Gettinpumpeds 5x5 log

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  1. Gettinpumpeds 5x5 log

    Well after reading such good results with the 5x5 I decided to start one. my current maxes are bench -315 for 2 reps, squat 315 for 1 rep, and deadlift 315 for 5 with straps. I weigh about 250 right now. Bodyfat dont know but its a lot. Im gonna try to eat cleaner from now on. Currently not on any supps except protein. Well Im on week 2 but heres how my first week went. I know my squat and deads really suck but Im working on it.

    Week 1 Day 1
    Squat: 1x5x135, 1x5x155, 1x5x185, 1x5x205, 1x5x225
    Bench: 1x5x135, 1x5x155, 1x5x185, 1x5x205, 1x5x225
    BBRow: 1x5x95, 1x5x115, 1x5x135, 1x5x155, 1x5x165

  2. Week 1 Day 2
    Squat: 1x5x135, 1x5x155, 2x5x185
    Military press standing: 1x5x45, 1x5x55, 1x5x65, 1x5x75 shoulders been bothering me so I took it very light
    Deadlift:1x5x135, 1x5x185, 1x5x205, 1x5x225

    Week 1 Day 3
    Squat: 1x5x135, 1x5x155, 1x5x185, 1x5x205, 1x3x230, 1x8x185
    Bench: 1x5x135, 1x5x155, 1x5x185, 1x5x205, 1x3x230, 1x8x185
    BBRows: 1x5x95, 1x5x115, 1x5x135, 1x5x155, 1x3x175, 1x8x135
    I also did 3 sets of preacher curls and 3 sets of dumbell behind the neck extensions and some ab work.

    I think I started a little too light but I've been having some pain in my shoulders so Im gonna have to start light. Hopefully I'll get back into the 300s pretty soon.


  3. Week 2 Day 1
    Squat: 1x5x135, 1x5x155, 1x5x185, 1x5x205, 1x5x230
    Bench: 1x5x135, 1x5x155, 1x5x185, 1x5x205, 1x5x230
    BBRow: 1x5x95, 1x5x135, 1x5x155, 1x5x175, 1x5x180

    One thing I forgot to mention is I workout M,W,F
    Rows felt pretty easy and so did the bench.

    Week 2 Day 2
    Squat: 1x5x135, 1x5x155, 2x5x185 (felt very Light)

    Military press behind the neck: 1x5x85, 1x5x105, 1x5x115, 1x5x125 these felt a lot easier than doing them to the front

    Deadlift: 1x5x135, 1x5x185, 1x5x235, 1x5x255 Last set felt kinda heavy, my grip sucks. I ended up doing 4 sets of chinups and that was it. I'm hoping my deads will get better. Well time to eat and then go to sleep.

  4. Week 2 Day 3
    Had a pretty good workout today. My shoulder was hurting a little during bench but not a big deal. Hopefully everything goes smoothly.

    Squat: 1x5x135, 1x5x155, 1x5x185, 1x5x205, 1x3x240, 1x8x185

    Bench: 1x5x135, 1x5x155, 1x5x185, 1x5x205, 1x3x240, 1x8x185

    BBRow: 1x5x95, 1x5x135, 1x5x155, 1x5x175, 1x3x185, 1x8x155

    I also did 3 sets of preacher curls and 4 sets of db behind the neck extensions and some ab work. Is there any thing else u guys think will help me out?

  5. Week 3 Day 1
    Today was a good day, no shoulder or back pains which is a good for me. Mondays I dont work so I get to hit the gym early. Well heres how it went.

    Squat: 1x5x135, 1x5x185, 1x5x205, 1x5x225, 1x5x245
    Bench: 1x5x135, 1x5x185, 1x5x205, 1x5x225, 1x5x245
    BBRow: 1x5x95, 1x5x135, 1x5x155, 1x5x175, 1x5x95

  6. Week 3 Day 2
    Well I had a good workout. Intensity was up but my deadlifts sucked. I really need to work on my grip. I think maybe next week I will lighten it up and do sumos instead of conventional. I ended up doing military to the front cus I really need to work on that.

