Heavyduty's Frankie NY Training Log

  1. Heavyduty's Frankie NY Training Log

    Hello to all. Not much to say Im kinda using this just to watch my progress but comments are welcomed. I'll lay out some info too.

    Age - 19
    Height - 5'11
    Weight - 190
    Bf - 16%
    Years training - 5 years messing around, 2 seriously
    Training Program - Frankie NY
    Training programs Used - maxOT, Ripptoe, and standard 5 day splits
    Supplements Being Used
    -Now Adam
    -MRP Up Your Mass
    -Optimum MRP
    -Bulk Creatine Gluconate (when it arrives)
    -Bulk Beta-Alnine (when it arrives)
    -Universal Storm (When it arrives)
    -Primal EAA

  2. Frankie NY Training Routine

    DAY 1 � PULL

    Power Cleans
    Barbell Rows
    Hammer Curls

    DAY 2 � PUSH

    Dumbbell Bench Press
    Barbell Presses
    Tricep Dips

    DAY 3 � LEGS

    Front Squats
    Barbell Stiff Leg Deadlifts
    Calf Raises (3x12)
    Weighted Crunches (3x12)

    Everything will be 5x5 with a light warm up set except the calf raises and crunches.

  3. Workout 1 (last night)


    Power cleans - 135, 5x5

    Barbell rows - 185, 5x5

    Hammer curls - 45, 5x5

    Workout was great, I love keeping thing short and simple with full intensity. I havn't done power cleans since freshman hs football so I was kinda just felling it out and I did have some discomfert in myright deltoid but nothing bad.

  4. Workout 2

    -Dumbell Bench - 90

    -Military Press - 120

    -Weighted dips - 55

  5. Day 3

    -Squats - 225

    -SLDL - 205

    -Seated Calf Raise - (3 x 12) 270

    -Abdominal Crunch Machine - (3 x 12) 140

  6. Ripptoe?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by CHAPS

  8. What is Ripptoe training?

  9. Here is a post from bb.com Sorry for the big post but its the quickest I could get cause I gotta watch penn state runover the irish. just google "mark ripptoe" for more info.

    Mark Rippetoe's Starting Strength Routine:

    *note the dip/chin isnt in the original program

    Here is a routine from Mark Rippetoe’s book called “Starting Strength”. You can buy the book at Starting Strength. It includes endless useful info that all beginners should learn. But as for the program he suggests, his clients that he gives it to on AVERAGE gain 30-40 pounds in about 6 months or so which is amazing gains.

    The program is as follows:

    You alternate Workout A and Workout B every other day, 3 times a week. So you could either do Mon, Wed, Fri or Tues, Thurs. and Sat. Depending on what works best for you.


    Week 1:

    Monday - Workout A
    Wednesday -Workout B
    Friday - Workout A

    Week 2:

    Monday - Workout B
    Wednesday - Workout A
    Friday - Workout B


    For the actual workouts read below:

    Note: This doesn’t include warm-up sets

    **Means this is OPTIONAL**

    Workout A
    3x5 Squat
    3x5 Bench Press
    1x5 Deadlift
    **2x8 Dips (if you cant do these or no assist machine then do Decline Dumbbell Bench Press with your hands Facing each other)

    Workout B
    3x5 Squat
    3x5 Standing military press
    3x5 Pendlay or Bent Rows (or power cleans)
    **2x8 Chin-ups (recommended mainly if doing the cleans)

    Assistance work:

    Most people cant get it through there head that compound lifts also work your arms Plenty and always Insist on direct arm work. As quoted by Madcow2, “Don't **** with this. Every bodybuilder seems to have Attention Deficit Disorder and an overwhelming desire to customize everything.” If you are one of these people note that you have the option of doing the dips and chins which give PLENTY of arm work. Abdominal work is fine to do also if needed.

    I recommend weighted decline sit-ups and/or Hanging Leg Raises at 2x8-10.


    As for the weight, make sure that you use the SAME weight throughout the sets. For example if I do the first set if Squats with 200lbs then I do the other 2 sets of squats with 200lbs.

    Every week make it a goal to increase each of your lifts by 2.5%. Meaning if I lifted 100lbs for my Bench Week 1 then Week 2 I would try for 102.5lbs. If I did 200lb Squats Week 1 I would try for 205lbs in Week 2. Sometimes you will be able to do more but don’t mess with your form just to lift more.

    Warm-up Sets:

    Before all your working sets it is best to do a few warm-up sets. Specifically for your first lift. You don’t have to do the whole thing for the other lifts but definitely the first.

    What you do is you ramp your weight up to your working sets.

    For example:

    2x5xbar (sets x reps x weight)

    And the working set weight would be 175.

    If you are lifting your working sets under 150 I would cut out the 3rd warmup set of 1x5 because it wont be needed.

    The Lifts:

    **Used references and quotes from Madcow2 and Bodybuilding.com**

    Barbell Squat: These should be full range Olympic style squats. Use the full range of your body - that means as low as you can go which for almost everyone is past parallel. If the top of your thighs aren't at least parallel it's for sh!t. If you think this is bad for your knees going low, you and whoever told you that are relying on an old wives tale. Anyone who knows the human body will tell you that below parallel is MUCH safer on the knees whereas parallel and above put all the sheer right on them and doesn’t allow proper transfer of the load to the rest of your body (this is how your body was designed).

