What up fellas. Starting a new 12 week mass program, and still a little foggy with mixin in my cardio. I wanna stay as lean as possible due to the short period of time between the end of this program and summer. Below I will give a layout of my program. Lemme know what you feel will fit best with this program.

(During Weeks 1-3 do 2 Sets of 3-5 reps.....wk5-7 3sets/6-8rep....wk9-11 4sets/8-10 reps, of the folowing movements...weeks 4-8-12 will be discussed individually)

Monday/Thursday (Chest + Tris)
-Incline Bench
-Flat Bench
-Decline Press
-Cable Cross-over
-Weighted Dip
-Skull Crushers

-Leg Press
-Romanian Deadlift
-Leg Curl
-Standing Calf Raise
-Standing Shoulder Press
-Upright Row
-Seated Lateral Raise
-Reverse Pec-Deck Flye
-Barbell Shrug

-Bent-Over Row
-Wide-Grip Pulldown
-Seated Row
-Barbell Curl
-Incline Dumbbell Curl
-Preacher Curl
-Reverse Curl
-Seated Wrist Curl

Weeks 4/8/12

-Cable Cross-Over (4sets 12 reps drop-set)
-Flat Bench (4sets 15reps drop-set)
-Incline Dumbbell Press (4sets 12-15reps Drop-set)
-Incline Dumbbell Flye(4sets 20-30 reps...15-30 sec rest)
-Donkey Calf Raise (5 sets 20 reps...15-30sec rest)
-Seated Calf Raise (5sets 20reps...15-30 sec rest)

-Straight Arm Pulldown(4sets/12reps Pre-exaust)
-2 Arm Dumbbell Row(4sets 12-15reps...drop-set)
-Wide Grip Pulldown(4sets 12-15reps...superset with next movement)
-Reverse-Grip Pulldown(4sets...to failure)
-Straight Arm Pulldown(4sets 25reps...15-30sec rest)

-Double Crunch(5sets 20reps)

Wednesday(Legs + Shoulders)
-Leg Extension(4sets 15reps superset with Leg Curl)
-Leg Curl (4sets 15reps)
-Squat (4sets 15reps, Drop-set)
-Leg Press (4sets 15reps...Drop-set)
-Leg Extension(5sets 25reps...15-30sec rest)
-Leg Curl(5sets 25reps...15-30sec rest)
-Leg-Press Calf Raise(4sets 30reps....15-30sec rest)
-Seated Calf Raise(4sets 30reps...15-30sec rest)

-Dumbbell Lateral Raise(4sets 12-15 reps)
-Dumbbell Front Raise(4sets 12-15reps)
-Dumbbell Bent OVer Lateral Raise(4sets 12-15reps)

-Overhead Press(4sets 12-15reps...Dropset)
-Smith Machine Upright Row(4sets 12-15reps...DropSet)
-One-arm Cable Lateral Raise(4sets 25reps..15-30sec rest)

Friday(Arms + Traps)
-Cable Kickback(4sets 12-15reps..Pre-Exaust)
-Bench Dip(4sets 12-15reps...Drop-Set)
-Overhead Dumbbell Extension(4sets 12-15reps..Drop-Set)
-Standing Barbell Curl(4sets 12-15reps...Drop-Set)
-Incline Dumbbell Curl(4sets 12-15 reps...Drop-Set)
-Dumbbell Preacher Curl(4 Sets 12-15reps...Drop Set)
-Cable Over-head Extension(4sets 30reps...15-30sec rest...superset with Standing Cable Curl)
-Standing Cable Curl(4sets 30reps.....15-30sec rest)
-Barbell Wrist Curl(4sets 25reps...15-30sec rest)
-Barbell Reverse Wrist Curl(4sets 25reps....15-30sec rest)

-Dumbbell Shrug(5sets 25reps...15-30sec rest)
-Behind-The-Back Shrug(5sets 25reps...15-30sec rest)

That is the 12 Week Program I will be doing...

If you have any comments about the program I'm open for anything....my main concern like I said is what you guys think would work as the best cardio for this program....thanks ahead of time.....

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