Ry's road to redemption.

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  1. 1/19/07

    Friday: 225.5 pounds, figured I would be lower but AP is the shiznit! Drop b/f..add lean mass, no questions asked!

    warmed up of course then played with my new bands some..ended at:
    speed: 135+monster minis- 6,5 keeping good speed
    2/2:185 for 7 (pretty tired from band work!)

    Hammer strength chest press:
    speed: 180-8
    2/2: 140-7 (chest now dead)

    Cable front raises SS w/ standing d-bell shoulder presses:
    speed: 30-12ea, 45's-6 (really surprised how hard these were as I was repping 85's on seated d-bell presses!)
    2/2: 20- 11 ea, 30's- 11 ea

    Dips SS w/ tate presses:
    speed: B/W-12, 35's-15
    2/2: B/W-7 (tough), 35's-10

    did some rope tricep ext for grins

    20 min cardio on treadmill

  2. 1/21/07


    Front squat:
    135-30 (pretty much about died from this!)

    hammer leg press:
    450-7 (legs toast)

    hammy curls 2/2 (prolly more like 3/5):
    100- lost count, it hurt though


    barbell curls:

    Cable curl singles:

    tri pullover and ext:

    Reverse tri singles:

    barbell forearm curls:

    calf work

    treadmill for 20 min

  3. 1/23/07


    Flat bench:

    Incline hammer strength press:

    Cable flyes 2/2:

    Rack chins:
    +90- 12

    barbell rows:
    255-12 (wow...Ripped it up!)

    BTN pulldowns 2/2:

    Hammer strength shoulder press:

    d-bell upright rows:

    scarecrows 2/2:

    treadmill for 20

  4. Just did cardio today but I weighed in at 223.5 so my weight is finally starting to come down again after starting AP. Also threw DCP in the mix last Friday when I weighed in at 225.5.

    Ryno- out!
  5. 1/25/07


    Squats, wider stance:
    speed: 185 + monster minis- 6
    2/2: 295-10

    split squat in smith:
    speed: 145- 10ea, better speed
    2/2: 145-10 ea, easier than last week but still brutal!


    hammer pulldown machine:
    speed: 125-10ea, good speed
    2/2: 110-12ea

    d-bell rows:
    speed: 135- 10ea
    2/2: 90's-11 ea

    seated curls ss/ pinwheel curls:
    speed: 45's-12ea (kinda slow), 35's-15ea
    2/2: 40's-8ea, 30's-8ea (pumps unbearable)

    finished off with some low pully cable curls

    calf drop set

  6. 1/26/07


    speed: 135 + doubled monster minis-6-5
    (gonna drop the weight some and work on speed a lil more)
    2/2: 185-7 (time to change exercises here)

    Hammer strength chest press:
    speed:180-12 (pretty easy)
    2/2: 150-9 (good)

    standing d-bell shoulder presses done singlely SS w/ glass style side lateral raises:
    speed: 35-15ea, 15's-15
    2/2: 30-12ea, 15's-10

    Dips SS w/ tate presses:
    speed: BW-15, 40's-15
    2/2: BW-8, 35's- lost count

    hit up some rope tricep ext

    20min cardio
  7. 1/28/07


    ****somewhat of an injury...I went sledding (down a hill on a saucer) and it was funny but I fell off a few times and skidding on my a$$! Needless to say, my right butt cheek feels like it has a couple golf balls in it*****


    Anyways...I still did descent.

    Front squat:

    Hammer strength leg press:

    leg curls 2/2:
    110-12 i think..mighta lost count!


    barbell curls drop set:
    (arms about explode!)

