Glen's training log (better than beelze's)

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  1. Methyl-1 was this odd little guy that made posts that insinuated he was gay. I think most of us knew he wasn't - he was just weird.

    He posted an avatar picture of his quads that turned into a crotch shot.

    Anyway - just an odd dude.

    I can't believe I've been on here long enough to remember that (it's been like a year or so - maybe....).

  2. Haha... damn... there are some similarities then.. I have to change up my routine.. I've been lifting some other guy's material all along.

    I've also been hijacking Glen and Beez's threads .. I'll make a log soon enough so they can trash it.. don't worry.

  3. methyl-1 did like crotch shots. you haven't gone down that road and we implore you to continue in your righteousness.

  4. wow .. so work has been kicking my ass in terms of hours .. between work, the gym, and my new lady friend i haven't been able to really get online (can't get on here during work)

    so unfortunately at least for a while this log will be on hiatus

    i'll try to get around as often as possible but it just isn't going to be that often unfortunately

  5. Hey Glen Ive been looking into your workout and currently doing it but my original workout is Mon-Fri essentially one part per day and rest sat and sun.. This week i did your work out and its pretty tough during the workout but im just not feelin the soreness the days after.. Anyone think I should bump to MTTF or just see how this rolls for a few weeks.. Im currently on Phera plex and Propeptide MBF with multi vits and all support supps for methyls.. Possible that my recovery might be a lil too fast?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by liquidz
    Possible that my recovery might be a lil too fast?
    you talk like that's a bad thing

  7. haha well i know its not a bad thing.. but i really dont know the amount of stress this workout puts on the average person so assuming it is alot of stress i dont wanna bump to MTTF and end up killing myself.. haha

  8. i wouldnt up the frequency, very few can handle a 4 days slpit with this style of training, you gotta be really advanced.

  9. I ran it 2 on 1 off for a while allowing for each bodypart to be hit 3x every 8 days. I liked it but started feeling a bit overtrained within a few weeks. Of note, I was cutting with restricted cals so things may have gone diff above maintenance. Currently I am doing 1 on 1 off ( I don't take any preference to weekday or weekend, training days fall where they will ) and feeling that I should bump it back up for a bit. Of course I am ON now so recovery will certainly be increased but as always the CNS can still burn out quickly from too much.

    I guess what I am saying is: give it a go. Just be sure and be sensitive to your body. It will let you know if you need to slow down a bit, you just need to be willing to listen. IMO
    Recent log:

  10. Have to bump this back up. Great workout.


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