Ry's road to redemption.

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  1. Ry's road to redemption.

    May as well as start a training log here. Getting some feedback is always a good thing and it helps me believe I am a human after all this damn dieting.

    Little bit of background. I was my biggest and strongest ever about 2 months ago, or Early October. I was 242 and feeling great. Then I started to feel like I was getting the flu for a day then the next day I wake up in the middle of the night and can't breathe and have lots of chest pressure. To make a long story short, I was rushed into ER and spent 4 days in the hospital. I contracted a virus that caused inflammation around the pericardium and lead to a mild heart attack. Then the virus caused some massive ulcers and swollen throat (couldnt eat at all) and I ended up losing tons of weight down to 212 pounds!

    Fast track to now, I am back up to 234 and feeling almost back to where I was. I am only bulking for a couple more weeks then I am starting a contest prep for an April 7th show. Back in October I was hoping to start cutting around 250-255, but I guess sh!t happens and I can only do the best I can.

    What I want to accomplish:
    CHEST!!!- my chest is my weakest body part and I want to bring it up.
    Arms- I need a bit larger arms as I am built lanky and the long arms makes them look smaller.
    Strength everywhere.

    Training right now is 4 days a week.
    Best lifts post sickness:
    Squat: 385 for 5
    Deads: 500 for 5
    Bench: 235 for 5 ()

  2. Meal 1:
    3 slices Ezekiel bread (9/54/0)
    1 whole egg (6.5/1/6)
    11 egg whites (37/0/0)
    2 tbsp pb (8/6/16)
    2 fish oil (0/0/2)

    total: 702 calories, 60.5p/ 61c/ 24f

    Meal 2:
    cup oats (5/27/2.5)
    cup f.f.c.c. (13/5/0)
    2 tbsp pb (8/6/16)
    1 can tuna (39.5/0/5)
    1 grapefruit (2/20/0)

    total: 713.5 calories, 67.5p/ 58c/ 23.5f

    Meal 3:
    1 cup oats (10/54/0)
    1 tbsp pb (4/3/8)
    cup wpi (50/2/0)

    total: 564 calories: 64p/ 59c/ 8f

    Weights (M-W-F):

    Post weights:
    Waxy Maize and BCAA combo (20/70/0)
    Total: 360 calories, 20p/ 70c/ 0f
    CARDIO: 20-30 min.

    Post cardio:
    cup wpi (60/3/0)
    1 cup berries (1/18/0)
    1 cup oats (10/57/0)
    total: 564 calories, 63p/ 78c/ 0f

    total on weight days: 956 calories, 91p/ 148c/0f

    Meal 4 (non-weight days, T-T-S-S):
    7 ounces chicken (56/0/5)
    200 grams veggies (5/10/0)
    2 tbsp olive oil (0/0/28)
    2 fish oil (0/0/2)
    totals: 599 calories, 61p/ 10c/ 35f

    Meal 5:
    7 ounces lean beef/ turkey (56/0/7)
    200 grams veggies (5/10/0)
    2 tbsp olive oil (0/0/28)
    total: 599 calories, 61p/ 10c/ 35f

    Meal 6:
    7 ounces chicken (56/0/5)
    200 grams veggies (5/10/0)
    2 tbsp olive oil (0/0/28)
    2 fish oil (0/0/2)
    totals: 599 calories, 61p/ 10c/ 35f

    Meal 7:
    1 scoop night time protein (30/1/1)
    1 cup f.f. cottage cheese (28/10/0)
    1 ounce almonds (6/6/14)
    1 can green beans (2/12/0)
    2 fish oil (0/0/2)

    total: 533 calories, 66p/ 29c/ 17f

    snack eaten somewhere during the day:
    1 scoop night time protein blend (30/1/1)
    1 ounce almonds (6/6/14)
    total: 307 calories, 36p/ 7c/ 15f

    Daily totals:

    Weight days: 4973.5 calories, 507g protein, 381g carbs, 157.5g fat
    Non weight days: 4564.5 calories, 462g protein, 243g carbs, 192.5g fat

    Also I am usually snacking on fat free cottage cheese and some pb in between some meals.
  3. 12/7/06

    Last sets:
    narrow stance box squats: 225 x 5 speed, 235 x 10 2/2 TUT

    leg press (hammer strength, it has two foot pads and swings...dont care for it but thats what my university has!): speed- tried to do speed here but I kept throwing the foot pad and it was ackward as hell.
    270 x 10 2/2 TUT (HARD!)

