Help me put together a quick cutting log

  1. Help me put together a quick cutting log

    anyone here think i can make a noticable difference to my bodyfat before the end of the month?

    have a hawaii trip with my girlfriend on the last weekend of the month and need to look awesome for all the pics!

    want to do a naturual cutting log/workout for the next few weeks and need your guys help!!!

    have never had to try to cut before so am a bit new to this!!

    i'm 175lb and around 10-11% BF right now, all i can think of right now is get lots of sleep and take long acting protein before sleep, change to a slightly higher rep (8-10) per set with lower weight, probably cut out as much salt as possible from my diet starting a few days before i leave, what else can i do?

  2. Depends on how much you want to suffer, but with only a couple weeks and being at 10% I'd say something like BodyOpus or some other extreme finishing diet would be your best bet.

  3. i'm ruthless bro, no pain no gain!

    if thats the way then thats what i'll do!
  4. Thumbs up

    Was in the same boat, I choose high reps high intensity workout and it worked great. I used Kris Gethins DTP workout but his nutrition plan was for a bulk change it around and stay around 2300 calories for your weight not sure how active you are.. But off days jump-rope and sprints. Best advice is a clean diet!

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