    Squat: 1x5x135, 1x5x185, 2x5x205 those last 2 sets just felt easy.
    Military Press(to the front): 1x5x65, 1x5x85, 1x5x95, 1x5x105
    Deadlift: 1x5x185, 1x5x235, 1x4x255, 1x5x255

  7. Week 3 Day 3
    This workout was awesome. Lots of energy and squats just felt too easy. I wanted to go heavier but Im gonna save that for the following weeks since Im only on my 3rd week. Heres how it went.
    Squats: 1x5x135, 1x5x185, 1x5x225,1x5x245,1x3x255,1x8x22 5

    Bench: 1x5x135,1x5x185,1x5x225,1x5x24 5,1x3x255,1x8x225

    BBRow: 1x5x95,1x5x135,1x5x155,1x5x175 ,1x3x200,1x8x155

    Also did some BB Curls, behind the neck db extensions and some ab work.

  8. Week 4 Day 1

    Todays workout went good. I had lots of strength and my squats just felt too easy. I think maybe next week Im gonna change the way I do my rows and use a reverse grip. Im hoping my deads will go as easy as my squats. Heres how it went:

    Squat: 1x5x185, 1x5x225, 1x5x245, 1x5x255, 1x5x275

    Bench: 1x5x185, 1x5x225, 1x5x245, 1x5x255, 1x5x260

    BBRow:1x5x135, 1x5x155, 1x5x175, 1x5x195, 1x5x205

  9. how long are you planning on doing this routine?? i ask b/c it is gonna be hell on your CNS if you do it for a long period of time.......
    out of curiosity what made you decide to go with this kind of 5x5...not flaming ya bro, just tryin to ask questions so you can get some solid help from the board.

  10. I was thinking of doing 9-12 weeks on this before I changed it up. I been doing a 5 day split for the past 2 years. My strenght has pretty hit a plateau. Kinda just wanted to try something different u know but I never really did squats or deads either so I kinda thought this would help me out. What kind of routine do u think I should do after this one? All help is appreciated guys.

  11. When I've done 5x5's I do it with the same weight, in other words Bench Press 150lbsx5x5, once you actually get all 25 reps then move up 5-10lbs. It's a good volume w/o but to do it every week is pretty rough, I'd go 4 weeks then hit a couple weeks of 6-8x3's, jmho.
    DLs are probably the toughest to do this with, your CNS is destroyed by DLs so I like 2 heavy sets maybe 3 if I'm feeling spunky! I've always gotten more out of doing 2 heavier sets then 4-5 lighter sets even though it's a greater volume. But if your still getting comfortable with DLs then 5x5 is pretty good to work on your form!

  12. Im doing the Bill Starr Intermediate 5x5. It says to ramp weight up to heaviest set. I've read a few logs over on and it seems like they were getting good results. Im gonna stick to it a few more weeks as long as Im progressing but if Im not then Im gonna go with another.

  13. Week 4 Day 2
    Todays workout was pretty good. I changed my deads to sumo deads. I really need to work on those. Heres how it went.

    Squat: 1x5x185, 1x5x225, 2x5x275

    MilitaryPress: 1x5x65, 1x5x85, 1x5x105, 1x5x115

    Sumo Deads: 1x5x135, 1x5x185, 1x5x205, 1x5x225

  14. Week 4 Day 3
    I had a pretty good workout today. I couldnt get my 3 reps on my 5th set of squats but thats only cus I didnt have a spotter. Bench felt good and and my rows didnt feel as heavy as I thought. Heres how it went.

    Squat: 1x5x225, 1x5x245, 1x5x265, 1x5x285, 1x2x295, 1x8x265

    Bench: 1x5x185, 1x5x225, 1x5x245, 1x5x265, 1x3x270, 1x8x245

    BBRow: 1x5x95, 1x5x135, 1x5x175, 1x5x195, 1x3x215, 1x8x175

  15. Week 5 Day 1
    Well todays workout was pretty good. I had lots of strenght and energy. Im really starting to like squats. I hit a PR on squats and on the rows. Heres how it went:

    Squats: 1x5x225, 1x5x245, 1x5x265, 1x5x285, 1x5x305PR

    Bench: 1x5x135, 1x5x225, 1x5x245, 1x5x265, 1x5x270

    BBRows: 1x5x135, 1x5x175, 1x5x195, 1x5x215, 1x5x225PR

  16. Week 5 Day 2


    Military Press:


    I had a pretty good workout today but man those deads were exhausting. I was gonna go for 275 but my back wasnt feeling to good. Im gonna be doing this routine for maybe another 4 weeks or more if I keep making progress, if not then maybe Im gonna go with westside or dc style.