    V-bar pulldowns: 160 x 5 speed, 150 x 10 2/2 TUT

    Hammer Iso-low rows: 180 x 6 speed (easy), 180 x 10 2/2 TUT

    (speed) barbell curls 75 x 10 SS w/ hammer curls 45's x 10

    (2/2 TUT) barbell curls 75 x 10 (hard) SS w/ hammer curls 45's x 10 (hard hard)

    treadmill: 20 minutes, 3.5 mph, 3.0%

  4. Speed bench press:
    170 x 5
    2/2 TUT bench:
    170 x 10

    Flat d-bell press:
    70's x 8 (easy)
    2/2 TUT:
    70's x 10

    Speed upright rows SS w/ speed front barbell raises:
    80 x 10 and 35 x 10

    2/2 TUT upright rows SS w/ front barbell raises:
    50 x 12 and 30 x 8

    Speed straightbar pressdowns SS w/ overhead tri cable ext
    120x10 and 110 x 10 (both easy)
    2/2 TUT straightbar pressdowns SS w/ overhead tri cable ext
    110 x 12 and 100 x 12

    some 25 pound plate pinches since I did the above so damn fast!

    ended with some light cardio like usual
  5. 12/10/06

    Legs and arms, last sets.

    Squat: just below parrallel
    405 x 3, wraps and belt

    Leg press: Cybex leg sled type
    830 x 9

    Knee ext:
    2/2 TUT, 165 x 12 (burned like WOAH!)

    Barbell curls over a preacher bench flipped around so upper arm is vertical.
    90 x 10 rest paused, 5

    JM presses:
    95 x 20 (light so added weight) 115 x 8

    wrist roller thingie

    Fried my calves on the leg sled doing some fast burning reps then slow reps with long stretch and long peak contraction holds.

    walked on the treadmill after.

    NOTE: I am taking some time off. My body needs it. I am tired all the time and its like I have trouble getting to sleep sometimes..also my lower back feels pumped last few days....better to take time off now before I lose some strength and really overtrain.
  6. Cool 12/17/06

    Took the last week off to get some much needeed rest before contest prep. 16 weeks out and just starting to diet down. Diet is similar to what I posted above but about 3,800 cals.


    Wide stance leg sled:

    Leg Ext (2/2 tempo):
    150- 12 (too hard last time and had to take breaks to get to 12

    110- 2 sets of 15

    *stretched legs for a bit

    Curls on the vertical side of a preacher:
    90- 11 RP 4 RP 3 for 18 total

    JM presses:
    105- 28, added weight then 115 for 7

    rope wrapper: 2 sets up and down

    seated calf and leg press calf routine deal trying to get these babies HUGE!!! lol

    ended with 20 min. walking
  7. 12/19/06

    Incline bench press:

    Lying chest press:

    d-bell flyes (2/2 TUT):
    50's- 15
    **stretch with 70's**
    T-bar rows:
    5 plates (225)- 6

    v-bar pulldowns:

    BTN pulldowns (2/2 TUT):
    140-9 (little to heavy)
    **stretch with a 100 lb d-bell and hang**

    d-bell shoulder press:
    75's- 12

    rear delt raises:
    30's- 20....too effin light

    side lateral raises (2/2 TUT):
    20's- 15...burned like a mofo!

    I switched some exercises and what not so it will take a week to get the weights. I usually guess kinda close and I was on most things. I figure better to get more reps then fall short at this point. Always sucks having to LOWER the weight!!!

    Ended with 20 min on treadmill
  8. 12/21/06

    515- 3 (slipped an fell on ice last weak and bruised my back so I was happy with this)

    Box squat:
    speed- 225-5
    2/2 TUT- 245-10

    Leg sled:
    speed- 360-5 (easy)
    2/2 TUT- 450-10 (burn like woah!)

