The anabolic get extreme diesel quasilog

  1. The anabolic get extreme diesel quasilog

    Did I confuse you guys with that one?

    quasi in the fact that it will not be a complete log in a strict sense, but I will update it frequently. And please, do ask questions/ provide input.

    Well, I put my order in for some of the new Diesel Test 2040, and a few anabolic extreme products, so I am anxiously awaiting arrival.

    Buttttt.....I was also anxious to begin, so this will be a crazy stepped supplement stacking program. The supplement line up consists of:

    Get Diesel NOS Precursor
    Deisel Test 2040

    AX Stimulant-X
    AX Hyperdrol X2
    AX Retain 2

    Scivation Xtend
    and protein, obvi

    I already started the NOS, only two days in. When the shipment arrives, I will immediately stack it with Diesel Test 2040.

    StimX will be dispursed intermittenly to aid in energy, focus, and fatloss.

    Later, I will add in the retain. then as the NOS finishes off, I will add in the hyperdrol.

    As far as nutrition and diet.....well, I do what I can at school. I am not a complete health freak, I really enjoy food, so I am not the cleanest eater, but i have been able to achieve 11% bodyfat with my current diet trend. I vow to try to make honest attempts to eat cleaner, as I know it is for my benefit. But what can I say man, I love it izza:

    water intake will be high, I fill various waterbattles for the day, and continuously drink from my 32oz mug while in my apartment.

    next post will outline my typical gym workout split/rotation
    subsequently, the good stuff begins!

  2. split

    this is a routine that was put together by my buddy at work, with my input added. I have run it already, so I will not follow it exactly, as I dont want my body to fall into a routine, I want to keep it guessing. I do this by switching up the order of the workouts, switching up the order of the sets, as well as substituting in various other exercises.

    I also do a little short distance running with my nike+ipod. Its good stuff.

    This is the routine as was given to me. I like it, feel free to model one after it.

    standing military press 1 wu, 4 working sets, 1 cd at the weight of your 2nd working set
    side raise 1 or 2 arm 4 working sets
    reverse flyes 4 working sets
    shrugs find a weight where you can do 15 reps, keep that weight for 4 sets and hold each rep for 3-5 seconds
    upright row 3working sets
    squats 1 wu, 6 working sets, 1 cd with weight of 2nd set
    lunges 4 working sets with dumbells no less then 30 reps per set
    (I like doing legs separately to make sure I can fully blast them)

    cardio/abs/stretching what you do is what you do, i know you said you have alot of options for cardio so choose what is most comfortable and 'fun' (I always warm up on the bike. On this day, the additional cardio comes from my running.)

    deadlifts 1 wu, 5 working sets, 1cd with weight of 2nd set
    cable rows 4 working sets
    pull up/pulldowns 4 working sets
    close grip pulldowns 3 working sets
    1 arm rows 3 working sets
    close grip bench 1 wu, 5 working sets, 1 cd with weight of 2nd set
    skull crushers 4 working sets
    dips 3-4 working sets to failure
    2 hand overhead db extentions 3 working sets
    decline skull crushers 3 working sets
    leg press 1 wu, 5 working sets, 1 cd with weight of 2nd set
    leg extentions 4 working sets

    cardio/abs/stretching same as on tuesday


    low incline db press 1 wu, 5 working sets, 1 cd with weight of 2nd set
    flat press 5 working sets
    medium incline flyes 4 working sets
    decline db or smith machine 4 working sets
    pec dec 3 working sets
    barbell curls 1 wu, 5 working sets, 1 cd with weight of 2nd set
    alt db curls 4 working sets
    hammer curls 4 working sets
    reverse curls 3 working sets
    incline curls 3 working sets
    db squats 1 wu, 5 working sets, 1 cd with weight of 2nd set
    db lunges 4 working sets
    calves 4 working sets

    cardio, abs, stretching

    keep all reps for your mass builders at no more that 12 no less then 6 and all othe movements no less then 8 reps per set

    For my chest day, I do a routine influenced by both this setup, and one recommended by Chuck Diesel, out;ined on his website.

