switching it up from HST to a 4-day split):
    Monday: Legs:
    3 sets Squats
    3 sets Hack Squats
    3 sets Stiff-Legged Deadlifts
    3 sets Leg Press
    3 sets Leg Extensions
    2 sets Standing Calf Raise
    1 sets wrist curls
    Tuesday: Shoulders & Traps:
    3 sets DB Shoulder Press
    3 sets Smith Military Press
    3 sets Glass-style Side Laterals
    3 sets High Pulley Rear Delt Cable Cross
    3 sets DB Trap Raise
    2 sets Wrist Curls
    1 sets Standing Calf Raise
    Wendesday: HIIT Cardio
    Treadmill or Elliptical Action
    Thursday: Back & Biceps
    3 set Rack Pulls or Deadlifts
    3 sets Hammer Strength Rows
    3 sets Pulldowns
    3 sets Incline DB Rows
    3 sets Incline DB Curls
    3 sets Preacher Curls
    2 sets Calf Raise (whatever I'm up for that day)
    Friday: Chest & Triceps
    3 Sets Incline DB Press (might have to replace with Hammer strength machine, as I don't know how high their DB's go)
    3 sets Incline Smith Bench
    3 sets Weighted Dips
    3 sets Rope Cable Extensions
    2 sets One-arm Reverse Grip Pushdowns
    1 sets Calf Raise
    1 sets Wrist Curls
    Saturday: HIIT Cardio
    I don't think I'm gonna bother waiting for the gym to open on it's later weekend hours (or drive my ass all the way up there). I will probably run Sprints and agility drills.
    Sunday: Cardio
    Free day Cardio. I do whatever the heck I please.

    **Also note, I will probably be doing second sessions of cardio in the afternoon (more likely than not this will consist of jumping rope or an HOC circuit that includes jumping rope), after I get home from work, 2-3 days per week. I'm also thinking about putting in some neck work, so if I have time on a couple of my days, I'll be throwing in a little bit on the neck machine.

    Weight and measurements will be posted tomorrow morning (upon wakening).

    If you are still awake, thanks for taking the time to read.

    Good god man.

  7. Back Day (favorite day):
    Rack Pulls: 315*12 405*6 415*3
    Hammer Strength Rows: 180*15 270*10 270*10
    Hammer Strength Pulldowns: 180*12 230*8 250*6
    Incline DB Rows: 50*15 60*12 75*8
    Incline DB Curls: 60*9 60*8 60*7
    Hammer Strength Preacher Curls: 115*12 115*11 125*5
    Standing Calf Raise: 160*12

    Bodyweight Today: 172lbs

  8. Good W/O.

    Yeah, I have confidence issues, and insecurities also.

  9. just don't be a bobby trendy

  10. i'll make sure not to call you bobby then
    there's always those in the gym wearing their own freaky trend of clothing

  11. Well I sent my entry form in the mail today. Now I need to think of a song to pose to for the night show. Any ideas feel free to chime in. (Last year, I posed to "F**king in the Bushes" by Oasis, which my GF (at the time) was skilled enough to edit out the lyrics.)

    Quote Originally Posted by dlew308 View Post
    i'll make sure not to call you bobby then
    there's always those in the gym wearing their own freaky trend of clothing
    I'm always wearing a pair of lacrosse shorts and a crappy T-shirt.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by thesinner View Post
    tell me bout it, I swear, I'm worse than a chick.
    I'm sure you are just like me then.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by CryingEmo View Post
    I'm sure you are just like me then.
    I forsee a Picnic in both of your very near futures...

  14. The Chest part of my workout was not so great today, but the triceps part was AWESOME!!!
    Incline DB Press: 90*15 100*9 100*9
    Incline Smith Machine Press: 245*15 275*10 295*5
    DB Flyes: 55*15 65*12 70*10
    Weighted Dips: 90*15 135*6 135*4
    Overhead Cable Extensions: 70*15 80*13 100*5
    One-Arm Reverse Grip Cable Extension: 40*15 50*12
    Standing Calf Raise: 180*10
    Thick Bar Wrist Curls: 105*40

    Bodyweight Today: 172lbs.

    I think I'm gonna replace Incline DB press with the Cybex Incline Press machine, and the weighted Dips with the hammer Strength Dip Machine. It's taking up too much energy to carry the DB's over to the bench, and by the time I get the weights up to start lifting, I'm already exhausted. I think the reason why my dips were so low is because the handles for the dips stand are much closer together than I am used to, which takes away from chest stimulation.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by thesinner View Post
    tell me bout it, I swear, I'm worse than a chick.
    oh what? wait i thought you were a chick

  16. Measurements:
    Left Arm (straight): 13.5"
    Left Arm (Bent): 15.25"
    Left high: 22"
    Left Calf: 15"
    Stomach: 29.5"
    Chest: 42.5"
    Shoulders" 49"

    There was a track meet going on, so I couldn't hit up the track today (which is probably a good thing since my legs still haven't completely recovered). I just went to a local park and ran about 3.5miles in hiking trails.

    I just ate a 'cheat meal' too . Had me a couple pieces of celery with PB, and a few pieces of bacon. What can I say, it was 11:00, and I hadn't eaten since 9:00 last night: I was starving!

  17. Celery and PB and bacon is not a cheat meal if you are on a low carb diet... .Well I guess it depends on how much PB you ate...

    I'm going to drop natty PB as a fat source and use olive oil instead...

    But oh man does 1-2 TBLspoons of PB fill me up WAY more than 2 TBLspoons of olive oil.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by thesinner View Post
    It's a cheat to me!

    Man, I'm really glad I didn't kill myself doing cardio today, as I've been doing yardwork all afternoon.
    You cardio is seriously insane.... so I'm assuming you only did 45 minutes of HIIT today?

  19. If I cheat with PB, I'm eating the jar.......and I've done that before.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by Ubiquitous View Post
    If I cheat with PB, I'm eating the jar.......and I've done that before.
    Me too. I'm even worse with Nutella. I made a new year's resolution not to even purchase Nutella this year because whenever I buy and open a jar, there's a 90% chance it'll be gone within 45 minutes


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