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  1. Wrestler119's Training Log

    Just finished a competition and a cycle of PheraVol, and wanted to have something obsessive to do now that dieting is over, so why not keep a log? This is my first log. The following is my split:

    Sunday- Rest
    Monday- Chest, Tris, Shoulders, squats/legpress.
    Tuesday- Back, Bis, Traps
    Wednesday- Legs
    Thursday- Chest, Tris, Shoulders
    Friday- Back, Bis, Traps
    Saturday- Rest

    300 grams of Protein
    7 meals (one atleast every 2.5 hours)
    3000-3500 calories/day
    Pretty much eat what I want.
    Post workout shake: 1 scoop whey, 20oz. skim milk, 3 scoops of gatorrade powder, 5 grams of creatine (460 calories, 43 grams of protein, 69 grams of carbs)

    Fish Oil
    Creatine Monohydrate

    post cycle therapy Stuff: Powerfull, Restore, Cissus, Anabolic Pump, Milk Thistle, Clomid.

    Now that contest prep is done with, I will be focusing on strength. Kinda like a powerlifting routine. I cannot do barbell bench press due to an injury, but I can do dips. So dips will replace bench press. I will focus on the big 3 (dips, squats, and deadlift) on M-W-F. Tuesday/Thursday will probably be lighter, with higher reps, unless I see progress going heavy everyday. I plan on progressing in some way every workout, whether it is weight or reps. If you noticed, I do legs on Monday and Wednesday. I just noticed that doing squats twice a week helped my legs grow more than anything. And for me, one day apart is enough time for recovering and making gains.

    So, here are some stats:

    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 152 (contest) 162? (current)
    Bf %: <10%

    So here is today's workout. I took it easy on my diet and lifting last week. Just went in the gym to get a pump, and only ate 6 meals a day. Today I bumped my meals back up to 7/day and began training heavy again.

    Weighted Dips: 90lbx5, 100x4, 110x3, 120x2
    -This was extremely easy. I will likely start with the 120lb dumbell hanging from the chain on Thursday or next Monday.

    Close Grip Bench Press on Hammer Strength: 3 plates/side for 3 sets of 5.
    -I dont know how much this equates to, but it was easy.

    Decline Skull Crushers: 90x12, 100x10, 110x8
    -Pretty easy until the last few reps of the last set.

    Cable Side Raises: 50x8, 40x12, 30x16
    -Easy. Add reps next time.

    Leg Press: 610x12, 700x10, 790x6
    -Kinda died on the last set. Depth is as good as it can get.

    Pec Deck Flies: 165x12, 180x10, 195x8

    Dumbell Front Raises: 40s x 24

    Seated calve raises: 170x30, 200x30, 230x30.
    -Calves suck, so I hit them 3x/week.

    Pretty good for a first day back going heavy. I actually felt great and I expect to make some good gains now that I am eating more.

    Tomorrow is back, bis, and traps. No deadlift tomorrow. That's friday.

  2. leg press? you should be ashamed

  3. Subscribed!

  4. Squats on Wednesday!

  5. i think its time to come back to profitness, cauz the leg press sucks

  6. Tuesday: Back, Bis, Traps.

    Pretty good workout today. Went in a little later than normal and didnt feel as energized. I just need to get used to it I guess.

    Close Grip Pull Downs: 180x12, 195x10, 210x6
    -Didnt take enough time between 2nd and 3rd set. Should have weighted longer but my brother rushed me. lol

    Stirrup Grip Pull Down: 180x12
    -Brother wanted me to try these. Felt different. Uses an extremely close grip and involves more biceps. I will use these on my DL days.

    Wide Grip Pull Down: 105x12
    -Just messing around. My shoulder injury doesnt allow me to do this without much pain.

    Close Grip Cable Row: Stack x 20, stack+15x16, stack+25x12.
    -Easy. I just like the motion. Seems to target my lats and upper back the best of any rows.

    Under Hand Cable Rows: 150x20
    -Just wanted to get a little more pump.

    Straight Front Lat Press Downs: 140x20, 160x16, 180x12
    -Hope you all know what these are. Basically the same movement as DB pullovers but done standing.

    Alternating DB curls: 50s x 16, 45s x 20, 40s x 24

    Alternating Cable Curls: 16, 20, 24.
    -Cant remember the weight. I feel this in my bis better than anything else. I stand to where the cables are slightly behind my body to get the best possible ROM.

    Machine Shrugs: 4 plates/side, 4 sets of 20.

    DB Hammer Curls: 30s x 40.
    -Burn out set

    Cable Wrist Curls w/stirrups: 2 sets of 20 on each hand.

    So, today I did 12 sets for back, 3 for traps, and 7 for bis.

    Legs tomorrow. Back to squatting heavier. This will be a slow process. Should be fun!

  7. OK, first heavy squat day in months was today, and really, it wasnt anything to call heavy. Man, I have lost a lot of strength. Just taking it easy today, but it was hard:

    Barbell Squats (ATG): 273x3, 315x2
    -275 was easy, as I expected, but 315 killed me. Remember kids, hack squatting is no substitute for barbell squatting.