    Pulldown machine:
    speed- 190-6 (fairly easy)
    2/2 TUT- 170 (again fairly easy)

    iso low row:
    speed- 250-5
    2/2 TUT-210- 10 (tough)

    speed ez bar curls SS w/ speed hammers:
    80 and 50's, 10 each

    2/2 TUT of the above:
    70- 12, 40's- 10

    treadmill for a bit
  9. 12/22/06

    3 board bench press:

    flat bench presses:
    speed: 175-5 (fairly easy)
    2/2 TUT: 175-9 (BURN!)

    Flat d-bell press:
    speed: 75's- 10 (easy)
    2/2 TUT: 75's- 9 (BURN AGAIN!)

    upright rows speed: 90-10
    smith machine shoulder presses speed: 85-10 (easy)

    upright rows 2/2 TUT: 50-15 (okay)
    smith machine shoulder presses 2/2 TUT:85-12

    Tricep straight bar pushdowns speed: 150-10
    overhead d-bell ext speed: 65-10 (was slow..hard to do as you concentrate on not knockin yourself out!)

    Tricep straight bar pushdowns 2/2 TUT: 130-12
    overhead d-bell ext 2/ TUT: 60-10

    **stretches for each after the muscle group was finished**

    -end with some treadmill
  10. 12/24/06


    Squats: 405- 1 SH!T!!! (Back pretty much gave out as I slipped and feel off my icy porch last week and then deadlifted heavy a few days later...gotta give the back a couple weeks off from heavy squats and deads!)

    moved to some weird squat machine, felt good though:
    (just killed it cause i was pissed about my regualr squat performance)

    leg ext 2/2 TUT: 150- 13
    adductors: 120- 15, 12

    curls over a vertical preacher: 90- 12 RP, 5 RP, 5= 22

    JM presses: 115- 25 RP, 12= 37 (really surprised myself here!)

    rope wrapper
    some calf work

    walk on treadmill and tan
  11. 12/26/06


    Incline bench press:

    chest press machine:

    d-bell flyes 2/2 TUT:

    t-bar style rows:

    v-bar pulldowns:

    BTN pulldowns:

    d-bell overhead presses:
    85's- 6

    rear delt flyes:
    35's- 20

    side cable lateral raise singles 2/2 TUT:
    30- 12 each arm

    walk on tready and tan
  12. 12/28/06


    Box squat:
    speed- 225- 5 (finally a better speed)
    2/2 TUT- 265- 10 (kinda tough!)

    leg sled:
    speed- 500- 8 (easy)
    2/2 TUT- 500-12 (easy again)

    pulldown machine thing:
    2/2 TUT- 190 12

    iso low row:
    speed- 290-6
    2/2- 230-10

    speed ez bar curls SS w/ speed hammer curls:
    100-8 (outta gas after 8) and 50's for 10 each arm

    2/2 TUT of above:
    80-12 and 40's for 12 each arm

    calf drop set till ultra-mega-burnage

    treadmill for 20 min
  13. 12/29/06


    3 board press:
    275-3 (dang!!)

    speed- 180-6
    2/2 TUT- 180-9

    flat d-bell:
    speed: 85's-8
    2/2 TUT- 75'- 10

    upright rows SS w/ smith shoulder presses:
    speed: 100-10 and 105-10
    2/2 TUT: 60-13 and 105-11

    tricep pushdowns SS w/ overhead rope extentsions:
    speed: 150- 10 and 100-10
    2/2 TUT: 140-15 and 60- 8 (couldnt even hardly extend my arms by this point)

  14. 12/31/06

    Sunday: Back is starting to fell better but I layed off from heavy free weight squats...

    Leg sled:
    900- 8 ( got it on video...most I have ever done!)

    squat machine: similar to the powersquat some gyms have but looks almost homemade but its full roller bearings and is very smooth and comfortable

    540-10 (deep!! Im talking ass is literally inches from the ground and I was bottoming out the machine )
    also have this one on video

    leg ext:
    2/2 TUT- 150-13 (PAIN!!!)

    adductors: 120 for 16 then 15

    straightbar curls over vertical preacher:
    100- 9 RP 5 RP 3= 17

    barbell skullcrushers:
    95-15 then right into a real close grip press also for 15 reps

    rope wrapper SS with calf work on the leg sled

    treadmill as usual.

