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  1. Thursday: Chest, Tris, Shoulders

    Dips: 155x5 for 3 sets, 130x8
    -Hard, but felt strong. The last rep on my last set with 155 was the longest slowest rep I have ever done.

    Neutral Grip Incline DB Press: 100s x 8 for 3 sets

    DB Sides raises (rotate DBs completely, touching at the bottom, and ending touching above me head): 25s x 20,
    30s x 15, 35s x 10

    V-Bar Tricep Pressdowns: stack x 12, stack +12.5x10,
    stack +25x8

    Pec Deck Flies: 180x16

    Cable Wrist Curls: 60x25

    Felt strong today. After monday's workout, I didnt think I would be able to complete all my sets on dips.

  2. OK, so I am behind on my log due to laziness. I will just have to hit on the highlights of Friday's workout: Back, Bis, Traps.

    Deadlift: 405x3, 455x2

    Thats about all ya need to know about that workout. That was the most important thing. I also did pull downs, rows, front straight arm lat press downs, and some trap and bicep work.

    OK, now on to Monday: Chest, Tris, Shoulders.

    Dips: 160x5, 170x4, 180x3, 135x8
    -Felt very strong. It was nice to have 4 plates hanging on the chain. And I dont do any of this half rep crap you see all the time. As one guy who was watching me put it: "the range of motion was insane."

    Neutral Grip Incline DB Press: 100s x 8, 80s x 12

    Hammer Strength Flat Bench Press: 2 plates/side x 12
    -Just playing around.

    Decline Skull Crushers: 110x12, 120x10, 130x7
    -Cant get the elusive 8th rep on 130. I was close though.

    Cable Side Raises (behind the back): 50x12, 40x16, 30x20
    -Behind the back makes it more difficult, but it felt good on the delts.

    Pec Deck Flies: 180x12, 195x10, 210x8
    -Easy. Need to use more weight.

    Calves Raises on the Leg Press: 4 sets

    Overall, very satisfied with today's workout.

  3. Tuesday: Back, Bis, Traps

    Close Grip Pull Downs- 240x5 for 3 sets, 180x12
    -Felt heavier than expected

    Close Grip Cable Rows: Stack x 20, Stack+25x20, Stack+50x16, Stack x 20.

    Straight Arm Front Lat Press Down: 150x16, 170x12, 190x8

    Machine Shrugs: 3 plates/side x 50 for 3 sets

    Alternating DB Curls: 55s x 16, 45s x 24

    Hammer Curls: 40s x 32

    Cable Curls: 3 sets, cant remember weight.

    Cable Wrist Curls: 3 sets

    Alright workout. Nothing special.

  4. Wednesday: Legs

    Squats (ATG): 325x3, 355x2

    Leg Press: 970x8, 880x12, 790x16, 610x20

    Leg Curls: 150x12, 130x12, 110x16

    Seated Calve Raises: 4 sets.

    Didnt do leg extensions because there was some guy on the machine forever and my quads were spent. But, it was a good workout and made some improvements!


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