  3. preliminary thoughts:

    after only first two days, I can definately feel the NOS doing its job. I am following the recommended dosage scheme.

    I had taken about a week and a half off from the gym before and including easter, giving myself time to recoop and relax, cleaning everything out of my system - except the high stress levels from all this damned schoolwork.

    First day back in the gym with NOS, and my recovery time between sets was great. Physically, I felt ready to go at all times, yet I know I needed the rest breaks.

    even after that long layoff, I impressed myself in there. I did a chest split, and focused on incline. I was able to put up weights very close to my max. I expected to faulter as a result of the easter layover, but that was not so much the case. max for me right now is probably flat=240. next time around I will post my atual completed reps so we can baseline it a little better.

    today brought a huge vibrations test, and i was drained from lack of sleep. no gym today.

  4. some quick stats


    measured on a shistey bathroom scale, at night, clothed, right before bed.

    more to come, stay tuned!
  5. friday

    today I only got in a quick session, as the school gym closes early on fridays and saturdays. no one wants to work it later in the evening/night. What can I say, its college

    anyways, shoulder workout. It was good, but this might be the area that I always seem less impressed with. My shoulders have definately filled out a lot over the past year, but the strength just does not seem to be jumping.

    I did the same weights as I did before the break
    standing barbell press - 25,30 a side
    standing side raises (superset)-20s,12s
    reverse fly - 12s
    shrugs-45 a side

    this is an area I want to improve, as well as triceps, buT I have to be able to maintain my flexibility for golf.

    anyways, spring fling at penn this weekend! rock out!

  6. saturday

    Legs, still NOS only

    bike warm-up 8 min
    Squats - 135x10, 135x10, 205x8, 225x8, 135x8
    legcurls - 100x8, 110x8, 120x8
    extensions - 110x8, 120x8, 120x6
    walking lunges - holding 40lbs db, down hall and back (30reps)

    then run - 100 cal workout
    Kcals 104
    distance - .8 mi
    time 7'48"
    pace 9'27"/mi

    As you can see, i was a little unsure of where to start on the sets, as the layover had me guessing to what strength I retained. Eitherway, it is now sunday, and I am a little sore in the hamstring.

    running stats not that great, but I am not much of a runner to begin with, so anything is good. The only running I do outside of training is baseball, or playing with the dog, so I dont care about long distance.

  7. sunday, disappointed no gym, as I got tied up in fraternity matters.

    and I am still sore.

    tomorrow will be crazy, if the rain does not cancel everything, it will be a busy day, but i look to get a good afternoon workout in.

  8. thanks chuck

    I'll try to link it up to the diesel test thread

    and if you want to link it to your website, that is fine too.

    The package has arrived today, so tomorrow will begin the 2040+precursor.

    workout later, will check back then

  9. took a stimX with lunch before evening class.

    definately feeling it, nice warmth with great focus and attention.

    hopefully it will last, as I need to study for a mechanics test and work on a presentation tonight.

    gym later.

  10. monday, back workout

    no time for the extra tricep split

    deadlifts - 8x155, 8x155, 8x245, 8x 245, 6x285, 6x285

    as you can guess, i like deadlifts

    pullups - bodyweight no assist, 3 sets 7 reps
    one arm row (same each side)- 8x70, 8x80, 8x80
    pulldown/close grip pulldown alternate - 6x120, 8x100, 6x100, 8x100
    cable row - 6x120, 6x120

    i got exhausted quick, was only there 45min, but that is a lot of sets.

    good deal, good feel.

    now to study.

    and for anyone wondering the stimX has 135mg of caffiene. Chuck reccomends keeping caffiene consumption to less than 100mgs from all sources except preworkout.

    well since this is my only real caffiene source, I should be okay - no coffee, tea, candies or the like.

    tomorrow begins the diesel test 2040

  11. school has been holding me down big time

    i got a quick chest workout in wednesday, it wasnt that special though. i was too tired to really push it,

    Thursday I spent all day working on a heat transfer project.

