4 Day GTP training log coming up

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  1. 4 Day GTP training log coming up

    On monday I will be starting the new program that has sent me. It is a four day version of GTP style training. I will be keeping all here updated with my workouts and off days. Only so much info is allowed to be realeased so I will tell what I can.


  2. interested...

  3. Alright fellas, just did my first workout here on the 4 day program and it was killer to say the least. It was tough, almost threw up about 3 times during and a couple more on the way home. I felt so sick that I had trouble eating afterwords.

    At first glance I didnt think that the workout was going to be as tough as it was due to some of the longer rest between sets. Well, was I wrong! My chest got a super workout, bis went very well and my lats pretty much quit on me. I more excited about tomorrow now that I have gotten one out of the way.

  4. maybe this prgram needs to start with some pepto...
    if only I had time to start you guys at the begining phases and work you into the killer workouts it wouldnt be so bad.

    Here a lil info

    4day/week GTP Dynamic

    This is 4 day a week split upper/lower body resistance training program using the GTP principles. The Goals of this program are increasing muscle mass and strength. This program is based on principles to maximize both slow and fast twitch fibers maximally while increasing glycogen storage for increased mass and workout performance. It utilizes lower overall volume and higher frequency to maximize the body’s ability to stay in an anabolic state. Recovery is a little slower in the program than in the original GTP so proper nutrition is very important here. This is not a program for those intending to be in near restricted calorie diets. The program is still good for burning fat while building muscle but it only uses one exhaustive set so it is not going to burn as many calories as the original. Instead this also uses specially placed dynamic exercises to increase fast twitch stimulation and push the energy system usage more towards that used in strength movements. The result is a muscle building experience that still conditions while adding even more strength and mass. Progressive load is also used in the dynamic GTP but there are several more variations of this progression than the original GTP. There are 2 versions of this program if you would like to use to program in 2 consecutive 8 week periods, or you can alternate it with another style of GTP.

    This program is only for athletes only! Slightly less demanding than the 3 day program.
    It is very exhausting, you will be breathing hard the entire workout because you are using all of the bodies energy pathways.
    Estimated workout duration = 40-60 minutes

  5. did you have any pre/postworkout supplementation?

  6. The next day after thought!
    No where near as sore as I was with the 3 day workout, that includes legs to so there is a simple enough explanation for that.


    everything else feels pretty good. I will say those lateral raises were a *****:good:

  7. Whey, CEE, and glutamine are the only supps I am taking now besides viatmins.

  8. Alright, just got the news from thegame that taking tomorrow off will not really hinder my plan due to the fact that it is a 4 day so I will have enough rest time before monday. That is great news as I feel like poo and dont think a decent workout was in my future tomorrow. Will update again here on Friday.

  9. Alright, Upper Body day 2:

    Well I had to go outside after finishing my chins ( 2nd exercise ) cause I was 99% sure I was gonna hurl. I didnt, but wish I had. I felt sick the rest of the workout. The more you put in, the more I am gonna get out of it. I try to push beyond failure all the time. I am in the midst of a cold/sinus infection but that really didnt seem to give me mush hassle there. I had some trouble with endurance but I think I just went a little heavier then I should have on the weight. You live and learn. I think I missed target on 2 exercises for 1st set and one by 1 rep which isnt to bad. Looking forward to tomorrow and getting back on track hard core:bruce2: for monday!


  10. Ok, leg day 2

    Holy hell, the extensions were amazing, both good and bad . I had to sit down before I went on to the next exercise. The more I pay attention to tempo, the better results I will get. Obviously that is very important but I am holding myself to this and it is proving awesome dividends this go around. So far, I really like this, not sure what week 2 has in store for me but, I am deff. looking forward to it!:squat:

  11. Updates coming, dont have computer at work anymore. Standby for them

  12. Todays training went very well, not to many people in the Gym to bother me today! That is always a plus! Felt really good and energized the entire time. Had to rush from exercise to exercise so my rest may have been a little short. That is fine though. I will say, today I had the best Lat Pump I have ever experianced!

