Glen's training log (better than beelze's)

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  1. lol my bad

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Ubiquitous
    get your own damn thread Hbs6.

    This is dedicated to the wily leprechaun known as Glenihan McGillicuddy.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Beelzebub
    9 plates (810)x 17 ??? badass.
    i can say for certain that the machine makes it much easier than it otherwise would be .. i wish i knew of a better way to describe it

  4. Quote Originally Posted by glenihan
    i can say for certain that the machine makes it much easier than it otherwise would be .. i wish i knew of a better way to describe it
    take a picture of it bro.. 8-9 plates a side on any Hack-squat movement is pretty crazy. You are BAD!

  5. Did you ever think about pyramiding up instead of down, like doing high weight/low reps for your first set and ending with light weight/high reps?

  6. to answer your question in a word .. "nope" lol

    i like the routine the way it is

  7. 4/17

    incline hammer strength press
    2 plates - 10
    2 plates + 25 - 8
    2 plates + 35 - 4

    rack deads (3-4 inches below knees .. and no beelze and ubiq that is NOT a floor dead for me...)
    405 - 10
    455 - 8 (PR)

    reverse grip pull downs
    210 - 10
    220 - 8
    230 - 6 (PR)

    overhead tri ext
    90 - 10
    95 - 10
    105 - 14 (PR)

    hammer strength shoulders
    2 plates - 10
    2 plates + 20 - 7
    2 plates + 30 - 4

    i would have liked to do DB military press and CG bench but i lifted alone and don't trust many people in my gym to spot me

  8. Quote Originally Posted by glenihan
    rack deads (3-4 inches below knees .. and no beelze and ubiq that is NOT a floor dead for me...)
    405 - 10
    455 - 8 (PR)
    nice prediction, i would've been all over that.

    strong work.

  9. no doubt strong work.. .and nice c0ckblock on the burn... damn.. you got me.

  10. thanks guys .. this was my first day doing an incline movement in months so i'm not as disappointed with that as i otherwise would be

    i can definitely say WSB really increased my tri strength .. my previous best had been 95 for 8 on overhead tri ext .. as you can see i clearly shattered that today ... wasn't too bad on the elbows either which was really nice

    next time i do rack deads i'll move up a good amount as i probably could have gotten 10 on 455 but felt a slight twinge in the right side of my lower back and didn't want to risk throwing anything out of alignment

    btw on a separate note stayed tuned for video of ivydude deadlifting on wed .. should be good

  11. 4/19

    alternating incline DB curls
    50 - 10
    60 - 8
    65 - 5

    hack squats (this hack squat was at like a 35-40 degree angle .. i felt horizontal)
    3 plates - 10
    4 plates - 10
    5 plates - 12

    glute/ham raises
    BW - 8, 7, 4

    seated raises
    3 plates - 12, 12, 12

    pretty good workout today .. my back is sunburned from the weekend and that KILLED me on hack squats .. but otherwise felt good today

  12. Hey glen did you ever get a chance to look at my diet, I was just curious if you had an opinion about it...thx. By the way, i love this TUT workout, its amazing.

  13. responded in your thread

  14. took some new measurements this morning before i go to the gym .. one meal in me about 30 minutes ago

    arms went up 1/4 of an inch .. waist down 3/4 of an inch .. everything else remained the same .. will weigh in at the gym

    pretty happy about the decrease in waist and increase in arms .. measurements were last taken 3/31 .. so changes were over the course of 3 weeks

  15. 4/21

    DB press
    110 - 10
    115 - 8
    120 - 7

    back thickness
    BB rows
    235 - 10
    245 - 8
    265 - 7

    back width
    wide grip pull ups
    BW - 10
    BW + 25 - 6
    BW + 25 - 6

    close grip bench press
    225 - 10
    245 - 7
    255 - 5

    smith military press
    205 - 8
    205 - 5

    i was totally spent by the time shoulders came about, plus i'm sure the DB press and CGBP took their toll .. i'm not too concerned as shoulders get plenty of work anyway
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  16. Quote Originally Posted by glenihan
    i'm not too concerned as shoulders can plenty of work anyway
    very very true, people who do 30 sets of shoulders should learn from that

  17. the entire time i trained WSB (3.5 months) i did shoulders maybe 3 times .. guess what? my shoulders grew and got stronger

  18. I rarely ever train shoulders, and mine have gotten bigger and stronger by doing nothing. Well I do face pulls but I never do presses or anything like that.

  19. you guys feel the rear delts get hit enough, I always hear that they dont without hitting them directly? Oh and Glen, I noticed you dont do any trap work, im sorry if this is a dumb question but why is that?

  20. I don't want to answer for Glen here but for a lot of people they get work their traps and rhomboids through doing their other back work. I know people who have never once trained their traps and they have pretty large traps. I'm the opposite, I train them a lot or else they just won't grow

  21. ktw nailed it .. i feel my traps get plenty of work from deads and rack deads as well as bb rows .. as for rear delts they manage to get hit as well .. compound movements hit a LOT of muscles and i do lots of them

  22. awesome, I actually have decent traps, maybe not hitting them directly will help them grow better...

  23. over working a muscle is never a good thing

  24. Nice work Glen..And I concur with ktw and Glen, heavy ass deads kill my traps..

  25. Oh my god GHR's are killer. I thought my hammies were going to snap. They are crazy hard to do bro. No doubt they will improve my other compound moves... thanks for the heads up


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