    Today I am going shortly, undecided as to my course of action, as I am participating in a golf tournament this weekend, so I do not want to be sore.

    I recentlt added in retain, just because the added school work is stressing me out. I dont wanted that added cortisol to kill any progress I have.

    as far as the stimX goes, I dont feel it is as strong for me as it was for others. I dont want to jump to two pills, but when I take it, I dont get that lifted feeling.

    maybe I just used clen too much before, I need higher doses.... we shall see

  12. never responded back that day, m bad, but did an arm workout. golfed poorly.

    anyways, tough week at school coming up, so gym time will be slightly limited. I need the extra golf practice too, so hopefully i can make that happen.

    next week i will have more time, will be able to go a little more often. I will do what I can, I know not many people are following this log right now, but it will give some perspective, and reviews to a solid product line as it pertains to a busy average guy

  13. on monday I did shoulders, was pushing the same weights as before I started the stack. Shoulders for some reason are the hardest for me to make gains in.

    I then squeezed in 6 holes of golf, played to 1 over par.

    tuesday did a backworkout before class. I took a stimx right before going in, and man was I sweating my ass off. I had great intensity.

    when I weighed myself monday night my weight was down like 6 lbs. measured again just now, up three from that.

    boo school

  14. got a good chest workout in wednesday.

    I didnt feel that strong going in, or while I was there, as school is wearing me down right now, but after warm-ups, I stared on incline bench. I built up to, then did two full sets at 185. not bad for me. matches my high.

    when I got around to flat (did it last that day, just to switch routine) I surprised myself. As I said, I did not feel particulary juiced that day, but I ended up pumping 215 for 2 sets, 3 reps.

    I am not totally sure, but that may be a new best, or match a previous one.

    If I can get a good high energy day next week, and a spotter, I think I can finally stack two plates a side!

    I then ran on thursday, taking friday off.

    I also dropped the retain. I will pick it up back where the original plan called for it.

  15. well, i got very lttle sleep saturday night, and the won my golf match sunday morning.

    later that night did back workout. I felt burntout the whole time, but was able to deadlift 275 2 sets of 6. not too bad.

    weight stable

  16. swhew!

    tough week at school with many test and projects, but finally, finals week has arrived. That means lots of studying, lots of gym, and hopefully some golf.

    this past week I was only able to get in a few quick workouts, I stuck to the basics, id major groups like back, chest, legs/abs combo, and even did a little running, as the weather has been so nice.

    still just on precursor and 2040, though pills are beginning to dwindle. I have a little over a week left with NOS, little elss with diesel test. so far they have served me well, all circumstances considered.

    as they run out, H-2 and retain kick in for lean mass gain, mod fat burner.

  17. hey even though I have not been able to o to the gym that much, I would say this supps are definately living up to the libido side of things.

    and though I cant say I have really improved my strength of late, I have been able to maintian my strength even though I am putting in less effort.

  18. okay now i am just straight pissed. Diesel test did its job, when I allowed it too. I however did not.

    school sucks. the last three weeks of school allotted me bery little gym time. I was barely able to get to the gym whatsoever. I guess that is partially my fault for poor scheduling. I am idiot.

    so after my run of precursor, and dt, I am pretty much the same weight, have a slightly leaner look, not as tight as i was while on prohomones, but hey.

    despite the lack of gym time, the good session I was able to get in definately increased my bench press slightly. I reached an alltime high for incline, 205 for 2 sets of 6 each.

    i am highly disappointed with my self and this log. instead of directly bridging into the AX part, i will hold off till things settle down. Ideally i would get another bottle of DT2040 to stack with the H2 and retain.


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