    Leg Press: 790x7, 700x10, 610x12, 430x20
    -Not too hard. The first set was difficult, seeing as how I missed my last rep.

    Lying Leg Curls: 130x8, 110x12, 90x16

    Leg Extension: 170x16, 210x12

    Seated Calf Raises: 3 sets of 170x30.

    Probably will be sore tomorrow. Hopefully I can get my squat back to where it was before I started cutting for the competition.

  8. Thursday: Chest, Tris, Shoulders.

    Dips: 120x5, 120x5, 120x7
    -Felt a little saucy on the last set, so I went max effort.

    Hammer Strength Flat Close Grip Bench Press: 3 plates+25/side x 3, 4 plates/side x 1
    -Missed my 2nd rep on 4 plates/side.

    Incline Neutral Grip DB Press: 45x8, 60x8, 80x8.
    -Hadnt done incline presses in over a year due to injury. The neutral grip doesnt hurt my shoulders. I will be using the 100s+ in no time.

    DB Side Raises: 35s x 16, 40s x 12, 45s x 8

    Flat Skull Crushers: 120x7
    -Not quite up to old form.

    V bar Tricep Press Down: stack x 12, stack+7.5 x 8, 150 x 20

    DB Front Raises: 60s x 5(each side), 40s x 12 (same time on both sides.

    Pec Deck Flies: 225x8

    Machine Side Raises: 90x16

    Cable Wrist Curls: 60x35, 40x30 (burnt out)

    Great workout today. I love being able to eat.

  9. i think its time for some....rehab

  10. I like dips.

  11. Friday: Back, Bis, Traps.

    Started going heavy on DLs today. Keeping reps low and just easing into things.

    Deadlift (no belt or straps): barx12, 135x12, 225x3, 315x1, 365x3, 405x2.
    -Easy day. Cant wait to go up next week.

    T-bar Rows: 2 plates x 12, 2 plates+25 x 10, 3 plates x 8,
    3 plates+25 x 6, 4 plates x 4.
    -Last set was very difficult, but I am happy to use a weight I hadnt touched since before dieting.

    Straight Arm Front Lat Press Down: 160x12, 180x 10,
    stack x 8.
    -Easy, more reps next time.

    Alternating DB curls: 50s x 16x3, 35s x 30 (burn out)

    DB Hammer Curls: 50s x 24

    Barbell Shrugs: 315x30x3

    Pretty good. The food is treating me well. I will weigh myself tomorrow and see how much I have gained two weeks after my comp and one week of hard lifting.

  12. post a pic of ur tat

  13. I will as soon as I get a pic

  14. OK, didnt get much sleep this weekend, so I was worried about my performance in the gym. Boy, was I wrong..lol

    Dips: 130x5 for 3 sets
    -Easy. Only weighed 165 today, so my bodyweight in addition to my bodyweight for reps is on the horizon.

    Neutral Grip Incline DB Press: 80s x 8, 90s x 6, 100s x 4
    -The DBs are harder to balance using this grip and the lift if just harder overall, but I am just glad to be pressing again.

    Cable Side Raises: 50x12, 40x16, 30x20
    -More weight next time.

    Decline Skull Crushers: 100x12, 110x10, 120x8
    -Felt good. Struggled with 120 on flat skull crushers last time.
    So, I am getting stronger!

    Machine Military Press: 90x12, 110x10, 130x8
    -Nice to be doing these again after a 16 months layoff.

    Pec Deck Flies: 225x8

    Legs Extension: 170x20, 190x15, 210x10

    Calves Raises: 250x10, 210x20, 170x30

    Overall it was a good day. Just trying to improve workout.


  15. Tuesday: Back, Bis, Traps.

    Close Grip Pull Downs: 225x5 for 3 sets
    -Wanted to go heavier today. I am really focusing on my lats, so I use a very strict motion with no swinging.

    Close Grip Pull Downs with Stirrups: 180x12
    -Great for a burn.

    T-bar rows: 3 Plates x 12, 3 plates+25 x 10, 4 plates x 8.
    -Improvement over Friday's workout.

    Close Grip Cable Rows: Stack x 20
    -Just to get more pump. Really focused on lats.

    Straight Bar Front Lat Press Down: 160x16 for 3 sets

    Alternating DB curls: 50s x 16, 45s x 20, 40s x 20

    Hammer Curls: 45s x 32

    Machine Shrugs: 3 plates+25/side x 30 for 3 sets.

    Cable Wrist Curls: 2 sets of 25
    -Cant remember the weight.

    Overall, good workout. Got good pumps and looked vascular.

  16. Wednesday: Legs

    Barbell Squats (ATG): 295x3, 335x2
    -First set was easy, second set was very hard.

    Leg Press: 790x8, 700x10, 610x 12, 430x20
    -The only difficult set was the first, heaviest one.

