Basso's "The Next phase" Log!

  1. Wink Basso's "The Next phase" Log!

    Ok it's time for some more pain! The transformation contest is over, I'm not on tap to do a log for anyone (yet) and my motivation is in the toliet! So it's time to get focused and forge torward my goal of sub 10% BF by 1 Dec!

    TIME LINE I have exactly 8 weeks before the gym closes down and will force me to take a week off, so this log will be another 8 weeker.

    GOAL I want to get to 12% in the next 8 weeks. I know that doesn't sound like a very difficult goal, but I want to regain some strength while doing it. In the next 8 weeks I want to get back some raw gym lifts, 2 goals in particular are
    DL=700+ Raw
    Bench Press=400+ Raw
    I'd also like to get around 275 or more on standing military press but will see how my shoulders hold out.

    DIET I'm starting off with a 40/40/20 @ 2800-3000cals which will yield me some very slow results for sure, but with the extra carbs I hope to start pushing some bigger weights which in turn should translate into some additional fat loss.

    WORKOUT 4 day split
    Workout will be Basso style which means I don't follow any particular w/o but I have customized my own. I never do the same w/o 2 times in a row and I base all w/o's on Compound movements. I will do an old school periodization for Bench and Deads the next 8 weeks.

    PROBLEMS Left knee, I have apparently reinjured an old cycling injury by reintroducing riding into my life and it completly inhibits me from Squating. Heavy squating (my fav lift) will not be an option, hopefully I can slowly reintroduce squats but for now Big DLs will have to suffice.

    SUPPLEMENTS For the most part they will be just the basics, I added creatine this last week and have put on 5lbs (normal) and I will run it throughout, I also have PowerFULL and Camph from USPLabs on the way, so I will introduce those as well. Here is my planned list

    CycleSupport-1 serving per day
    Creatine Mono

    Of course I maintain the right to change this list if I'm asked to do a log for someone.

    MY PROGRESS Ok so here is where I've been and where I'm headed. First Pic is from Feb. Height is 5'9" hopefully that won't change!

    Ok, enough...let the next phase of my transformation begin!
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  2. Looking huge man. U shouldnt have a problem with ur goals. Good luck.

  3. 18 Sep 2006 And it begins

    Diet: 44/32/23 @ 3335cals, if I had opted for a chicken breast instead of a 12oz NYStrip I would have been on the money. DL day needs red meat though so Steak it was! I've been doing low carb for so long now it's going to be hard to adjust but I'm sure in a week or so I'll have it all ironed out.

    WorkOut: Back Day and a Monday what more can you ask for!

    Deadlift: 455x6x2
    Bentover Rows: 275x8x3
    DB Rows: 150x8x3
    Pull Downs: 225x8x2
    Seated Rows: TUT-6sec 120x10,9
    Straight Bar Curls: TUT-4sec 95x10x4
    Cable Crunches: 115x10x3
    Hanging leg lifts: BWx12x3

    I got rolling on this w/o last week and I actually had a partner, but he got moved to night shift for a month so I'm alone again! Felt good today the w/o took me about 50min and my legs got cut up pretty good, so I had Chalk and blood all over me in my pristene, prissy gym. Man I hate this place! Makes me want to lift more...urgh! Anyway I'm going to raise my DLs up every week about 30-50lbs and in about 6-7 weeks hopefully I'll be pulling at least 7 bills!

    Enough for day 1, good day in the gym I'm looking forward to adding PowerFULL to my supps as I've heard great things and I really like every USPLabs product that I have tried. Hopefully it gets here soon!

    Until tomorrow Basso Out...

  4. 19 Sep

    Diet: Today I hit 42/37/[email protected] which put me right about 300gs of protien so it was pretty much right exactly where I want to be. So day 2 I have it figured out. I will say eating this much carbs feels like cheating and that I'm getting sick of brown rice!!! But I am feeling good in the gym which was my goal!