    Note: Feeling quite strong while dieting down for the spril contest. I am down about 4 pounds in the last 2 weeks, but I am stronger so I can't complain! Definately leaner also as I am down a notch on the weight belt and almost down to the next notch as well....
  15. 1/2/07

    Tuesday: 228 pounds

    Lying Chest press:
    380- 7

    d-bell flyes: 2/2 TUT
    65's- 14 (burn like holy mother of god)

    Chest supported barbell rows:

    BTN pulldowns:

    v-bar pulldowns: 2/2 TUT

    Smith machine shoulder presses:

    rear delt cable flyes:

    side cable laterals:
    2/2 TUT- 30- 15 each arm

    end with some treadmill...
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  16. 1/4/07


    narrow stance ATG squats:
    speed: 235-5
    2/2 TUT: 275- 10

    leg sled:
    speed: 540-6
    2/2 TUT: 540- 11

    d-handle pulldowns:
    speed: 200-10
    2/2: 160-12

    d-bell rows:
    speed: 105- 10 each
    2/2 TUT: 85- 10 each (HARD!)

    ez bar curls ss w/ hammer curls:
    speed: 100-10 (last 2 I lost speed...), 50's- 10 each
    2/2: 80-13, 40's- 10 each

    calf drop set


  17. 1/5/07


    3 board press:

    speed- 185-5
    2/2- 185-9

    flat d-bell press:
    speed- 85's-8
    2/2- 75's-11

    upright rows SS w/ smith seated shoulder presses:
    speed: 100-10 and 115-10
    2/2: 60-15 and 105-12

    Pullover and extension for tris SS w/ tricep cable ext:
    speed: 90-10 and 120-10
    2/2: 70-15 and 120 for 15

    25 pound plate pinches for sh!ts and giggles!

    treadmill for 20 min.
  18. 1/7/07


    Leg press:
    950- 6

    squat machine:
    hams to calves: 630- 8, had to dump and rack on 9!

    leg ext:


    standing alt. curls drop set:
    55's- 12 each
    40's- 12 each
    30's- 12 each

    barbell skull crushers right into a close grip press:
    105- 12 on skulls, then 105 for 15 on close grip (PUMPED)

    rope wrapper- 2 sets

    calf work

  19. 1/9/07


    Decline bench:
    255-3 (very disappointed here) same as about a month ago...damn diet

    d-bell presses:
    115's- 6

    cable flyes 2/2:

    chest supported barbell rows:

    BTN pulldowns:

    v-bar pulldowns 2/2:
    180-10 (omg....burnage!)

    smith shoulder presses:

    chest supported rear delt:

    side d-bell laterals 2/2:

    treadmill for 20 min.
  20. 1/11/07


    narrow stance squats:

    speed- 235-5
    2/2- 285-10

    split squat in smith:

    speed: 145-10
    2/2: 145-10

    d-handle pull downs:
    speed: 210-10
    2/2: 160- 13

    d-bell rows:
    speed: 120- 10 each (felt kinda easy!)
    2/2: 85- 12 each

    seated incline d-bell curls SS w/ pin wheel curls:
    speed: 45's-10 each, 35's- 15 each
    2/2: 35's-12 each, 30's- 10 each (Im taking Anabolic Pump now and the pumps are sick...Had to stop as I couldnt even bend my arm!)

    calf drop set

    treadmill for 20 min.

  21. Very nice log dropping weight and adding strength you make me jealous.LOL Good luck in reaching your goals.With the determination Ive seen in your workout progress and the attention to detail in your log im sure that youll exceed your goals.Keep it up! :bb:

    Trust in the LORD with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths . Proverbs 3:5-6
  22. 1/12/07


    Machine press:
    speed- 280-12

    Flat d-bell press:
    speed- 85's-10

    upright rows SS w/ smith shoulder presses:
    speed: 110-10, 115-10
    2/2: 65-15, 105-12

    dips machine SS w/ tate presses:
    speed: 130-10, 35's-10
    2/2: 130-10, 30's-15

    25 pounds plate pinches

    treadmill for 20 min
  23. 1/14/07

    Sunday: 225.75 pounds

    leg sled:

    squat machine:

    leg ext:
    215-16 (with nice squeeze at top)


    standing alt. curls drop set:

    barbell skulls to a closegrip press:
    105- 12, then 16 on the closegrips

    calf work on leg sled

    treadmill for 20
  24. 1/16/07


    Flat bench press:
    205- 8 (holy crapiness!)

