Big Dogs workout log

  1. Big Dogs workout log

    Since i started training i have experimented with different programs like 2 body parts each workout etc.. i have found training 1 body part a day has helped me alot and have been doing it for some time. every 3 months i do change the excersises so my body doesn't get use to it. please feel free to let me know what you think or if you have any advice as i am aiming to get bigger. at the moment i am 6"3, 255lbs.

    Monday - Back

    Chinups Wide Grip - 8x3
    Deadlift - 10x1, 8x1, 6x1, 4x1
    T-Bar Rows - 10x1, 8x1, 6x1
    Lat Pulldown Close Grip - 10x1, 8x1, 6x1
    Seated Rowing Wide Grip 10x1, 8x1, 6x1

    Tuesday - Chest

    Incline DB Press - 12x1, 10x1, 8x1, 6x1
    Flat Db Press - 10x1, 8x1, 6x1
    Incline Cable Flys - 10x1, 8x1, 6x1
    Dips - 8x3

    Wednesday - Biceps

    Preacher Curl - 12x1, 10x1, 8x1, 6x1
    Hammer Curls - 8x3
    Concentration Curls - 10x3

    Thursday - Triceps

    Close Grip Presses - 12x1, 10x1, 8x1, 6x1
    Skull Crushers - 8x3
    Pulldowns- 8x3

    Friday - Legs

    Leg Extensions - 8x3
    Squats - 10x1, 8x1, 6x1, 4x1
    Standing Hamstring Curls - 8x3
    Standing calve Raises - 8x3

    Saturday - Shoulders

    Military Press - 12x1, 10x1, 8x1, 6x1
    Seated Bent Over Dumbbell Laterals - 8x3
    Front Front Dumbbell Raises - 8x3
    Barbell Shrugs - 8x3

    Sunday - Rest

  2. You're quite a bit bigger than me, so take this for what it's worth. I would ditch the biceps and triceps days (or at least combine them) and split up back work (e.g., vertical pulling/horizontal pulling). I currently do full-body work 5 times/week and have been for quite a while, but whenever I've done a split routine this has worked best for me:

    Monday - Chest/Back (horizontal pulling)/Traps
    Tuesday - Legs (Squats, SLDL, some isolation stuff)
    Wednesday - Off
    Thursday - Shoulders/Back (vertical pulling)
    Friday - Legs (I do deadlifts at this workout)
    Saturday - Arms/maybe some other crap
    Sunday - Off

    Hope this helps, good luck with everything

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