legs uhg

  1. legs uhg

    i have hit a plateau ... i can not get over the weight of 191.

    I'm 6'4'' 185-190 and just i just stop getting bigger.

    I eat like a damn horse, good quality whole foods 6 times a day and have been for quite some time.

    Its my damn legs, i want aggressively get into a new routine to get some growth out of them and hopefully spark the rest of my body (legs are my weak point)

    straight leg deads
    leg extension
    leg curl and calves


    back and bi's

    i want to do legs again
    front squat


    what do you guys/girls say?

  2. well...

    Well i am 22 yers old and i can squat 600lbs and leg press 1260+ easily. Let me tell you that legs need to be done intelligently. I have been told absolute BS by way to many people, even olympic athletes and powerlifters. Funny thing: i squat more than them now!
    My workout looks like this. For 8 weeks i will try to get as many reps as possible (until i hit 20) with a certain weight. Right now i am trying to get 405 x 20. So you may do 12 reps first set, then 8. Make sure you push yourself. The key here is to get your joints and body strong enough.
    The next 8 weeks i do powerlifting style. Warm-up. Then 405 x 4, 455 x 3, 500 x 2, 550 x 2, 585 x 2 (for examle) on these days i will do squats then 2 sets of straight leg deadlifts. THATS IT! You want your legs to grow then you gotta get strong. On the first 8 weeks i will do squats, then 2 setslunges, 2 sets straight leg deadlift.

    As far as gainign weight goes. 3 years ago i was 6'5 and 170lbs. I know how you feel. Now i am 250lbs, 8% BF. I have talked to many people who tell me they cant gain weight and they eat "so much"
    Then i tell them i have 14+ scoops of protein a day, 12L of water or more, and eat like 8-10 times... then they are like :O

    Maybe i will be a broken record:
    But preworkout = 2 scoops protein, 50 g dextrose
    Post= 2 scoops, 50g dextrose
    1/2 hour later: 2 scoops, 30g dextrose
    1 hour late: 1 scoop, small meal
    1 hour later: 2 scoops, high glycemic carb meal

    If you are not doing something like this you are missing you anabolic window and will never gain weight.

    Oh check out AST Sports Science - High-Performance Sports Nutrition Supplements their Max-OT training program is the best ever.

  3. thanks brother ..

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