Peterson's Log by request of KOP...

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  1. Peterson's Log by request of KOP...

    EDIT: Never posted my stats in case anyone is interested. I'm also involved in that body transformation contest for something to do.

    180 lbs
    probably around 12% BF as of now

    My diet is as much food as I need per day, all pretty much clean. A meal will sway about once a week. It doesn't make much of a difference though.

    Alright, Going to start my training log. I was away at the beach over the holiday weekend but I was still able to hit the gym there. We'll start from the beginning of the week, July 3rd. I am doing a somewhat modified Westside training routine since I still need to be able to skate on weekday nights.

    Monday July 3rd (Max Effort Bench Day)

    Rack Presses:
    295x1 missed

    Incline Dumbbell bench:
    70's x 12
    70's x 10
    70's x 8

    Chest supported row with Rear Delt Raise super set:
    +70lbs x 12
    +115lbs x 10
    +115lbs x 10
    +115lbs x 8

    25lbs x 10 x 3sets

    Quick Ab Circuit - Raises, pull downs, etc...

  2. Tuesday July 4th: (Max Effort Leg Day)

    Deads from pins: (1 inch below knee)
    435x1 (missed) Gym was boiling with no chalk, bar slipped
    425x1 (almost slipped, sweating was terrible)

    Bulgarian Split Squat:
    50lbs each hand.
    3 sets x 8

    Band Pull Throughs super set with Hamstring machine:
    3 sets medium band x 15
    hamstring 130lbs @ 3 sets x 8 (Never do these but was the only option here, better than nothing I guess)

  3. Thursday, July 6: (DE Bench Day)

    Various Grip Bench with Bands:
    Mini bands doubled up on bar to dumbells on floor. Didn't know anyother way to set them up and keep tension without doubling up. If anyone knows a better way, let me know.
    135x3 - 10 sets (1 minute rest in-between sets)

    lying dumbell tricep extension:
    30 x 8
    35 x 8, 35 x 8 (right arm hurt, got 6 on last set)

    side raises:

    seated side raises:

  4. Friday July 7th: (DE Leg Day)

    Felt really sore still from the entire week and was catching up on sleep the past two days. I went training anyway

    Box Squat (Didn't have bands on me today):
    185x2 x 8 (Worked on form, keeping tight and exploding up)

    hang cleans:
    185x1 (missed)

    hang snatch:

    Cable Pull throughs:
    140 x 12
    140 x 10
    140 x 10

    Weighted abs on incline:
    +10 x 8
    +10 x 8
    +15 x 8
    +20 x 8

    I may run two miles later tonight.

  5. Saturday July 8th:
    Ran 2 Miles

    Sunday July 9th:
    Ran 2 Miles

  6. Well, hockey falls on tuesday so I had to change things up and see how they go. I did ME Squat day yesterday but I am still pretty sore today. we'll see how skating goes tonight. If no good, might be swapping DE with ME days.

    Monday July 10th: (ME Squat Day)

    Good Mornings:
    245x1 (Miss, form broke)

    Barbell Step Ups:
    115x8 for each leg x 3

    Band Pull Throughs superset with GHR:
    Light Band pull throughs x 12 x 3 sets
    Assisted GHR on Lat machine x 8 x 3 sets

    ab cable pull downs:
    140 x 12
    150 x 12
    150 x 12

    Leg Raises:
    3 sets x 10

  7. Tuesday July 11th (Max Effort Bench Day):

    Rack Presses:
    295x1 NEW PR!!!
    305x1 (Miss, form broke. slight left shoulder discomfort, iced and didn't push it)

    Barbell Tricep Extension:

    Seated Rows superset with straight arm pull downs:

    SA pull overs:

    Hammer Curls (Yeah, I don't know why I even bothered):

  8. Wednesday July 12th (Recovery Work):

    I hurt my shoulder a bit on tuesday. Did some bandwork with it and light dumbbells to help with recovery and get blood flowing in affected area. should be good by friday.

    Jump Rope: 20 second intervals for as fast as I can go. x 15 (30s rest)

  9. Thursday, July 13th (DE Squat Day):

    Box Squats with Light Bands:
    185x2x10 60s rest - Speed was great today. Real Explosive. Weight went up easy

    Cable Pull Throughs:

    Bulgarian Split Squats:
    Worked on form and balance. Felt much better
    +40lbs x 10 x 4

    Shrugs superset with wrist rollers:

    Wrist rollers:
    12.5 lbs Each way x 3

    Energy was great today. And thats with hardly any carbs yesterday. Trying nutritional timing. Basically only eating low GI carbs around workouts. Rest of the day is fiborous veggies with all protein/fat meals.

  10. Lookin' Good, I see your doing mostly WS, what are your goals? (How are you transforming?) I'm assuming muscle gain since your already pretty lean.

  11. Goals are to gain or maintain strength and try to get to 10%. Experimenting with a periodization diet right now and only using CEE (which I have been for a while) and just started caffeine and yohimbine. Keeping carbs non existant except around workouts. Westside is great because it is easy to manipulate especially since I started skating again during the week.

    All in all, if I get to 10% great. But I really want to increase all my 3 big lifts. If I lose fat in the process, great. I entered the contest just in case it actually works.

  12. Cool, do you plan on competing? I can't hang with WS for long periods I guess I'm to old, and yeh I know Louie and the gang are as old or older but their sticken needles every day.

  13. I don't think my lifts are nearly good enough to compete. I never tried anything in suits or shirts, but I don't think I am quite there for my weight. My bench sucks compared to my other 3 lifts. Right now I am only at 275 bench, 370 squat, 435 dead lift. They are all raw. I won't be maxing out again for another 5 weeks, we'll see where I am at when we get to that point. I have fixed some big weaknesses with westside so far though, so I do expect all three of these to increase. My dead will probably go up the most.

