Nate's "B!tch slap Beelzebub in the face" Training log

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  1. Back/Tri- Thurs- July 13th
    Barbell Rows- 95x20///135x15///175x12///215x10
    Pulldowns- 90x20///135x15///180x12///225x10
    Cable Rows- 90x20///120x15///150x12///180x10
    Skullcrushers- 55x20///75x15///95x12/115x10
    Rope Pushdowns- 75x20///100x15///125x12///150x10

    Once again I tweaked my back doing rows. Guess It wasn't ready.

    Quads/Shoulders- Fri- July 14th
    Leg Extension- 60x20///90x15///120x12///150x10
    Hip Abductor/Adductor- 65x20///85x15///115x12///155x10
    Leg Press-
    Hammer Shoulder Press- 90x20///140x15///190x12/240x10
    Lateral Raises- 15x20///25x15///35x12///45x10

    I couldn't even do leg presses my knees were hurting so bad. What the hell is wrong with me!?!? Thank god for the weekend.

  2. Chest/Bis- Mon- July 17th
    DB Press- 60x15///80x12///100x10///120x8
    Decline Hammer Press- 90x15///140x12///200x10///270x8
    Incline Flyes- 25x15///40x12///55x10///70x8
    Ez Bar Curls- 55x15///95x12///120x10///145x8
    Hammer Curls- 20x15///30x12///40x10///50x8

    Hams/Calves- Tues- July 18th
    Leg Curls- 80x15///110x12///140x10///170x8
    Hyperextensions- 20x15///50x12///80x10//110x8
    SLDL- 100x15///150x12///200x10///250x8
    Standing Calf Raises- 115x15///215x12///315x10///400x8
    Seated Calf Raises- 75x15///125x12///175x10///225x8

  3. my suggestion to you bro (for both your knees and your back), would be to ditch the leg press, leg extension and hack squat, and stick to regular squats. Otherwise looking good.

  4. i think he ditched the gym altogether. damn near 3 weeks later......

  5. Ya know beelz it's too bad more people don't take your nascar quote to mind. It's a real pearl

  6. why thank you

  7. what a redneck Beez is.


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