    The one negative thing with this that I see so far is that I dont feel my bi's getting as good as a workout as the rest of my body. Not sure what the deal is with that? The weight I use allows for target first set, minus a couple then so on. I push through the exercise extremely hard and still dont seem to get results like I do with my Tri's. My bis are my most lacking body part so I am wondering if adding a second exercise for them would prove beneficial or not?

  13. did you ever try adding that new exercise I pm'd you?

  14. Would that be the double fisted weiny grab?

  15. Just got done my legs, and I really had a hard time getting from one side of the gym to the other after doing extensions. I really had a blasting pump in my quads and it seemed like it lasted forever. They feel alot better know but are very tired. I think I need a nap!

    Yes I added it. Kinda forgot to write it down in my pad so I did them dead last. Not the best idea!

  16. Overall summery of first two weeks:

    The first thing that comes to mind is my legs. They have been sore for almost the whole 2 weeks. Yesterday I increased my leg press weight by 50lbs and that made a pretty good differance as far as that goes, my hams are tighter for sure. On leg days I walk to the gym which in return forces me to walk home for a nice cooldown after a good stretch following the lifting.

    I am really enjoying this workout for numerous reasons.

    1. I am getting extreme workouts everytime I go.
    2. The amount of time spent in gym is far less then expected.
    4. I dont need a energy drink,the workout itself is enough motivation to get in there and throw some **** around

    If anyone has specific questions on the workout itself ask away. I wont give up minute details but will answer to the best of my ability.


  17. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Alright game, if we ever meet, you are toast. I am so tired, sore, and today was the first "TASTE" of vomit that I had gotten. Bad part is, I was nowhere near outside or the bathroom so down the hatch it had to go. Let me tell you that multigrain bagels and ON dont taste better the second time. Best pumps bar far yet on this 4 day program. When I got the schedule I thought it was going to be easy as cake, F me, I was in for a huge one. Oh yeah, I hate you~ AGAIN!

    Great workout though!

  18. Alright, I got a review from Tuesday and Thursday to put up here so bear with me.

    Tuesday was leg day. Went early morning, very nice, I dont think older people realize that legs are important so I have pretty much everything to myself. This week my reps dropped by 5 so I went a little stupid and upped my Squats by 50lbs. Well to my delight, they went very well, hit target on first two sets and only missed by 4 on my last. I was extremely pleased with that. My right hammy has been very tight, I have added extra stretching throughout the day and it has helped a ton. I am having problems doing toe raises because of my arch issues. It causes me pain throught the rest of the day but hell, it is a small price to pay to get some size. Its only two times a week anyways. Great pumps all around, not looking forward to lunges tomorrow but I love em. Kind of backasswords but so am I.

    Thursday I did upper body. Entire workout went very well minus the chins. I was just a little dissapointed with these until I checked how last weeks went. I was actually up a couple! I had thought I went down, and that motivated me to push that much harder on every other set. I have been getting alot of compliments on looking thinner and harder. Strange, I dont see it but I never do. My diet has been very good, and I have been working some stupid hours but still forcing myself in the gym. Usually when I get on these 15-18 hour days, I like to skip and push it off. While on this workout even when Im tired, all I think about is getting in the gym. I feel great, my joints are feeling nice.

  19. the PDF on this training is up for DL now if anyone is interested. just ask Revodrew for the link

  20. Or you can check out my link log for it:

    idunk42's 6-Day GTP Log

  21. Well you could go there. Damn Idunk, couldnt give a brotha a second to post it up huh?

  22. You gotta be quick!!!

  23. Upper body was crazy today. More weight then at the end of my 3 day program which was a huge surprise. A guy in the locker room asked me " hey man, why do you workout so hard?" ... My answer was " the game " I laughed and just waslked out and started my ****. The guys just looked dumbfounded. It was pretty funny and yes I realize you had to be there, but it was surely priceless. I have been getting many compliments about my arms and chest. They are starting to see some great effects. Cant wait till legs tomorrow!!!

  24. Not a good sign today. While doing bench I felt a really sharp pain around the rotator cuff area. Right now I can hardly lift my arm up. If the pain is not subsided by tomorrow there may be a break in my near future. Will keep everyone updated.

  25. I have taken the week off and am going to start agian monday with the 2nd week of 15 reps then progress back down to the 10 reps. Shoulder is feeling better but dont want to push it.


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