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  1. I hear you. I'm experimenting with these low carbs and it works but I can;t go more than 4-5 days with just veges and some oats after workout. So I am going to hit carbs hard for 3 days and go back to virtually none and keep it that way and see what results that yields. Sounds similar to what your doing. And If i was 25 again, I think I would be done too

  2. Quote Originally Posted by peterson24
    I hear you. I'm experimenting with these low carbs and it works but I can;t go more than 4-5 days with just veges and some oats after workout. So I am going to hit carbs hard for 3 days and go back to virtually none and keep it that way and see what results that yields. Sounds similar to what your doing. And If i was 25 again, I think I would be done too
    Actually I'm doing a 3 day carb cycle High/Low/none and my Leg and back days hit the high days, Chest and Shoulders hit the low days and arms on the none days, it's a little confusing at first but it's very tolerable and appears to be very effective so far. 1 day no carbs is very, very easy especially when the next day is High carbs!

  3. July 22

    I won't be logging my meals until next weekend, this week is going to be so screwed up it will be to much. So my plan is just eat clean and keep the carbs on the low side throughout. I may do some band work at home just to move a little. My w/o went pretty well today, my legs were fatigued and it really effected my bench but other then that it went very well.

    BenchPress: 365x3
    Doubled light bands from below: 225x8x3
    Incline DB: 120x6,5,5
    Double light band push ups: 12,10,8

    Pushdowns: 8x4
    Light band kick backs: 10x3

    Tomorrow back/bis and I'm done for a week.

    Basso Out

  4. you wrote in my thread your sorry and you didnt mean no offense. no offense taking brother. I simply said that Ironman has some good info in it. as far as the nutrition article and certain exercises dont work for everyone. No offense taking here. for all i know you might be right about the ads i dont know, nor dont care i dont look at the ads in it for the knowledge which i can apply hands on. anyways goodluck. btw just took a pic after i trained today if u wanna see..cheers

  5. Some impressive numbers there Basso. We should start a competition against some of these young punks.

  6. yeeah, sounds like a plan! us old guys can take 'em any day of the week! (except Sunday, it's my special quite day you know epsonsalt balth etc)

  7. July 23

    Diet is just kind of there for now, this is my last day before a week off so an easy back/bi day.

    Pull ups: 10x3
    Pull downs: Stack 5x3
    BB rows: 225x10x4
    Hammer pull downs: 250x10x3

    Curl bar: 115x8x3
    DB: 60x8x3
    Hammer curl: 140x10x3

    Otta here, probably won't be posting until next weekend, so you all have a good week and see you then

    Basso Out

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Basso
    I agree 100% and trust me, it's not by choice! I went to bed last night at 9pm, 12:30am and I'm still awake, I just have those nights! Next week will be much worse, I'm working 5:30pm to about 7:30am normally on this shift I only get 5-6hrs a night (day)! I've tried just about everything OTC for sleep but nothing works well for me, most of it just keeps me up. I just have to judge how I feel and like today stay home or else I end up getting hurt on a day I should not have gone to the gym in the first place.
    I gave up all that stuff you listed years ago, for me it's just falling asleep, sometimes it just doesn't happen.
    yeah melatonin, taurine and gaba . Phenibut. - ive tryed all of these melatonin works, taurine yeah, phenibut yeah.. gaba yes

    this may sound cheesy but just the relaxing self hynoptic audio programs nlp stuff works for me. also relaxing music by jeffrey thomspon- he spent 15 years researching how certain sound patterns effect brain waves. All sleep is , is a state of mind. you must be totally relaxed (thoughts calmed and not racing- just inner tranquility, and just let yourself go. harmony

    hell i know the hormone cortisol is bad for bodybuilding and musclegains so i mediitate when needed. or go for a walk in nature, or just deep breathe in the silence. hope everythings working out for you.

  9. basso email me how your carb loading im curious

  10. July 29 Damage Control

    What a long friggin week! But I'm back and even though my diet was pretty horrid all week, I didn't gain any weight. I couldn't get to sleep last night so I ended up sleeping until 3pm today, it's going to be real hard to switch my schedule back by Monday morning! Anyway I made it to the gym, felt like crap but just did a fairly easy w/o to move a little.

    Squats: 405x5x2
    Extensions 10x3 TUT
    Leg curls 10x3 TUT
    GMs 225x6x2
    Pull throughs Light bands(2) 10x2

    Hopefully tomorrow I'm feeling better, chest w/o and I need to get back on my diet full force!