    Tricep pullover and ext:

    D-bell skullcrushers:

    seated calf raises SS w/ skiier calf raises in smith:
    90 lbs, and 285 lbs, 2 sets to failure

    20 min cardio
  8. 1/30/07


    Hammer incline chest press:

    flat d-bell presses:
    105's-6 (wow...no good)

    d-bell flyes 2/2:

    rack chins:

    barbell rows:
    275-8 (last few were kinda cheatin)

    BTN pulldowns 2/2:
    160-10 (machine needed to be greased as well)

    Seated barbell front shoulder presses:

    d-bell upright rows:

    scarecrows 2/2:

    20 min cardio

  9. Cardio today:

    Stationary cycle: averaged 100 watts for 25min
    Treadmill: 4 mph/ 4% grade for 25 min

    Note: Going to start adding in some mourning cardio sessions as I feel I am just not leaning out enough. Prolly my head messing with me, but I can't help it!!!
  10. 2/1/07


    30 min. cardio in the am

    speed squats:
    95 + doubled monster minis- 5,5
    135+ doubled monster minis- 3

    zercher squats: (first time ever doing these)

    Leg ext:
    speed: 170-10 (easy)
    2/2: 170-12 (harder)


    pulldowns: (to front, using a different machine than normal)
    speed: 180-5

    hammer strength low row:
    speed: 270-5
    2/2: 180- 13

    cable rope curls SS w/ alt. d-bell curls:
    speed: 90-10, 40's-10ea
    2/2: 70-15, 35's-15 ea

    standing calf raises: (3/3 tempo, hold top and long stretch @ bottom)
    3 sets with 230 lbs, lost count of reps everytime!

    -20 min. on treadmill

    Note: starting to feel a little beat up, going to tear the workout up tomorrow then on Sunday I will do legs/arms lightly and next thursday I will do chest/back/shoulder lightly as well. Make that a light week with 2 w/o days.
  11. 2/2/07

    Bench 5x5 @ 135, super easy
    speed bench:
    95+ doubled monster minis, 3x5

    machine press 2/2:

    smith shoulder press SS w/ glass laterals:
    speed: 105-10, 15's-15
    2/2: 105-11, 15's-12

    straight bar pressdowns SS w/ smith close grip:
    speed: 150x10, 125x10
    2/2: 140x15, 125x9

    20 min treadmill
  12. 2/4/07

    Sunday: light day to take a rest


    leg ext:

    leg curl:

    alt d-bell curls:
    40'sx10 ea

    tri ext:

    cable curl:

    barbell skulls:

    seated calf:

    20min treadmill
  13. 2/5/07


    15 min stationary bike @ 100 watts work rate
    15 min treadmill, 4.0mph w/ 4.0% incline

    some core work
    25 min stationary bike @ 100 watts
    20 min treadmill, 4mph and 4% grade
  14. 2/6/07


    am: 15 min cycle, 15 min tready

    PM: 40 min cycle...ass started to get sore...lol

    Note: I will do some cardio tomorrow mourning then rest up and go to bowling league tomorrow night. I will be back in full force Thursday!!!

    Also, got hydrostatically weighed and 7 site skin fold as well. Came out as 10.4 % in the tank and just over 7% with the calipers. Weight is about 220 now. Still more work to do!!

  15. 2/7/07

    am: 30 min cardio split between bike and treadmill

    pm: 40 min cardio split between bike and treadmill once again
  16. 2/8/07


    Speed squats: 115 + doubled monster minis (~275 at top since I am so damn tall)
    3 sets of 3 here

    lying leg curls:
    Speed: 100-5, 110-5
    2/2: 110-5

    rack deads: (about 4 inches below bottom of knee cap)
    speed: 365-5, good speed
    2/2: 315-10 (pretty tough at the end)

    barbell rows:
    speed: 185-5
    2/2: 155-10

    Standing alt. d-bell curls supersetted w/ seat hammers:
    speed: 40's- 10ea, 30's-10ea
    2/2: 40's-12ea, 25's-12ea

    seated calf supersetted with standing cald raises: (slowish tempo with nice squeeze at top and stretch at bottom)
    seated: 70- 20,15
    standing: 180- 20,14 (slower tempo)

