Sailor's 6 week cut

  1. Sailor's 6 week cut

    Hey fellas, been lurking for a few months and love the site. Lots of great information here. A little about myself, I am 18 and am actually headed off to college tomorrow. Going to study exercise science, and then physical therapy. Maybe a little chaotic time to start a cut so we will see. Cut will start Sunday, but if things seem too crazy will start the following week. Started training my freshman year of highschool. Started out as a fatkid, and now speculate that I am about 12% BF (abs very visable when contracted, outlined when not, deltoid seperation, slight striations in chest, hell maybe I should just figure out how to take a picture...).

    Goal- Get down to 8%bf, currently around 12 at 180lbs. I am 6 foot tall by the way.

    Diet- Will follow Dr. John Berardi's get shredded diet. I have actually used it before, for 2 weeks, worked well. I am a big fan of Berardi's stuff, his Precision Nutrition series is great fyi. I will work out exact diet details in the next few days, and will keep a fitday.

    Training Methodics- WS/WSFSB

    Max Effort Lower (Mon.)
    Exercise 1- Max Effort Movement, pick one and work up to 3-5RM
    -Box Squat
    -Front Squat
    -Deadlift Variation
    Exercise 2- Weighted Pull Ups, 5x4-7
    Exercise 3- Rack Pulls or Power Shrugs, 5x3-10
    -Glycolytic Energy System Intervals

    Max Effort Upper (Wed)
    Exercise 1- Max Effort Movement, pick one and work up to 3-5RM
    -Floor Press
    -Incline Press
    -Military Press
    -Bench Press (Close Grip)
    Exercise 2- Supplemental Press, pick one, 4x6-10
    -DB Bench
    -DB Incline
    -Military Press
    Exercise 3- Pull Ups, 5x5-15
    Exercise 4- Rowing Movement, 5x5-15
    Exercise 5- Biceps, 3-5x6-12

    Volume Effort Lower (Thur. or Fri)
    Exercise 1- Squat Variation, 3-6x3-6
    Exercise 2- Deadlift Variation, 3-6x3-6
    -Glycolytic Energy System Intervals

    Repetition Effort Upper (Sat.)
    Exercise 1- Repetition lift, pick one, 3-4 sets, 90sec rest
    -DB Bench on Flat or Incline
    -225lbs test
    -Weighted Dips
    -Chain Suspended Pushups
    Exercise 2- Military Press, 7x6-10 reps
    Exercise 3- Triceps, 5x6-10 or old school louie
    -Weighted Dips
    Exercise 4- Rowing movement, 5x5-15
    Exercise 5- Upright Row, 5x6-12
    Exercise 6- Biceps, 3x6-12

    Thats what it looks like as of now. Im sure it will change some. I have been training with westside infulence for the past 1.5 years. Have had good success. Some recent PR's include:

    Low Bar, Low Box Squat 315lbsx2 (raw, belted)
    Bench Press 245lbsx3 (raw)
    Conventional Deadlift 405lbsx1 (raw, belted)
    Weighted Pull Ups- bw+45lbsx5

    Will do light cardio, prehab/rehab, abdominal on most offdays. I am hoping they have a GHR, but I prob shouldn't hold my breath, if they do i'll do that and pullups pretty much everyday.

    Thats about all I can think of for now. I really need to go all the way through with this so I can focus on lean bulking from now on. If all goes as planned cut will end on my 19th B-day (Oct. 1st).

  2. 6/18/06

    Conventional Deads- warmed up to 345x9, 365x6,5,4,4

    That was all I had time for. Went to dinner at the Melting Pot, so good...

  3. Got in a bit of a work out just to check out the gym. It is awesome, even have an GHR. Diet has been pretty solid, but havn't been able to go to a grocery store yet. Max lower tomorrow.

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