    Basso Out

  11. i know what you mean by sleep. Im getting my sleep but i dont know if the cutting lifestyle throw 's sleep out of wack, does cutting cause one to get less sleep?

    or what but ive been going to sleep a few hours after my normal bedtime hours. Not a drawback because i can adjust my sleep to fit my needs; however i do have one of my parttime jobs which requires me to get i have to knock myself out to get efficent sleep; otherwise i wont get the restful benifits of sleep.

    example:the other night i had to get up for this job and i got 6-7 hour sleep and my strength was down bigtime from the previous time. and i just felt - well not as energied up.

    just an hour or even 15 minutes of sleep can throw you off because a hard training person athelete requires 8 hours or more. Now Josh ****son says he can go off of sometimes 4 hours sleep but everyone is different and 8 hours is what i need.

    also if you get up in the middle of sleep a protein shake , i find, when i take it in the middle fo sleep, and only a protein shake, nothing else, i will feel more recovered from sleep.

  12. July 30

    Got to bed at 1230 last night and woke up at 4:30 finally got up at 5am and I actually was feeling really good. Went to the gym at 10am did some boobs. Working on getting the diet going again, I'm doing med carbs today and will do no carbs tomorrow, back on the plan.

    Bench: 345x3x2, 315x8
    Incline DB: 120x6,5,4
    Incline fly: 75x10x2
    Hammer Incline: 270x6, 200x8x2 (6sec TUT)
    Cable cross-over: 10x2
    Standing cable crunches: 12, 12, 10

    Pretty good w/o, I really thought I'd feel stronger and when I put 345 on the bar I was looking at sets of 6 but that didn't happen obviously. I'm feeling sloppy after a week off and I'm ready to get serious for the next 4 weeks and get this thing moving.
    Will be doing a test log for USPlabs CEE starting tomorrow also, so I'll probably but a couple lbs on.

    Went to the pool and fried for an hour or so and then went out and rode 20 miles (wind was killer today) So now it's 5pm and I'm done! Fat steak on the Foreman grill as we speak

    Basso Out
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  13. July 31

    DOMS is kicking, a week off normally doesn't effect me so much. Nice easy Arm day today, but my hamstrings are pretty sore hopefully I'll be good to DL tomorrow.
    2350 cals at 60/15/25, fat was a little low but I just couldn't force the fats down. All carbs were from incidentals like milk, veggies etc.
    I started AIs Cycle Support (preloading for Sep)and USPlabs CEE(starting beta log), I'm already up to 235lbs after 2 days. I'm actually writing this Tuesday morning and I did a couple quick measurements to see how I faired with the week off
    Weight: 235lbs +2
    Waist: 36" -.5
    Love handles: 36.75 holding steady
    Not great results for the past 2 weeks but with a week off in there I'll take it!

    Skull Crushers: 135x8x3
    Push downs: 10x3
    French press: 50x6x3
    Curls: 115x8x4
    DB: 70x6x3
    cable: 10x3

    Arms were looking better today, I can almost make out a shape of a bicep!

    Basso Out

  14. 1 Aug 30 Days to go!

    Diet was off the hook today, I hit 2500 cals by 10am and haven't eaten much since, I had to go to a breakfast (work) and it was some good food and since it's a high carb day I dug in. Looks like I'll hit around 3500-3800 for the day 33/33/33, not to bad.

    Supps, ok here's what I'm taking now
    REM R3G
    Fish+Flax oil
    USP CEE (Beta)
    AI Cycle Support
    This should be it for the rest of the month, I decided to wait until Sep to do a cycle of Mtrn/Zol or MegaH. I'll wait to see how I'm doing BF wise and go from there.

    W/O Today was back, my hamstrings were hurtin' pretty good all day and my upper body wasn't doing much better, my right elbow was killing me, so no more skull crushers for awhile. Once I got moving I felt pretty good though and got a decent w/o in.

    DL: 405x6, 455x6x2 (last rep static hold 10sec)
    BB Rows: 225x10, 275x6x3
    Cable Rows: 10x3
    DB Rows: 100x10x3

    Well that's all for today
    Basso Out

  15. Aug 2

    Diet looks around 60/25/15 probably close to 3000 cals, I ended up hitting 4500 yesterday. Anyway it's hard to eat good in this friggin heat, just want to eat cold stuff, but I'm trying to shove it down. Today has been a few liquid meals! But it's only a shoulder day, which brings me to the W/O

    Standing Military front press: 135x10, 185x6x2, 155x10
    Shrugs: 335x6x2, 405x6, 335x6
    Lateral raise: 30's x10x3 (6sec TUT)
    Front raise: 30'sx10x3

    Cardio, 20min cycle - 2 min interval training

    Another Ok day, starting to notice some changes in the mirror, even though the scales not moving, which is fine by me. It's soooooo slow though, patience, patience. I just need a magic pill!