  17. Week 5 Day 3

    1x3x315 PR


    1x3x235 PR

    Todays workout was tough. I didnt have lots of energy. I guess Im just not as energized as I am when I workout at night. Im currently not taking any supps just whey protein. Moneys a little tight right now since I just bought some furniture. Im hoping to hit a PR on bench Monday. Anyone know what kind of warmup I can do before squats cus my inner thighs are really starting to hurt. I might just reset the weights on squats and rows not too sure yet.

  18. Week 6 Day 1

    1x5x275 PR

    1x5x315 PR
    1x5x335 PR

    1x5x245 PR

    Todays workout was pretty good. I think because I did bench 1st it made it easier for me. Im hoping next week it will be another PR. Squats just felt too easy I think it was because I had a spotter. He didnt help but I think that because I knew someone was there to help that it made me push harder. I hit another PR on rows. The weights actually dont feel to heavy on rows its just that my grips always give out. I've actually done more weight on rows before but that was with straps. Im not using any straps ever again. Well Im hoping that Wednesday my deads go up

  19. Today me and my wife went to the park and did some light cardio. We walked 1.5 miles and jogged .5 miles. Damn that .5 mile was very tiring. Im really out of shape. Im going to be trying to do some light cardio atleast 2 times a week now. I dont want to overdo it and lose strenght. Tomorrow is deadlift day so Im hoping to go up atleast 10s from last weeks. Thinking of doing deads first to have the energy and strenght.

  20. Week 6 Day 2


    Military Press
    1x5x145 PR


    Todays workout was ok. I started off with deads first so I could have more energy. I did get a Pr on them but damn I was exhausted afterwards. My inner thighs were hurting a little on squats. What do u guys think I should do to really warm them up so I wont be hurting so much? I also did a couple sets of decline bench sit ups and some back extensions. I ordered NutraPlanets Ultimate MassPump Stack, which is just cee, arginine ee, and citruline malate. It should be here tomorrow and I'll let everyone know how its working for me. I've been off creatine for about 4 months so I should see some kind of results from it.

  21. Well if your not hurting so much, ya probably didn't get a good DL w/o, I feel like death every time I do them (that's why I love 'em). As long as you warm up good you should be ok, doing squats the same day is rough though, I couldn't hang that's for sure!
    Nice job on the PR btw!

  22. Well actually I was hurting a little but not that much. I did have to rest a little before I started anything else.

  23. Week 6 Day 3
    1x3x280 PR

    1x10x315 PR
    1x2x340 PR


    Todays workout was good but I didnt do all my sets. I had little time before the gym closed. I did take my cee, arginine, and citrulline malate pre workout. The cee didnt taste bad at all but the cm taste a little bad. I was very bloated but I dont think it had anything to do with the supps. I was bloated before I took it and all the water I drank just made me bloat. By the time I was at the gym it was gone. I think I couldve gone heavier but again my legs were hurting and I was worn out from doing 315 for 10 reps. I was only going for 5 but my spotter got me all pumped up that I just kept knocking em out. I couldve got about 4 more reps. The 340 just seemed too heavy. If my legs continue to hurt I might deload the weight for a week or two. Im gonna try to keep my bench going up. Im going to be taking the cee everyday so Im hoping that will help out. Well Im so tired Im gonna shower and go to slleep.

  24. Well this morning me and my wife took the kids to the park. I walked 1 mile and jogged 1 mile. Last week I was only able to jog .5 miles. It felt so good to finish that mile. Tomorrow will be the start of my 7th week and I really havent seen much improvement on my deads. Do u guys think it would help to throw in some SLDL or RDL on Mondays to help me with my deads? I do deads every Wednesday.

  25. I've found that I get better results rotating my deads with GMs, I don't get good results DLing every week if I'm Squating heavy also. You'll have to experiment and see what works for you, I would just finish this cycle as planned then try something different next. JMO


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