"Return to Lifting" Log

  1. "Return to Lifting" Log

    Hey guys,

    I'm using this as a motivational tool as I return to weight lifting/bodybuilding. Feel free to give advice, comment, encourage, etc.


    I'm a senior at the University of Illinois at Champaign. Ran track and cross country - and weighed about 140 - for four years in high school. I've bounced around between running, bicycling, and weight lifting since then. All in all, very little progress, since the endurance sports and body building seen to be mutually exclusive. Everytime the "pipe-cleaner" arms set in, I come back to lifting. Thus, this currently being the case, my first day back in the gym will be - tomorrow.

  2. Baseline:

    Fitness is at a low ebb right now, coming off an injury. Just been doing about one hour of running or two hours of bicycling each day.

    Weight - about 170lbs

    Bodyfat - no idea, "have abs" when I get up in the morning, but always feel bloated by evening, visible veins on calves, thighs, arms


    GNC multi-vitamin

    3-9 grams of fish oil, depending on fats from diet during the day

    whey protein concentrate: post-workout

    caffeine: enough to get out of bed, lol

    I've tried Creatine Monohydrate in the past, and will probably get some of this during the weekend.


    I'll be bulking, so I'm not afraid to put on some fat. And before long it will be cold here, so I can just throw on a sweatshirt! I'd like somewhere between half a pound to one pound each week. I've never been this heavy before, so even coming back to lifting this may be tough.

    SO: 10 lbs in 10-20 weeks, then take a look in the mirror and go from there

    Workout Plan:

    I will be tough to stop running/cycling "cold turkey," so I'll keep these to one hour of cycling or half an hour of running in the morning. Even if it slows the weight gain, there are so many health benefits to regular cardio.

    Lifting after classes in the PM. My work capacity will be low in the beginning, so I'll do very few sets and reps per part on a three day split, repeated twice each week, taking Sunday off. I'm the type that needs to work out twice a day, running has really bred this into me, and I can't give it up - yet!


    AM cardio: 60 minutes bicycling or 30 running

    PM: lifting

    Sunday: OFF
    Monday: Biceps, Triceps, Shoulders
    Tuesday: Chest, Back
    Wednesday: Legs
    Thursday: Biceps, Triceps, Shoulders
    Friday: Chest, Back
    Saturday: Legs

    The Bi's/Tri's/Shoulders day seems like too much, but I'll play wait and see.


    Got a bunch of recipies from Men's Health, but money's always tight.

    I've never calculated macronutrient ratios, but I know I eat very nearly 3500 cals/day. Lately its been more like 4500, and I'm putting on some fat, fast. Rather than list a diet that will soon change drastically, I'll just post it as it develops.

  3. Have an old pic from about 6 months ago - was about 175lbs at 6 feet 1 inch.
    Attached Images Attached Images  

  4. OK, off to a pretty good start:

    6:00 AM: 40 minutes on the mountain bike

    2:00 PM:

    Went with low rep, high weight. On the last set I generally do not complete all the reps; I only increase the weight when I get all the reps on the previous set.

    EZ-bar bicep curls: 5x5 @ 95
    Skull-crusher: [email protected],85,85,90,90
    Overhead press: 5x5 @100, 105, 110, 110, 115
    Dumb-bell shrugs: [email protected]

    The biceps curls were easy, but pain in my right forearm prevented use of a heavier weight. Did the rest just to see what I had left:

    Tricep push-down: [email protected],160,170,180
    Hammer curls: failure, 30 lbs
    Front shoulder raise: 20 lbs, failure

    Forgot sit-ups!


    Have 3670 total calories by about 4:00 pm. For 2640 of those, the macros are 22% fat, 57% CHO, 21% protein. Also, a protein shake: two scoops concentrate and 2 cups skim milk. Finally, slop made up of one cups oats, one cup skim milk, one cup blueberries, one egg, one banana, for 630 calories of slop.

    SO thatís at least 200 grams of protein, plenty of carbs, let fats fall where they may for now.

    Will probably hit at 4500 cals by the time I get to sleep, with the balance mostly protein and fat.

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