    Until tomorrow
    Basso Out

  16. Nice log, basso.

    BTW, did i hear "magic pill"? I saw one the other said "DNP" on it

  17. Quote Originally Posted by kwyckemynd00
    Nice log, basso.

    BTW, did i hear "magic pill"? I saw one the other said "DNP" on it

    Lol, thanks but I think that's a little extreme for me! Not that I haven't toyed with the idea!

  18. Yeah...I'd be scared to touch it, too. But, I didn't ask for a magic pill

  19. Magic pill not killer pill

  20. Quote Originally Posted by Basso
    Magic pill not killer pill
    Aye here thuh dedly sydz arr noht soh bahd win taykin "entra-wrectally"

  21. Aug3

    Diet: 50/20/30 probably will hit 2800cals. 3/4 of oats all other carbs were from meat, nuts and milk. Felt good today, I've been getting good sleep this week and it's starting to catch up.

    W/O: Nice easy arms day, this is basically my active rest day tomorrow is legs so I don't like to push to hard the day before legs!

    CG Bench: 225x10, 275x6x2, 225x10
    Push downs: 10x3
    Kickbacks: 30x10x2

    DB curls: 60x8x3
    Hammer Machine: 90x10x3
    Light Band curls: 10x2

    Cardio: Cycle 10min @ 120bpm

    Not much else to say today
    Basso Out

  22. Rough weekend! Friday I went in to do legs but during warm-up I had a nice twinge in my left knee, so I racked the weight and just did some light extensions and leg curls. Took the weekend off, it was pretty busy anyway so it worked out. Been thinking hard about my diet and my lack of progress the past couple of weeks! As of today I'm going to do 5 days low carbs (less than 100grams) One refeed and then trasition on Sunday with around 200grams. After 2 weeks I'll reevaluate, but I want to make a lot of progress this month and my purpose is "cutting" so I'm willing to sacrifice some more strength to reach my goals. The carb cycling works but it's low gear recomp, I want some high gear for the next 4 weeks! W/O is going to change also, I'm playing with a couple ideas but probably a Upper/Lower split. I'll have something together before I walk in the gym today! Anyway just wanted to put a quick update, I haven't given up yet!

  23. yeah thats what i do, change training, about every 3 weeks. new exercises, or order of exercises, or days i train them on. im doing max-ot.

    do what works for you. i say 100 low carb and just one 200 carb day is a low refeed day but if thats what it takes for you more power to you. goodluck this week

    i quit my club job where all the girls chase me around last night man. My Boss told me i couldnt eat ..and said i would have to stop my meal right then and there if i wanted to work there...ive had this job for 1.5 years and lotta hookups with girls and sex, most guys around here kill for this job, guess what i did, i quit. ive given up jobs, women, parties - you name it for this lifestyle. and ITS 100%WORTH IT!It takes a strong man to do this lifestyle blended with the other quanlities and qualities of life but its doable, it just takes putting this as number uno.

  24. My refeed day will be closer to 400grams on Sat then Sun 200grams then M-F 100 or less. Anyway it's a lot easier to track and shop for, then changing it every day, plus I'm feeling stagnated so I want to switch it and see if I can Jump start the ol' fat burner.

    W/O Ok here is my plan which I put into action today
    W/O #1
    Heavy chest
    Light Shoulders
    light tris
    heavy bis

    W/O #2
    Heavy Legs
    Light Back

    W/O #3
    Light chest
    heavy shoulders
    heavy tris
    light bis

    W/O #4
    Heavy Back
    light legs

    Probably 2on 1off with an option to go 4on 2off, but it should be pretty flexible and allow me more scheduled time off.

    AUG 7 Upper Body

    Bench Press: 315x5x4
    Incline DB press: 120x5,4,4
    DB military press: 80x5,4, 70x8
    Lateral raises(seated): 35x8x3
    Pushdowns: 125x10x4
    Curls (E-Z): 95x10, 115x8x2, 95x10
    DB curls: 35x10 5sec reps
    Cardio: Bike 20min @ 120bpm

    Felt really good after a couple days off, I was definitely ready for something different, I don't really care for that one muscle group a day w/o, this suites me much better! I'm going to give legs a go tomorrow but if my knee is bothering me I'll switch to heavy Back.

    That's it for today
    Basso Out

  25. Found your log Basso. Let's see how the implementation of this new routine goes.


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