    Rest a barbell on the upper portion of your back, not your neck. Firmly grip the bar with your hands almost twice your shoulder width apart. Position your feet about shoulder width apart and your toes should be pointing just a little outward with your knees in the same direction. Keep your back as straight as possible and your chin up, bend your knees and slowly lower your hips straight down until your THIGHS ARE AT LEAST PARALLEL TO THE FLOOR. Once you reach the bottom position, press the weight up back to the starting position.

    Video: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/2003/barbellsquat.wvx

    To be honest ATG (Ass to the Grass) squats work the best IMO. What you do is you go ALL the way down until your hamstrings touch your calves and keep the same Olympic squat form.

    Barbell Deadlift: Each rep is deweighted fully on the floor. No touch and go. This is called the 'dead'lift because the weight is 'dead' on the ground. You can touch and go warm ups but that's it.

    This is a very complicated exercise so here is bodybuilding.com’s detailed instructions on this lift.

    Bodybuilding.com - PAGE NOT FOUND! 404 Error.

    Video: Bodybuilding.com - PAGE NOT FOUND! 404 Error.

    Flat Barbell Bench Press: Lie on a flat bench and firmly position your feet flat on the floor a little more than shoulder width apart. Keep your back flat on the bench! Using a grip broader than shoulder width, hold the barbell above your body, then lower slowly to the middle of your chest. Without bouncing the weight off your chest, drive the barbell up over the middle of your chest until your arms are straight and your elbows are locked. Lower the bar down slowly.

    Video: Bodybuilding.com - PAGE NOT FOUND! 404 Error.

    Standing Barbell Military Press: Standing overhead presses. Supporting weight overhead is a fundamental exercise and stimulates the whole body.
    Raise barbell to your chest with your hands shoulder width apart. Lock your legs and hips. Keep your elbows in, slightly under your bar. Press bar to arm's length overhead. Lower to your upper chest or chin (depending on what is comfortable).

    Bent Barbell Row: Raise barbell to your chest with your hands shoulder width apart. Lock your legs and hips. Keep your elbows in, slightly under your bar. Press bar to arm's length overhead. Lower to your upper chest or chin (depending on what is comfortable).

    Video: Bodybuilding.com - PAGE NOT FOUND! 404 Error.

    You could also do Pendlay Rows which IMO are also better. This illustration below is a great demonstration for them (thanks for the pic Kethnaab!) :

    Power Clean: This is also a very complicated exercise so here is bodybuilding.com’s detailed instructions on this lift.

    Bodybuilding.com - PAGE NOT FOUND! 404 Error.

    Video: Bodybuilding.com - PAGE NOT FOUND! 404 Error.

    Chin-Up: Hold the chin-up bar with a supinated grip (palms facing you) with your hands about 6 to 8 inches apart. Pull yourself up and try to touch either your chin or upper chest to the bar. Return slowly to the starting position. Do NOT swing back and forth! Using this grip works more of your biceps than your back or lats.

    Video: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/videos/2006/chinup.wvx

    Dip: Using the parallel bars, grip the handles and push yourself up to your starting position. With elbows close to body and hips straight, lower body until shoulders are slightly stretched. Push body up in same posture and repeat. You can bend and cross your legs or keep them straight.

    Video: Bodybuilding.com - PAGE NOT FOUND! 404 Error.

    The Diet:

    If you are bulking, which is what people usually do on this program, you need to be eating like there is no tomorrow. 3000-4000 calories a day. Make sure you get 1 to 2 x your bodyweight in protein (in grams) and more than that in carbs. Mark Rippetoe also suggests that you drink up to a gallon of milk a day and plenty of water.

    Your bulk could be clean but its hard to do so. I suggest just going all out and getting any protein you can get your hands on. For example lean grilled chicken and egg whites is best but if you want to gain that muscle fast then ground beef, steaks, whole eggs, cheeses etc is great. Eat a lot of oats, pasta, wheat bread, yogurt, cottage cheese, tuna, etc.

    Make sure you get a huge breakfast. Mark recommends 4 huge meals a day with breakfast being the largest. Make sure all your meals have plenty of both carbs and protein! Also look into getting a PWO shake for post workout to get some carbs DIRECTLY into your system when your done lifting. Then an hour later eat a meal. Its also good to eat a snack before bed. Just remember to get big you need to eat big because eating is 90% of your muscle gains.

    Good luck and above all have FUN!

  10. Nice, thanks

  11. Day 4

    -Cleans, 145 x 5

    -Barbell Rows, 195 x 5

    -Hammer Curls, 50 x 5

  12. Day 5 (last night)

    -DB Bench, 95lbs

    -Military Press, 125

    -Weighted Dip, 57 1/2

  13. Day 6

    Squat - 235

    SLDL - 215

    Seated Calf Raises- 280

    Abdominal Crunch Machine - 150

  14. Day 7

    Cleans - 155 x 5

    Barbell Rows - 200 x 5

    Hammer Curls - 55 x 5

  15. Day 8

    DB Press - 100 x 5 (failed)

    Standing Military Press - 135 x 5

    Weighted Dips - 70 x 5


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