    Workout: I felt really good although not overly powerful, I think after a couple weeks of this diet I'll be a lot more dialed-in in the gym. i.e. the weight felt light but I didn't last long, so it's better then everything feels heavy AND I don't last long, which is how I have been feeling most days on low carbs.
    Chest Day
    Bench Press: 305x8,8,7 (If I had lift offs I would have had 8x3)
    Incline DBs: 120x8,5 (faded fast!)
    Incline Fly: 90x6,4
    Incline HammerStrength(HS): 270x10,10,6, 180x6
    HS Dips: 290x10,10,6, 200x12
    Flat fly: TUT 6sec 45sx10x2

    I'll be increasing Bench by 20lbs every week up to 425lbs, unless 405 kicks my butt! But I'm hoping to double 405 then max out at 425, we'll see I haven't played with those weights in awhile but I'd like to see those numbers. I haven't done a periodization in over 10 years so this should work well (I hope).

    Anyway enough for today, Basso out!

  5. looking strong, stay dedicated!

  6. Thanks peterson I'm just trying to stay ahead of you!

  7. Sep 22

    It's been a rough couple of days, I made it in to do Cardio on Wed but Thursday by the time I got off work I was beat down and I decided to skip legs (gasp). Actually after do 20min on the elliptical on Wed I had the bright idea to run a little, after about a quarter of a mile my knee started hurting, so I'm pretty concerned about it. I'm going to try and work around it for now, hopefully I can manage until I move back to the good ol USA.

    DIET: It's totally sucked, I have been stuck in situations were it was starve or eat like crap, I choose crap, I need to start planning for the unexpected every day. Anyway I've definitely slapped some fat back on my gut in the past couple weeks so this is not a good direction!

    Workout Shoulders/Arms
    Standing Military Press: 135x10, 185x6x2, 135x15
    Seated side laterals: 30x10x3
    Close Grip BP: 225x6, 315x5, 275x6,4
    Pushdowns: 125x10x4
    I tried to do some curls but I think I pulled something in my forearm on back day so it was to painful, no bis this week!

    Overall this was a pretty crappy start, hopefully next week I can forget about life a little and focus on this task at hand! I recieved my PowerFULL and Camph so I'll be starting those on Monday, I'm real anxious to see how these products affect me!

    Oh well enough of the self pity party, until Monday
    Basso Out

  8. 26 Sep

    A stomach flu filled weekend, or some lousy food, whatever it was it forced me to skip Monday and today I was feeling a little weak and shakey. Diet pretty much sucked all weekend due to having a nonappetite I ended up pigging out on garbage and didn't care. Monday and today diet was back on track, close to 40/40/20 at around 2800 cals both days. So anyway I made it to the gym today so here it goes.

    W/O Back day

    Deadlift: 495x4x2
    BentOver Rows: 275x8x3
    Seated Cable rows: 160x8, 180x8, 200x7
    HS Rows: 405x6x2, 315x8, 225x10
    Cambered Pull downs: 150x15,12,10
    DB Curls: 50x10x3
    Cable Crunch: StackX15,12,12
    Hanging leg lifts: 12x3

    Well it went ok even though I wasn't feeling to good still, I had planned on doing 495x5x2 but knocked it down a rep and try to avoid getting hurt. I'm going to do Chest tomorrow and legs on Friday and skip shoulders and arms this week probably.

    Until tomorrow, Basso Out

  9. damn, almost 5 bills on the D/L ... great work. and great log too. subscribed

  10. Quote Originally Posted by RenegadeRows
    damn, almost 5 bills on the D/L ... great work. and great log too. subscribed
    Well thanks but hopefully 7 will be in the near future. I plan on video taping the attempt, so if you don't hear anything else about it, I failed miserably!

  11. 27 Sep

    DIET Same ol, same ol hanging at around 3000 cals at 40/40/20

    W/O Chest

    BenchPress: 325x5x3
    Incline DB: 125x5,3
    Incline Fly: 100x4, 80x8,6
    HS Flat Wide grip press: 315x8, 385x6x2, 315x8
    Flat Fly: TUT 8sec 50x6x2
    Pushdowns: 125x12x3

    My BP strength is not doing well, I was planning on doing 6x3 for easy sets but instead I barely got 5's. Hopefully I'm still feeling the effects of my stomach problems and next week I'll get 5's with 345. Didn't feel bad, but as you can see I faded fast with the DB's.

    Basso Out

  12. I'm still around, but I'm going to cut this log short! I've had a couple of pretty rotten weeks and I'm going to be doing a log for the big AM contest so I've decided to stop this log and concentrate on the other. Thanks for watching anyway and "I'll be Back"



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