    -20 min on treadmill

    (should also mention that I incorporate the DC type stretches after each bodypart is done)
  17. 2/9/07

    am: 30 min cardio after breakfast

    afternoon: @ Better Bodies gym in Cadillac

    5x5 @145 (joke weight)
    speed: 95 + doubled monster minis- 3x5

    machine chest press 2/2:
    260- 11

    smith machine shoulder press to front SS w/ side lateral raises single style:
    speed: 115-5, 20-10ea
    2/2: 115-11, 15-12

    smith close grip elbow tucked SS w/ seated incline cable overhead tricep ext:
    speed: 125-5, 90-10
    2/2: 125-10 (tough), 110-11

    20 min on treadmill, 4% grade and 4.2 mph
  18. 2/11/07

    Sunday: @ Better Bodies

    Squat machine:
    680- 6, w/ belt and wraps

    Good mournings:
    225-12, w/ belt (kinda easy)

    Leg ext 2/2:
    150-13 (OHHH the burn!)


    ez bar curls:

    cable curls singles:
    40-20ea, 15ea

    JM presses:
    115-15 (easier than I thought)

    reverse grip cable tri ext singles:
    50- 12ea, 6ea

    barbell forearm curls:
    155-16, 15

    Leg sled calf raises:
    360-15 RP 8 RP 8 (1/2 tempo with extra squeeze at top and good stretch at bottom)

    Then....standing calf raises: up on both, then down on one leg. Repeat for each side 2x10.

    20 min treadmill 5%, 4.2mph
  19. 2/12/07


    am: 40 min cardio

    pm: some core work then 40 more min cardio
  20. 2/13/06

    Tuesday: weighed in at 217

    am: 35 min cardio split between bike and treadmill


    hammer incline chest press:

    flat d-bell press:

    d-bell flyes 2/2:

    pulldowns to front:

    low hammer iso rows:

    close grip supinated pulldowns 2/2:

    seated barbell military:

    d-bell upright rows:
    55's- 11 (tough)

    face pulls 2/2:

    end with 20 min on stationary cycle
  21. 2/14/07


    am: 35 min cardio

    pm: I had bowling league!!! ahaha
  22. 2/15/07

    Thursday: am: @ Ryder pm: @ Better Bodies

    am: 30 minutes cardio split between treadmill and bike


    speed squats:
    135 + doubled monster mini's- 3x3 (good speed on all sets)

    Leg curls:
    speed: 125-5
    2/2: 120-11


    Platz style hack squats 2/2 (like a compound leg ext is the best way to describe it):
    w/quaters- 11

    Rack deads: pins 3-4" below knee
    speed: 405-5
    2/2: 315-12

    barbell rows:
    speed: 185- 5 (better speed than last time)
    2/2: 155-11

    standing alt. curls SS w/ seated hammer curls:
    speed: 45's-10ea, 35's- 10
    2/2: 45's-12ea, 30's-12

    Skiier calf raises SS w/ seated calf raises:
    heavy work to failure: 285-18, 160-10
    light work to failure: 105-50, 70-50 PPAAIINN!!!!!

    note: I wanted 50 so bad on each exercise, I had to pause a couple times each set...I have never experience this type of pain before...I did 20 min. on the treadmill after this and I walked crooked for the first 18 of them!!!! NO JOKE!

  23. Wow, those are some low Rack Deads. Nice work.

    It's good to see you have your diet dialed in. I'm so much more habitual with mine, and I feel I need to become more steadfast in my portions and timing.

    Looking good, liking the program.

  24. Quote Originally Posted by Ubiquitous View Post
    Wow, those are some low Rack Deads. Nice work.

    It's good to see you have your diet dialed in. I'm so much more habitual with mine, and I feel I need to become more steadfast in my portions and timing.

    Looking good, liking the program.
    Yeah they are pretty low....but damn, I feel like my arms are so long that if I pull from knee level I only get a few inches of movement it seems. I am going to play with the height and start raising the bar and upping the weight...then start low again but with more weight...all about progression!!

  25. Yeah I know what you mean.. I'm 6'3" with long limbs and the range of motion on racks at knee level seems almost like a cheat.

    You are certainly progressing.


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