  14. Friday July 14th: (DE Bench Day)

    Speed Bench with doubled Mini Bands:
    135x3x10 alternating grips Speed was about 2-3 seconds for a set.

    Barbell skull crushers:

    Dumbell Side Raises:

    Seated Dumbell Side Raises:

  15. Monday July 17th: (ME Squat Day)

    Good Mornings: Shoulder stance, arched back, slight knee bend

    GHR w/ light band assistance on lat machine:
    3 sets x 8

    Pull throughs:

    Weighted Ab Pulldowns:

    Hanging Leg Raises:

  16. Update: Will rotate DE Bench day to beginning of the week and move ME Bench to end of the week. I feel this will give me a better split. This starts tomorrow.

  17. Tuesday July 18th (DE Bench Day):

    Barbell Bench with doubled Mini Bands:
    145x3x8 (60s rest) - Felt good, bar was a little slow first set, adjusted and kept good speed after.

    2 Board Press:
    185x5x3 (Real easy, just working on some form with it since it is my next Max Effort exercise)

    Rope Tri Pull Downs:

    T-Bar Rows:
    +105lbs x 8 x 4

    Dumbell Front Raises:
    20lbs x 8 x 3

    Dumbell Side Raises:
    20lbs x 6 x 3

    Held back a little on some assistance work. I feel I needed to do this a tad bit to keep myself for the long run as the last two weeks were full blast. Overall, everything has been real good workouts. I am leaning out nicely and dropping weight and going up in strength.

  18. Tuesday July 18th (Additional Work):

    Ice Hockey: (No contact, 90 mins)
    Pretty good pace for summer hockey. Just to give you some comparison, a guy on my line tonight played in the East Coast League this past year. Two guys against our line are playing pro in canada this year.

    Strength was good on the ice. Wind was decent, was tiring a little east. Need conditioning work and some more GPP. Coordination needs work too, my hands sucked.

    Had a carb/protein shake afterwards. I was real tired after this one.

  19. Wednesday July 19th (Nothing):

    Yeah, I'm off but decided to use this time to give you some insight on current diet. I am doing a sort of nutritional timing thing. Minimal carbs and one carb up day sunday or saturday.

    Typical workout day:
    Breakfast - Protein/Natty PB shake veges on side or 4 egg whites/2 eggs, olive oil, veges

    Pre meal: steak or chicken with veges and nuts

    post: shake - Protein/ oats/ flax seed

    Post meal: steak/chicken/or tuna salad with oil and vinegar

    dinner: steak/chicken/tuna/fish etc and lots of veges. some nuts

    Bed: Cottage Cheese, natty PB, maybe some almonds.

    Just a little more insight for anyone watching.

  20. Thursday July 20th (DE Squat Day):

    Box Squat with Light Duty Bands:
    195x2x8 (Speed was good today, set box a little lower than 1inch below parallel) Anyway, My sticking point is definitly coming out of the bottom, anyone know what sort of weakness this would show? I need to work from here

    Box Squat No Bands:
    275x1 (Did this just to get a feel without the bands, this will be my next ME exercise)

    Bulgarian Split Squat:
    +40lbs x 8 x 2
    +50lbs X 8

    GHR on the Lat Machine:
    *Assistance with light duty band
    3 sets x 8 (These are really tough but I like them)

    Grip work superset with cable bends:
    12.5 lbs on roller each way x 4
    120lbs with cable bends

    First time I felt energy suffer today. I think since it is the tail end of the week, this sort of eating is getting a little to me. It works though, it obvious I am dropping fat and my strength is still same or getting better. Can't wait for carb up sunday, It can't get here soon enough.
    I'm excited for ME bench tomorrow. Gonna go with the 2 board press. I feel i should get 300 or more, i think my bench has improved a lot. we will see.

  21. Friday July 21 (ME Bench Day)

    2 Board Bench Press:
    305x1 Miss (My spot sucked and he touched the bar way too soon, plus this may be a mental block)

    225x3 No boards (Just to feel a full bench press)

    Tricep Rope Pull Down:

    T-Bar Rows superset with side raises:
    +115lbs x 8 x 4

    Side raises:

    Bent over rear delt raises:

    Today I am carbing up because I felt performanced suffered a little yesterday. To me, My body is telling me to refuel. Tonight will also include lots of light beer for even more carbs. lol

  22. W/O's looking good, just a line to let you know I'm still watching. I love those Board presses!

    BTW, there is no such thing as not lifting enough to compete! Just Do it and you will be surised at how much you learn. Find a meet close by, pay the fee and just do it! You'll love it and have a great time. Your lifts are good for 181 anyway.

  23. Nice log bro, looks like some tough workouts.

  24. I may try and compete in the future. I need to find someone to help me out with using shirts and stuff though and I have to get my back healed before I try and go real hard.

  25. Monday, July 24th: (ME Squat Day)

    Felt run down today and my back is really starting to get to me. The pain is entering the unbearable zone. Oddly enough, it goes away during my workouts but comes back the same or a little worse after. I may need to take some time off soon to let this heal up. seeing a doctor this week.

    Rack Deadlifts (Bar just below knee):
    475x0 (miss, wasn't my usual gym. commercial place, crowded, sucked. people were bugging me for the rack, i was getting annoyed)

    Weighted Ab Pulldowns superset with band pullthroughs:
    120x15x3 for abs
    4 sets x 10 for pull throughs.

    Some crunchs, tried to do barbell lunge to substitute for bulgarian split squat. didn't work well. They didn't have many things to set up with. no boxes, etc... GYM SUCKED!

    Ice Hockey Game later that night for 1:30. We lost.


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