    Hammer incline press:

    Cable flyes 2/2:

    Rack chins:
    +70-13 (fairly easy)

    Barbell rows:
    225-12 (easier than I thought) Love how I can outrow my bench like nothin!

    BTN pulldowns 2/2:

    Hammer shoulder press:
    180-12 (easy)

    chain laterals:
    25 in the middle: ? lost count...maybe 10 or 12!

    scarecrows for rear delts 2/2:

    treadmill for 20
  25. 1/18/07


    Narrow stance squats:
    speed- 235-5
    2/2: 295-9

    Split squat in smith:

    speed- 155-10ea
    2/2: 145-10 ea (tough as hell!!)

    abductors: 120-18-16

    hammer pulldown singles:
    2/2: 100-12 ea

    d-bell rows:
    speed: 125-10ea
    2/2: 90- 11ea (tough!!!)

    incline seated d-bell curls (done at same time, NOT Alternating), supersetted with pinwheel curls:
    40's- 10 ea, and 35's-15ea
    2/2: 35's- 10ea, and 30's- 10ea (had to stop cause of the massive pump!)

    Standing calf drop set:
    320: till failure
    230: till failure
    140: till failure
    90: till failure (wow...pain!)

    treadmill for 20
  26. 1/19/07

    Friday: 225.5 pounds, figured I would be lower but AP is the shiznit! Drop b/f..add lean mass, no questions asked!

    warmed up of course then played with my new bands some..ended at:
    speed: 135+monster minis- 6,5 keeping good speed
    2/2:185 for 7 (pretty tired from band work!)

    Hammer strength chest press:
    speed: 180-8
    2/2: 140-7 (chest now dead)

    Cable front raises SS w/ standing d-bell shoulder presses:
    speed: 30-12ea, 45's-6 (really surprised how hard these were as I was repping 85's on seated d-bell presses!)
    2/2: 20- 11 ea, 30's- 11 ea

    Dips SS w/ tate presses:
    speed: B/W-12, 35's-15
    2/2: B/W-7 (tough), 35's-10

    did some rope tricep ext for grins

    20 min cardio on treadmill
  27. 1/21/07


    Front squat:
    135-30 (pretty much about died from this!)

    hammer leg press:
    450-7 (legs toast)

    hammy curls 2/2 (prolly more like 3/5):
    100- lost count, it hurt though


    barbell curls:

    Cable curl singles:

    tri pullover and ext:

    Reverse tri singles:

    barbell forearm curls:

    calf work

    treadmill for 20 min
  28. 1/23/07


    Flat bench:

    Incline hammer strength press:

    Cable flyes 2/2:

    Rack chins:
    +90- 12

    barbell rows:
    255-12 (wow...Ripped it up!)

    BTN pulldowns 2/2:

    Hammer strength shoulder press:

    d-bell upright rows:

    scarecrows 2/2:

    treadmill for 20

  29. Just did cardio today but I weighed in at 223.5 so my weight is finally starting to come down again after starting AP. Also threw DCP in the mix last Friday when I weighed in at 225.5.

    Ryno- out!
  30. 1/25/07


    Squats, wider stance:
    speed: 185 + monster minis- 6
    2/2: 295-10

    split squat in smith:
    speed: 145- 10ea, better speed
    2/2: 145-10 ea, easier than last week but still brutal!


    hammer pulldown machine:
    speed: 125-10ea, good speed
    2/2: 110-12ea

    d-bell rows:
    speed: 135- 10ea
    2/2: 90's-11 ea

    seated curls ss/ pinwheel curls:
    speed: 45's-12ea (kinda slow), 35's-15ea
    2/2: 40's-8ea, 30's-8ea (pumps unbearable)

    finished off with some low pully cable curls

    calf drop set
  31. 1/26/07


    speed: 135 + doubled monster minis-6-5
    (gonna drop the weight some and work on speed a lil more)
    2/2: 185-7 (time to change exercises here)

    Hammer strength chest press:
    speed:180-12 (pretty easy)
    2/2: 150-9 (good)

    standing d-bell shoulder presses done singlely SS w/ glass style side lateral raises:
    speed: 35-15ea, 15's-15
    2/2: 30-12ea, 15's-10

    Dips SS w/ tate presses:
    speed: BW-15, 40's-15
    2/2: BW-8, 35's- lost count

    hit up some rope tricep ext

    20min cardio
  32. 1/28/07


    ****somewhat of an injury...I went sledding (down a hill on a saucer) and it was funny but I fell off a few times and skidding on my a$$! Needless to say, my right butt cheek feels like it has a couple golf balls in it*****


    Anyways...I still did descent.