    Leg Curls: 130x12, 110x16, 90x20

    Leg Extension: 230x8 for 3 sets
    -Heaviest I have gone in awhile. Felt good

    Seated Calve Raises: 230x20, 210x30, 190x40, 170x40

    Overall, pretty decent workout. Finally got that 8th rep on leg press with 790. I wish my squat would hurry up and get back to where it used to be. I guess thats what I get for being 40 lbs lighter! lol

  17. Thursday: Chest, Tris, Shoulders.

    Dips: 135x5 for 3 sets.
    -This was pretty rough. Had to use 3 plates attached to the belt instead of a DB because my gym only has them up to 130.

    Incline Bench Press on Hammer Strength: 2 plates/side x 12
    -Just wanted to get a little pump going.

    Dumbbell Shoulder Press: 30x x20, 40s x16, 50s x12
    -Yeah, I know its light, but my shoulder still hurts. I am slowly getting up there though.

    Cable Side Raises: 50x12, 40x16, 30x20

    V-bar Tricep Pressdown: stack x 12 for 3 sets
    -Not like it used to be

    Pec Deck Flies: 180x16, 195x12, 210x8
    -This actually got very hard towards the end.

    Cable Wrist Curls: 40x25 for 2 sets.

    Overall, I this workout sucked. Everything felt heavy. I was pleased to be able to move up on dips again, but it felt heavier than I expected. But hey, I am only 165 lbs.

  18. what happened to comeing home this weekend

  19. Quote Originally Posted by Corey165 View Post
    what happened to comeing home this weekend
    I was home thursday night, and am in huntington now. i will be back home tomorrow!

  20. Friday: Back, Bis, Traps.

    Barbell DL (no straps, no belt): 385x3, 425x2
    -Slowly but surely getting back up there.

    Smith Machine Under Hand Rows: 2 plates/side x 8, 1 plates+25/side x 8 for 2 sets.
    -Had to lighten up after the first set. Too much weight to continue with.

    High Cable Rows: Stack x 20 for 3 sets.
    -Just getting a big pump for the upper back.

    Straight Bar Front Lat Press Down: 160x12

    Alternating DB Curls: 50s x 16

    DB Hammer Curls: 50s x 20

    Barbell Shrugs: 135x50
    -Figured DLs hit my traps well enough, just getting a better pump.

    Standing Calves Raises: 2 plates x 12 for 3 sets

    Seated Calves Raises: 3 plates/side x 30

    Overall, I am satisified with my DL today and hope to move up in weight next week!

  21. Monday: Chest, Tris, Shoulders

    Today was a very good workout.

    Dips: 140x5 for 3 sets, 90x10.
    -Easier than expected. Went slow and DEEP. Gonna keep going up.

    Neutral Grip Incline DB Press: 80s x 8 for 3 sets.
    -Last set was easier than the first 2. Wish I would have used more weight. I kinda changed the motion to be more like a fly/press combo and it was easier and felt better for my shoulder.

    Cable Side Raises: 50x12, 40x16, 30x20
    -I need to move up in weight.

    Decline Skull Crushers: 110x12, 120x10, 130x6
    -Worn out by my last set. Probably should have taken a longer rest. I will try again to get 8 on my last set next monday.

    Pec Deck Flies: 180x12, 195x10, 210x8

    Leg Press: 790x12, 840x10, 880x8

    Seated Calve Raises: 170x30 for 2 sets

    Calves Raises on Leg Press: 180x30

    Overall, I felt good today. Very happy to continue seeing progress on my dips. If things go as planned, in 3 weeks I will be using my bodyweight on dips.

  22. Tuesday: Back, Bis, Traps.

    Close Grip Pull Downs w/Strirrups: 240x5
    -Was impatient waiting for the close grip attachment, so I went ahead and did this.

    Close Grip Pull Downs: 225x6 for 3 sets

    Close Grip Cable Rows: Stack x20, Stack+25x20,
    -Feeling stronger.

    Straight Arm Front Lat Press Down: 160x16 for 3 sets

    Alternating DB Curls: 50s x 20
    -Felt stronger on these today.

    Cable "Hercules" Curls: 50s x 12, 40s x 16, 30s x 20.

    Machine Shrugs: 3 plates/side x 50, 4 plates/side x 40,
    4 plates/side x 30.

    Cable Wrist Curls: 4 sets
    -Cant remember weight.

    Strength is going up. Food is good.

  23. Wednesday: LEGS

    Barbell Squats: 315x3, 345x2
    -This felt easier than the previous week, even though I jumped up 20 lbs. Getting my squat back!

    Leg Press: 970x8, 880x10, 790x12
    -Nice and deep. Have troubnle breathing when doing this because my knees choke me. Feels good to be using good weight again.

    Leg Curls: 150x8, 130x12, 110x16

    Leg Extension: 210x12, 230x10, 250x8
    -Flet stronger on these.

    Seated Calve Raises: 170x30 for 2 sets, 230x30

    Great day. Felt much stronger than the previous week.

  24. not enough posterior chain work, mister

  25. what the f are you talking about?!


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