Bulking Log

  1. Bulking Log

    Current stats
    Age: 17
    Weight: 72kg
    Height: 6 '2
    Bodytype: ectomorph
    Weight program: Bulking

    My long term goal is to gain 28kg.

    My short term goal for this 12 week cycle is to gain 6kg.

    Every second day.
    Back, legs, chest and shoulders, tri's and bi's.

    Diet- 6 meals a day, aiming at 3000 calories a day (1st 6 weeks) 3500 calories a day (2nd 6 weeks)

  2. 10-10-06

    Meal 1- Large bowl of wheat cereal
    Meal 2- Protein shake, flaxeed oil, peanut butter sandwhich, apple
    Meal 3- Pastie (pastry and veges) and homemade protein bar (oatbran, peanut butter, dried fruit, protein powder, a rice cereal, honey, milk)
    Meal 4 (Pre workout) Slize of pizza (bad i know) peanut butter sandwhich homemade protein bar, carrot, yogurt
    Meal 5 (post workout) Chicken, steamed cabbage, collyflower and cheese
    Meal 6- Protein shake, flaxeed oil, homemade protein bar, apple
    Meal7-3 slices of bread, 3 eggs

    Back workout- (weight in kg)
    Bent over row- 3 sets, 6-4 reps, 50-55kg
    One arm row- 3 sets. 6-4 reps, 20-25kg
    Shrugs- 3 sets. 8-6 reps, 50-58kg

  3. 13-10-06

    Meal 1- peanut butter sandwhich and apple
    Meal 2- roll with meat and salad, orange, nuts
    Meal 3- rice and chicken (pre workout) and post workout shake
    meal 4- few potatoes and some chicken
    meal 5- hamburger and chips (not good i know)
    meal 6- rice and chicken and protein shake


    Barbell curls 3 sets 6-4 reps 33-38kg (n)
    Dumbell hammers 3 sets 4-4 reps 10-16kg (n)
    Weighted dips (10kg block on lap) 3 sets 10 reps (y)

    Comments: workout was great, but diet was slack. didnt eat enough, and had take away while out.

  4. 15-10-06

    Meal 1- Yogurt, 2 cheese sausages
    Meal 2- protein shake, bannana, nuts, sandwhich
    Meal 3- Sandwhich, yogurt, bannana
    Meal 4- Spaghetti bog, garlic bread
    Meal 5- 3 eggs, 4 pieces of bread
    Meal 6- protein shake, nuts, sandwhich

    Workout- Chest, Shoulder

    Bench Press- 6-4 reps, 53-58kg, focus on upper chest. Move to 7-5 next week.
    Military press- 7-5 reps, 33-38kg. Move to 8-6 next week.
    Upright row 8-6 reps, 35- 40kg. Increase weight next week.
    Push ups until failure (30)

    Abs- 3x20 situps.

    Comments: workout good, diet was pretty solid, but need to eat earlier in morning.

    Morning weight- fluctuates between 74.5-75kg. Increase in 2-3kg.
    Arms at 34cm. Increase of 2 cm.
    Body fat levels slightly higher, but still relativley low.

  5. 17-10-06


    Bent over rows- 3 sets, 7-5 reps, 50-55kg
    One arm rows- 3 sets, 20-25kg, 8-6 reps
    Behind body shrugs- 3 sets (low weight- testing form, first time ive done these)
    Front shrugs- 3 sets, 8-6 reps, 50-55kg.

  6. 19-10-06


    Meal1- Bowl of wheat cereal and milk
    Meal 2- apple and pastie
    meal 3- 3 eggs, 3 slices wholemeal bread
    meal 4- protien shake, ham sandwhich
    meal 5 - bowl of pasta (with mince)
    Meal 6- weight gain shake, apple, carrot, ham sandwhich


    Squats 7-6 reps, 50-55kg
    Deadlifts 8-6 reps 55-63kg
    Calf raises- no weight, supersets 3x 25

  7. 21-10-06

    Meal 1- mandarin and small bowl of oats
    Meal 2- 3 eggs, 3 pieces large mulitgran bread
    Meal 3- weight gain shake ( 700 calories)
    Meal 4- 2 toasted ham and cheese sandwhiches (mulitgrain)
    Meal 5- 2 toasted ham and cheese sandwhiches (multigrain)
    Meal 6- apple, nuts, weight gain shake

    Bi's and Tri's

    Barbell Curl- 35-40kg 6-4
    Close grip bench press (replace with fench presses)
    Dumbell curls 10-16kg 7-5 reps
    Dips (10kg weight on lap) 3 sets 10 reps

  8. 24-10-06

    Meal1- apple
    Meal 2-almonds, mandarin, water
    meal 3- 2 sandwhiches
    meal 4- oats, milk, protein powder
    Meal 5- potatoes, chicken, carrots


    Bench- 3 sets 6-4 reps 53-58kg
    Dumbell pullovers- 1 set 20kg (abandoned due to tricep strain)
    Military press 3 sets 7-5 reps 35-40kg
    Lateral raises 3 sets 5-10kg per hand

  9. well i have 4 weeks until leavers, i want to put on some quality muscle before than. im at around 75/76kg and my arms are at around 34cm. My arms r the worst section of my body and i really want to hit 36-37cm by leavers in 4 weeks. I understand the tricpes are 2/3 of the arm and i have typically not put much effort into triceps, so in the next 4 weeks im gonna put greater emphasis on the tri's and bi's.

  10. 28-10-06

    Meal 1 - 3 eggs 3 slices of bread
    Meal 2- apple, celery, nuts, chicken mayo sandwhich
    meal 3- 5 sushi slices, tuna and potatoe paddy
    meal 4- salad, 4 sushi slices, tuna and potatoe paddy
    meal 5- oat protein powder, flaxseed and milk shake

    Bent over rows 50-55kg 7-5 reps
    One arm rows 23-28kg 7-5 reps
    Shrugs- 50 - 55kg 8-6 reps (lower weight next week focus on form)

  11. Since starting this cycle of bulking, how much weight have you put on?

    And is this just strickly weight that your trying to put on?
    ---The internet is the father of the electronic lynch-mob---

  12. trying to put mostly lean mass, tho i dont mind a little fat as well. Ive gained around 3.5kg in about 6 weeks.

  13. why have you only squatted once?

  14. ive squatted more than once, i missed journaling 1 leg workout, and i never did squats, ive only recently realised im missing out on alot by not doing them so now i do them every leg workout, along with deadlifts

  15. 2-11-06

    Meal 1- Weight gain shake
    Meal 2- 3 eggs, 3 slices wholemeal bread
    Meal 3- Bowl of noodles
    Meal 4- 2 tortillas stuffed with mince, lettece, tomato and sour cream
    Meal 5- Sanwhich with ham, procuitto, mayonaise, wholemeal bread

    Squats 7, 6, 6 53-58kg
    Deadlifts 8,7,6 60-66kg
    Calf raises 25, 25, 25

  16. got a question- i workout at home, and i dont have a squat rack, so i jerk the weight onto my shoulders and do front squats. r these still effective?

  17. 3-11-06

    Bench press 55kg-63kg 6-4 (pb)
    Military press- 35-40kg 6-4
    Lateral raises 5-10kg each hand 8-6
    Pushups (incline) 30


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