    Front squat:

    Hammer strength leg press:

    leg curls 2/2:
    110-12 i think..mighta lost count!


    barbell curls drop set:
    (arms about explode!)

    Tricep pullover and ext:

    D-bell skullcrushers:

    seated calf raises SS w/ skiier calf raises in smith:
    90 lbs, and 285 lbs, 2 sets to failure

    20 min cardio
  33. 1/30/07


    Hammer incline chest press:

    flat d-bell presses:
    105's-6 (wow...no good)

    d-bell flyes 2/2:

    rack chins:

    barbell rows:
    275-8 (last few were kinda cheatin)

    BTN pulldowns 2/2:
    160-10 (machine needed to be greased as well)

    Seated barbell front shoulder presses:

    d-bell upright rows:

    scarecrows 2/2:

    20 min cardio

  34. Cardio today:

    Stationary cycle: averaged 100 watts for 25min
    Treadmill: 4 mph/ 4% grade for 25 min

    Note: Going to start adding in some mourning cardio sessions as I feel I am just not leaning out enough. Prolly my head messing with me, but I can't help it!!!
  35. 2/1/07


    30 min. cardio in the am

    speed squats:
    95 + doubled monster minis- 5,5
    135+ doubled monster minis- 3

    zercher squats: (first time ever doing these)

    Leg ext:
    speed: 170-10 (easy)
    2/2: 170-12 (harder)


    pulldowns: (to front, using a different machine than normal)
    speed: 180-5

    hammer strength low row:
    speed: 270-5
    2/2: 180- 13

    cable rope curls SS w/ alt. d-bell curls:
    speed: 90-10, 40's-10ea
    2/2: 70-15, 35's-15 ea

    standing calf raises: (3/3 tempo, hold top and long stretch @ bottom)
    3 sets with 230 lbs, lost count of reps everytime!

    -20 min. on treadmill

    Note: starting to feel a little beat up, going to tear the workout up tomorrow then on Sunday I will do legs/arms lightly and next thursday I will do chest/back/shoulder lightly as well. Make that a light week with 2 w/o days.
  36. 2/2/07

    Bench 5x5 @ 135, super easy
    speed bench:
    95+ doubled monster minis, 3x5

    machine press 2/2:

    smith shoulder press SS w/ glass laterals:
    speed: 105-10, 15's-15
    2/2: 105-11, 15's-12

    straight bar pressdowns SS w/ smith close grip:
    speed: 150x10, 125x10
    2/2: 140x15, 125x9

    20 min treadmill
  37. 2/4/07

    Sunday: light day to take a rest


    leg ext:

    leg curl:

    alt d-bell curls:
    40'sx10 ea

    tri ext:

    cable curl:

    barbell skulls:

    seated calf:

    20min treadmill
  38. 2/5/07


    15 min stationary bike @ 100 watts work rate
    15 min treadmill, 4.0mph w/ 4.0% incline

    some core work
    25 min stationary bike @ 100 watts
    20 min treadmill, 4mph and 4% grade
  39. 2/6/07


    am: 15 min cycle, 15 min tready

    PM: 40 min cycle...ass started to get sore...lol

    Note: I will do some cardio tomorrow mourning then rest up and go to bowling league tomorrow night. I will be back in full force Thursday!!!

    Also, got hydrostatically weighed and 7 site skin fold as well. Came out as 10.4 % in the tank and just over 7% with the calipers. Weight is about 220 now. Still more work to do!!

  40. 2/7/07

    am: 30 min cardio split between bike and treadmill

    pm: 40 min cardio split between bike and treadmill once again


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  5. road to redemption
    By HERCBRUTE in forum Workout Logs
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