BiG_ED's First Competition

  1. BiG_ED's First Competition

    I finally decided to compete in my first show. I will be competing in the Mr. Titan 2007 at the Hackney Theatre in London. The show is on April 29th. I started training for the show at 20 weeks out, so this log is a bit late; but I figured I should track my progress. I will be updating this daily. Enjoy!

    11 Weeks Out - Saturday (Delts & Calves)

    I started training 20 weeks out from the show at 213 and around 12% body fat. Currently at 190lbs and between 8-9%. Tomorrow I will weigh in once more to see where my progress is at.

    Today was Delts and Calves; and it was business as usual. My routine for the day was as follows:

    Seated dumbell presses (no back support)
    o 35×5
    o 40×5
    o 45×5
    o 50×5
    o 55×5 (hard set, really felt the pump after this one)

    * Smith machine behind the neck military press / standing front raises superset
    o 135×5
    + 30×8
    o 145×5
    + 35×8
    o 145×5
    + 40×8
    o 145×5
    + 40×8
    o 135×5
    + 35×8 (front delts were completely smoked by the end of this!)
    * Standing dumbell lateral raises (focusing on good form / muscle contraction)
    o 20×8
    o 25×8
    o 30×8
    o 30×8
    * Standing cable lateral raises
    o 50×10
    o 50×10
    o 65×10
    o 65×10
    * Seated rear delt machine
    o 55×10 (grip with palms of hands parallel to the floor)
    o 70×10
    o 85×10
    o 55×10 (changed up the grip, palms facing outward)
    o 70×10
    o 85×10 (delts were so pumped after this, i could barely flex or lift my arms)
    * Seated calf raises
    o 90×12 (real slow, focusing on squeezing the hell out of the muscle!)
    o 90×12
    o 110×12
    o 110×12

    And that about does it for today, after the weights I jumped on the treadmill and did 40min of low intensity cardio keeping the incline on 10.0 and the speed bewteen 3.0-3.2. Tomorrow is some what of an off day. No weights, just 45min of some low intensity cardio.

  2. Talking Weigh In

    Today was my weekly weigh-in to see how my progress is going. I'm not so concerned with how much I weigh, I typically just go by the mirror and If I'm still leaning out then it's all good. Regardless, I weighed-in at 189lbs. Exactly one pound less than last week, so I'm right on track. I figure I won't drop cals just yet; if it ain't broke don't fix it, right? At this rate, I hope to dial it in somewhere between 175-180 and 5-6% BF.

    Tonight is my refeed (thank god, I feel so flat!). I just recently got a new digital camera, so I don't have a before pic of when I started cutting. So I plan on posting a pic from 5 years ago when I was completely out of shape and then post one before the show just to show my transformation. More to come...

  3. Chest & Abs

    Chest & Abs
    February 5, 2007

    Woke up this morning nice and full from my carb up last night so I was definitely looking forward to chest day. Here’s how my training went:

    * Incline Dumbell Press
    o 65×6
    o 70×6
    o 75×6
    o 80×6
    o 85×5
    * Flat Dumbell Press
    o 70×6
    o 75×6
    o 80×6
    o 85×5
    o 85×4
    * Decline Barbell Press
    o 185×6
    o 205×6
    o 225×4
    * Incline Hammer Stength
    o 225×6
    o 245×6
    o 265×5
    * Dumbell Pullovers
    o 50×8
    o 55×8
    o 55×8
    * Incline Dumbell Flyes
    o 30×10
    o 35×10
    o 35×9
    * Cable Flyes
    o 50×10
    o 50×10
    o 50×12
    * Crunches (3 sets of 25)
    * Knee Raises (3 sets of 20)

    My chest was totally blown up after all this. Definitely had a sweet pump going the whole workout. After this I hit up some cardio for 40min and then called it a day. Time to eat; Leg day tomorrow
  4. Leg Day! >:D

    The gym was rather busy today, but like always, no one was on the squat rack. Took a sip of my protein shake and it was business as usual:

    * Squats
    o 135×12 (warm-up)
    o 225×6
    o 250×6
    o 275×6
    o 295×6
    o 315×4 (really focusing in squeezing out the reps today, working on good form)

    * Stiff Leg Dead Lift
    o 135×6
    o 160×6
    o 185×6
    o 205×6
    o 205×6

    * Lying Leg Curls
    o 80×12
    o 90×12
    o 110×12

    * Leg Press (focus on squeezing and contracting rather than using momentum to throw the weight around, so my poundage was a little low)
    o 360×6
    o 450×6
    o 540×4
    o 450×8

    * Seated Leg Curl
    o 110×12
    o 130×12
    o 145×12

    * Leg Extensions
    o 200×12
    o 215×11
    o 215×10

    * Seated Calf Raise
    o 90×12
    o 100×12
    o 110×12
    o 110×10

    Overall, a pretty standard leg day. Hit up the treadmill for 40min afterwards @ 10% incline and 3mph. Even though thats low intensity cardio; with the crazy ass pumps in my legs, I was smoked by the end of this. Well, time to go make meal number 7; then get some shut eye….back day tomorrow! Peace.
  5. Off

    Today is my one day out of the week that I take completely off. Gives me body a chance to fully recover and gives my CNS a break. Feeling much fuller this week, my guess is that my weight is just about the same from last week, maybe a pound higher. Calories may start to get dropped next week based on sundays weigh in / how i look in the mirror. Started tanning today also, figure I'll stat going twice a week all the way up until the show so I have a nice base tan and I don't turn out looking all orange 'n **** when I put my pro tan on.

  6. Wow thats huge volume, good luck with the show!!

  7. Quote Originally Posted by somewhatgifted View Post
    Wow thats huge volume, good luck with the show!!
    Yeah, I can tend to get carried away some times. I try to keep my weight training to an hour, but it goes a bit longer than that from time to time.

    I've been taking Anabolic Pump for almost a week now so I will be mainly posting my progress at my AP log to avoid double posting.


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